The Americans-Episode 11-warning-spoilers-on in the UKsaturday @ 9pm Channel 3 ITV channel # 103 on Virgin TV-with added footnotes on 24th August 2013

The Americans Episode 11

my rough transcript


Elizabeth & Prince
“Guinness please”
Elizabeth with one of her contacts.
Prince recruited someone! oops.

Nina & The Rezidentura:
he calls her in.
“Your job will be to guide me with your activities”..

The Rezidentura makes Nina take an oath to join the SS Directorate.

The Rezidentura:
“It’s a bond that can never be broken..”
“..or truth in the most loyalty or trusted”
“Deeply valuing the decision..”
“The struggle for the power of my people”
“with every heartbeat, every breath”
“I vow to serve the Soviet Union, the Soviet party, the homeland..””

Nina goes all glassy-eyed.

Elizabeth & Philip:
“Prince could be our highest contact..”
“What if he could be setting us up?”

The ticking clock & Viola the Maid:tick tock.
(forgot about that)

Elizabeth is off downtown.

Down in the basement Elizabeth holds ultraviolet light over a children’s book, prises it apart and gets out the

The Preacher at Viola’s Church:

“Our Saviour illuminates the darkness”
“He shines his crimson light,”
“Showing us the way”
“Now Lucifer, he places lies as stones of damnation
“stones that we tumble on and fall down”
“into the hell of damnation!”
“They damn us to kingdom come & forever more!”
(the congregation)

Claudia & Elizabeth @ the games arcade:
“PAC dots are calorie free!”
“I like the mazes and the not eating part”!

“The CIA, they could be behind this!
“I seriously doubt it, Prince is small fish,
swimming in deep waters”
she continues
“”Don’t get your panties in a bunch Elizabeth!”..

Philip & Elizabeth:
“We need a bug in Gaad’s office!”(Stan Gaad)
” We could get a bug in Stan’s office”
“Martha would do it”
“She would never do it”
(oh yes) “She would!”.

Nina (packs up her things in the main office)
“Life in a box, Vlad was a nice boy”
Other woman in the office:
“He had a crush on you”
Nina looks at Vlad’s photo..Ah.

Philip & Elizabeth & Paige:
“I could hear you guys laughing in the the hall!”

Martha & Philip/ Clarke-Driving all the way to Lees-burg.
“Really, driving all the way to Lees-burg!”
“Is there such a thing as being too careful?

“I want you to close your eyes and concentrate and don’t say anything until i am done”  He traces letters on Martha’s palm.

Like she was Helen Keller.

“Yes!” “I will marry you Clarke!”
Boy that was clever with your eyes shut.

What is Phlip doing: is he mad?  of course not.  He is insanely good at social disguise.

Stan & Nina

“”..Diplomat of the French Embassy..”
Stan:Diplomat or in-tell?”
“We don’t know yet..”
“I had a dream about you..”
she continues
“a burning building, you were there”
“Did I save you?”
“”Was it you?”
“Did you kill Vlad?”
“I would never do anything to hurt you…”

So Stan does not deny it.
& Nina knows.

Philip/ Clark & Martha:
“Well er, here’s the thing, my wife to be..”
“Agent Gaad is your boss”
“I would like you to do me a favour”
Clarke continues
“Place this (magic shiny) pen in Gaad’s office!”
“Promise me, it will be OK?”
“I could tell you all the reasons, “
“but, do you want me to?”
he continues
“or do you trust me?”
“Yes, of course..”

Viola & the CIA
“I was afraid for my son, Grayson,”
“They made him very sick”..

Why does Stan look so shocked?
Oh because Maria mentioned a couple.

Paige with Stan’s son (he sings & plays guitar)
“Down Louisiana way..”
“There lived a Cajun lady called the Mississippi Queen..”

(a new girl comes to join the band)
“I’m Paige”
“Are you in the band?”
Stan’s Son:
“Paige? no, she’s just watching”

Paige & Elizabeth:
“So Sarah plays brilliant Rock guitar”
“She sounds like Pat Benitar!”
“feelings come and go..”
“The battle is not lost..”

