The Americans-Final episode of series 1-warning-spoilers-episode 12

The Americans Episode 12-Final episode

“The Future is Bright”..

rough transcript

Stan interviews Prince.
Stan does his all American nice guy act.

Stan to CIA Boss:
“There’s something wrong with that guy!”

Philip/Clarke & Martha:
“Ooo, Oooh!”
“I love you!”
Martha still has her suspender on from her wedding.

Claudia & Elizabeth:
“I ordered you eggs Florentine!”

Elizabeth & Philip:
“You need to be gone with the kids”
“No, you do..”
“If one of us is going down & one has to stay with the kids, it needs to be you..”

The CIA & The tech man:
they look at a paper map with pictures and pins in it.
Tech guy:
“the receiver is in that car”..
“they leave it there”“..

The Rezidentura & Nina.
“If you betray us again Nina,
there will be no leniency again.””
he continues
“Stay with your Agent, the aim is that you will turn him”
“I don’t think he can be turned”.
“A man who does what he did to you”
“is weak, vulnerable…”

Philip & Elizabeth
Terrible Solomon’s choice:
” We don’t have time to do it (this way)
“let me do the Colonel”
“I know you see us & think its easy”
(yes Elizabeth was jealous of you laughing with them)
“But they need you, you’re their mother!”

Elizabeth: tears up. A harsh scene.

Stan & Sandra:
“A present, look at the last page”
“Thats our own private cabana”..
“I know that everything is all my fault”
“My job, will be finished tomorrow”..
“Sorry, no”!..

Elizabeth @ the family safe.
Elizabeth listens to the tape recording of her Mother’s message:
(sits in the corner and cries)
“My darling Nadezdha”
“This winter has been hard”
“Uncle Anatolyia, he’s not been well!”
“I miss you over and over”
“They brought me a picture of your family
“I look at it every day”
“I know I will never see them”…

Claudia & Patterson:
“I left my keys..”
“..ha ha! my nephew…”

“You only have 20 minutes to live!”
Holds up a photograph (black & white-Claudia & Victor?)

“Victor Zhukhov was my friend, I met him in Stalingrad, skin and bone, we all were..”
“First time I saw him he was standing over 2 dead Nazis!”

Patterson has had his throat slit & is lying gagging on the floor.
“I was surprised that he survived, then he formed what was then the NGB…”

The Rezidentura & Claudia: in a car)
“Its a set-up, every bone in my body is telling me!”
“they are still my officers”..

“T hats what they always say right before our people die”
“and then what they say right after”
“it was obvious“.

Nina & Stan:
“I want you to stay here,
“just for a few  hours and soon…”
he continues
“You will be…”

Nina: flabbergasted.
“So soon?”

Stan is one major bullshitter.
Of course he is going on the CIA Boss’s own brand of BS.

“I have meetings”..leaves work

Stan & the CIA Boss:
“we’re off to the meeting”
My crush is back.  I swear Stan is strangely hot with his fuzzy plaid blue scarf & camel coat.  Stan, the stylish man nearly equal with Philip’s European chic.

So: The meeting:
Claudia is watching.
Nina was there.
Elizabeth is on her way.
The CIA are watching.

Philip/ Clarke & Prince:
“the future is bright”
” A lack of knowledge of Latin is dangerous!”
he continues
“It is incredible.  It is from the Latin incred-ib-ilus”
“the damn thing is a fantasy-its’ 50 years ahead!”
“But why?”
“Who know, maybe its all Psi-Ops”
“to get them to overspend”
he continues
“I mean that’s all we need right?
“another arms race?”

Claudia, Philip & Prince:
Oh no.  Claudia arrives at the scene with Prince & Philip.
“Its not here!”
Elizabeth has a long blond wig & shades.
The CIA are watching Elizabeth’s meet!
Dropping off the tape.

A car drives up behind fast.
Philip stops.
They stop.
Philip reverses back and zaps their cars!
Brilliant move Philip!

CIA boss is angry!
Stan & the guys talking on the radio in the van:
“Block off Moore at the 320 intersection”
“shut down Eastern Avenue at the Gaconda”..
“Metro, South Eastern Fenton”…

Philip/Clarke drives into an underground car park.

Oh my goodness this is very tenseful!

Philip/ Clarke & Elizabeth break into a new car:
Clarke, blond wig askew:
“You go..”
“I’ll get the car!”

Philip/ Clark & Elizabeth get in-quick as a flash the team together. In action.  Seamless.  Great engine their new, mustard yellow car has!

“We should still take the kids to the hotel tonight, it’d be nice…”
It goes all blue and ghostly-Elizabeth’s voice echoes)
Elizabeth faints.
Stan & Nina:
It all fell apart! sorry Nina”
“I’m gonna take care of this for you.”
he continues
“really I am..””Just, not yet”

Nina: She forgives Stan!  kisses him, “I know,”
“I know, I know”
(Nina knew Stan wouldn’t come through she is still playing him but does love him too!)

Down in the basement/ warehouse.
Elizabeth is operated on: (Claudia sits too)
“You need to go home, to your family”
“No, I’m staying here”
“I’m not leaving her!”

Jeux sans Frontieres/ Games without Frontiers- the song-plays.

Philip:asks Stan to look after the kids.
“Aunt Edna, sick..”

“I should probably get my homework..”

Philip & Elizabeth.
“I will be away in Moscow for a very long time..”
“Come home
Philip kisses her hand.
(they are together again-yey!)

Paige goes downstairs..she looks at the folded laundry and around the dark laundry room…


So the final episode of The Americans series 1 was both sad and happy.  It also left open a lot of loose ends and possibilities.

It brought Elizabeth & Philip back together again as Philip proved his love for Elizabeth in his steely madcap dash across town.

Philip, scowling in his blond wig like  somebody meek and mild from the office had got seriously dangerously mad.  Which he had.

So Philip saved the day.  He rode to Elizabeth’s rescue in his trusty speeding horse,down the middle of the free way.

Snatching Elizabeth up at the last minute as she walked, tall and warrior like but somehow very Western, to the rendezvous.

Like a lone cowboy, with the posse watching from on top of or behind the ridge.

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