Top of The Lake episode 4-warning-spoilers-on in the UK BBC2 Saturdays @ 9:10pm-posted today 6th August 2013

Top of The Lake-Episode 4

Rough transcript:

Robin has two black eyes & a bandaged wrist.

Detective Al:
“How’s life in the tepee?”
“It looks pretty rough..”
he continues
“(Bla bla) aggressive Cop, you’re stood down”
“What about Tui?”
“She’s dead!”

Robin & Jonno:

“I’ve blown it, Al’s sacked me & I’m single!”
“I’m not a Detective, I’m not engaged!

The Blue hoody person:
Pulls off the boat in an odd way. Ah-it was Jonno’s trick with the rope.  Coz any seasoned boats person would have done a slip knot.

OMG: another woman exists in the town.

The blue hoody guy & Robin:
“Is this yours?, its wet.”
“What do you like about bones?”
blue hoody boy:
Bones don’t lie. (he texts)

“Hey, have you done the Barista course?”
“Its shit!”
(what is with the Barista course?)

So its reminiscing time:
Flashbacks to a Prom dance.  Jonno did leave Robin!
(supposedly because he was too stoned)

“So I decided to walk home..!
“Then that truck came out of nowhere..
she continues
“I didn’t know they were all drunk!”

I tried to get in the cab, they threw me in the dog cage!”

Detective Robin meets with Ian Fellows-pathologist!
Ian Fellows:
“What do you think of the Police here?”
” Well I can tell you, they’re fucking pathetic”
he continues
“Al, he is like a clerk in a Lost and Found Office!” (i agree)

Ian Fellows continues:
“Bob Platt, Wolfgang Zanic, April Stephens, 13, hit by a car on Stephens Road, traces of cocaine in her vagina..”

Robin & Jonno:
“I want to know the bad thing you were going to tell me?”
“At first I thought they were going to drive you home”..

more flashbacks
I cold hear you screaming, I got out..
“No, you’re hurting her!”
They knock Jono down..
“I should have helped you. “
“I didn’t., I’m a coward”
“No, there is nothing you could have done”
“You were a kid!”

There’s something Jonno is not telling Robin.

Jonno throws Sarge out of Sarge’s trailer!

Jonno to Robin:
“I’m gonna love you forever”
“Walk through the valley of death”..
Smooch.  Smooch.

Next morning:
Another woman in the village!
“The Boss wants you”..
Detective Al:
“I have a problem, I need you back on the case..”

Detective Robin meets with the Journalist..
Detective Robin:
This cafe’ is actually modelled on a Danish initiative..”

Detective Robin sits on the carpet in a room.
Detective Al
“You need furniture in here!”
“Hey, be careful of your drug addict friend”
“Will you marry me?
I’m old enough to recognise my angel when i see her”!

At the Camp:
Naked bathing.  Robin’s Mother comes and joins in.

“Are you dying?”
“Nothing wrong with that, the body knows what to do!”
she continues
You’re not going to experience death, he  is”!

So: who is the mysterious woman?
“I’m Caroline Platt..”
“A few months ago, Bob saw something that really frightened him..”
“Something really shocking”..

Robin’s Mother to Robin:
“Please, don’t see Jonno..”

Robin finally asks the question we have been wanting her to ask.
“Did you signal to Sarge?”
“Was that the wave?”

Mat Mullan:(to his sons
“We’re gonna be like a family again..”
“I’m hiring hunters to  find her”
“They’re not to touch her”!

Jonno & Robin:
They follow the blue hoody boy.  (Jonno thought to bring a thermos)
 As they sit on the moss covered floor the the beautiful and ancient forest.  Then proceed to get naked & busy.

Well i guess the moss is comfortable.

So this shit gets stupidly surreal as 2 of the Mullan brothers photograph Robin & Jonno.
Jonno and Robin go to the Camp by walking along the river.  Then Robin takes Jonno to the camp.
 Where the Doctor has great fun playing with Jonno’s towel.

Then Robin & Jonno see Tui on the phone (in video)
“She’s alive!”


footnotes to episode 4

Mum’s message:
“I think I’m going & then there will be nothing”
“Goodbye my little girl”..

Gee, cheerful of you Mum!  You could have told her wot is the deal with Jonno?
Fancy leaving your poor me deathbed message on the answer phone.(?)

 Hiya!  How Ya doin? Hey, guess what?  I’m offski.
Thought I’d just leave you this message to really make you feel bad OK?”

OK so there is something fishy about the Barista Scheme. The teenagers are a bit Children of The Corn about it whenever asked.  Who runs it?  Don’t tell me this is the paedophile ring?

Last week i was thinking of raising doubt about Jonno and his involvement in Robin’s gang rape.

But i thought no, lets see what transpires about that night and we can judge for ourselves.

Jonno, i wanted to say, seemed a bit too good to be true.  Well apart from having been in prison and once addicted to drugs.

At least one of those would or should be a red flag Robin, a deal breaker even.  Or maybe Cambodian prison is somehow cool. & doesn’t count like a New Zealand one.  Who knows, Robin is in love with her ex.

A date who did the unforgivable and walked off on Robin on Prom night.  & Did’t take her home.  Because a good guy always sees you home Robin, to your door.

Jonno is also a possible suspect in Tui’s pregnancy. As is i suppose, all the male characters.  I know who i suspected from episode 1.

We can rule out Matt Mullan i think as even though more than a little creepy in his love for his daughter and oddly inactive in searching for her, i don’t think his love extended that far.

It does appear that Matt Mullan adores Tui and she is his favourite child.  Judging by the morose yet hurt reactions of her brothers to Matt’s bombastic sorrow.

Now i am wondering as to Jonno’s culpability.  It did look to me like a set up. I reckon Jono did wave.  maybe he really thought they were going to take robin home.  But really?  a whole truck full of drunk men? Did that seem like a good idea Jonno?

& where was Jono’s car?  was he too stoned to drive?  seems unlikely in small town trope where everyone drives home from the Pub.

So Jonno is highly suspect to me now:  even if an innocent victim who was knocked down ehn he tried to stop them. he could have tried some more.

I have always wondered if Jonno was involved in the actual rape and Robin doesn’t remember, or has blanked it out.

That would mean Robin’s daughter was Jonno’s child.

My other idea is based on Robin’s Mother & her aversion to Jonno. Was it that Robin’s Mother knew of Jonno’s complicity in the rape or that Jonno is really Robin’s brother?  Or half-brother.

Meaning Robin’s Mum and Matt Mullan had a thing.  Or worse.


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