“The thing to understand is we see what we want in people”
“things that aren’t really there”
“Is that what happened with you and Dad?”
“No, it was there”.

Martha & Philip/ Clarke
“I did a Pro & Con list: wait, we can’t even tell my parents?!”
“My job, secret, investigations..”
“We can get married but nobody can know about this..”
he continues
“I’ve been married before!.

“Can we trust them?” (Martha’s parents)
“They live at the end of a dirt road, miles from anywhere”..
Philip? Clarke:
“Well Ok then.”

The first recording transmission from the magic pen)
Gaad ( Stan):
“Bal bla”
“First recording, live from Gaad’s office!”

Elizabeth & Philip:
“When is the wedding?”
“I wanted a long engagement..”
he continues
“I need you there, as family.”
Elizabeth pauses.

Prince, Elizabeth’s contact, was arrested.  Child support.

(The wedding.)
Claudia & Elizabeth are all dolled up.  It’s hilarious.  They bicker like they are married.

“An oath is..” (yes we geddit its a tie with Nina’s oath)
“in good times and bad”..
Blimey Philip/ Clarke is really going through with it.

Elizabeth & Philip/ Clarke
“It was beautiful”  She smile grimaces.
“You and I were never really married-do you think things would have been different between us if we had said those words?
Philip? Clarke:

The CIA watch identikit drawings on a projected screen:.
“These people are the illegals we have been chasing”.

Nina goes to see the Rezidentura:
He is drinking.
“I’ve been spying for the Americans!”
“I deserve to be sent back, I am guilty”
she continues
“The FBI agent has become my lover”.
“You can kill me”,
she continues
or you can let me redeem myself in the eyes of Mother Russia!”

Nina looks up at the Rezidentura, face up close, like a beautiful Botticelli.


end of rough


So when Elizabeth goes/ drives down town: Ah-the stunning visuals of The Americans.  The sienna browns, yellows, dull grey and cream light. Elizabeth’s translucent skin.  Her burning big blue eyes. Burning like a hunter.  Burning with exhaustion.  Burning with pain.

Similarly Sandra, in her shouting sobbing & physically violent scene with Stan last week: Sandra too is in pain.  Breaking her heart over her man.  Just like Elizabeth.

“How dare you?!”
Sandra had shouted at Stan,
“How dare you waste my time?!”
Exactly.  It stunk.
Sandra was holding her life up to the light.  Free of all recycled false hopes that frittered away the years.  So quickly- a life down the plug-hole.

Except for Sandra’ son son of course. But Sandra didn’t leave Stan even after all that.  Which i thought had been Sandra’s last stand.  Her ultimatum.

Thing is men don’t always believe ultimatums and Stan is ever there with with his smooth, sibilant persuasive words.  Quite creepily repressive if examined:
“Whatever you’re thinking about (me) you’re wrong “.

Not really the way to talk to your wife Stan, your equal, now is it?  Although in that instance he may well have been right.  That was office/ Spy speak, brought home.  Stan is playing Sandra.  & She knows it.  Just like Nina.

The Americans is full of these matching themes and balances.

What more can i say about The Americans.  I wonder.  That i haven’t already said before.  But tragic is the world that comes to mind every time.  Tragic love stories mainly.

The geo-politics & lesson points i am less bothered with. Although of interest of course.

I do like the historical setting of the Cold War.  Its fresh.  The 90’s is fresh.  Hell, its great with just characters and some unwieldy but workable technology.

All the tech is fairly retroactively cool.

If i say its just going to get more tragic i sound doom laden.  We all know it is.

My guess has been that Elizabeth & Philp will have to team up to save the life of one of their children: or Stan’s son.

& Either or just Elizabeth & Philip against the world.  That world being the CIA or their own side or both.

You see it always comes back to the beginning somehow with The Americans.  I could describe it all but its all there to see.

The best we can hope for now is that some of the characters will survive in order to be in the next series.

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