The Americans Episode 10-warning-spoilers-on in the UK Saturdays @ 9pm

The Americans  Episode 10

John Boy-CIA Boss:
“This isn’t a Cold War any more,”
“They killed us, we kill them“!

Girls night out:
“Love this Wall-banger!”
“I’m talking bla bla bla..”

Kids & Philip:
“The insurance company..”
“The Jennings family are natural foragers”
“They find food wherever they can!”

Leaves the disco.  Did she ditch out on Elizabeth?

Stan & Sandra:
“Whatever it is you’re thinking, believe me, its wrong.”
“The only bad guy here is the man I married!”
Sandra berates Stan and hits him a bit.

Claudia & Elizabeth:
“Zhukhov is dead!”
“Richard Patterson is the architect of it..”

“I do not agree or disagree-I follow orders!”
“Sometimes the smartest officers do the stupidest things”…
she continues
I thought the Americans understood that even covert wars have rules?”

General Zhukhov & Elisabeth:( flashback)

General Zhukhov:
“Philip is a good man”
“Come here Malysha..”
he continues
“he changed my life”
“Why? because I take care of him
“and he of me”
General Zhukov:
If you take care of someone, sooner or later you will love them”
Yeah. Right.  A dog maybe.  Or a cat.

Think you have them mixed up with humans there.

Nina & her new office!
Rezidentura to Nina:
“As Howard Cassell would say:
“You are in the big leagues”!

Oh no,.  Another meeting from hell-social hell, for Philip/Clarke.

Philip/Clark emeets Martha’s Mom & Dad:
Philip handles it so well, with his false teeth smile, he sits it out.  Then executes an adept exit:
“work, things..”

General Zhykhov: Zhukhov has a French accent. (‘nother flashback)
Elizabeth tells him she is pregnant, before Philip.

“Remember Malysha?  He died”
“We all die alone Elizabeth”
he continues
“Before that, we make choices”.

Elizabeth in her weirdest wig yet but still managing to look severely sinister and scary like the serial killer you never wanted to meet.  The curls only amplified all this.

So who is Elizabeth’s American bearded contact in the car?
Don’t tell me its Philip?

Elizabeth & Patterson:
“I would have thought Air Supply?”
(he mentions) another group
“and what’s a four letter slang word for I want to get inside you?”
“Right here, right now?”
“Yeah”, she grins.

Elizabeth & Paterson snog then start fighting!  Really by which i mean crazy music is playing.  Again!  Its a bit Man from Uncle.  ha ha.

Stan & Nina:
Nina does her best to find about about Vlad.
“I think that this part of things should stop”.
“is that what you want?”
“My wife. Its the right thing to do!”
I have no country, I only have you, and fear!”
Stan holds Nina from behind.
They kiss.
Naughty Stan.
(At least its piano music and not the crazy orchestra!)

Elizabeth & Richard Patterson:
“Listen, do you hear that?”
“Your pulse, rising and falling, our heart beating.!

Elizabeth is done up like an actress from Ello Ello.  She comes in with special high heels like its meant to be scary.

Sheeet.  Patterson broke Elizabeth down!
& it is Philip n the really bad disguise!  He looks like a lumberjack in drag.

Patterson is taken back!
“it was personal, killing me”
them/ /CIA:
“Why do you think she let you go?”

CIA Boss:
So a woman and a man”
“Yes, a couple.”

Genreal Zhukhov: (yet another flashback but they are chronological)
“Elizabeth, you were chosen for your loyalty, intelligence, skills and fear”!
“I have no more stories to tell you”
he continues
“Elizabeth, I lived for my work &now..”
“I miss what I had”..

Claudia & Elizabeth:
“I find your predictability satisfying.”

Elisabeth is onto Claudia: (“Ship me off to Moscow?  bring me to heel?”)
Claudia Zyhkhov:
“I am on your side”.
“You hate us!”
Claudia :
“You are so young, so much to learn..”
This will not go well for you old lady!”..


End of Transcript

Not sure I fully engaged with the whole kidnapping of eminently mild mannered Patterson with the/a deadly line in back-talk.

 Seems Patterson had a few interrogation techniques or psychological mind games.  Depending on whether Patterson really was just a bureaucrat.

When i say not fully i didn’t fully engage in the kidnapping scenes beyond noting the inherent comedy present in glaringly lit film noire close up of Elizabeth’s stiletto heel,  crunching and turning on the gravel.
(hmm, gravel in a warehouse?)

We were even treated to a still of the stiletto.  These may be a joke there.  Which was kind of my feeling about the whole scene.  Not sure what alter-ego Elizabeth is channelling or just plain character she made up.

 At the same time as this i do find Elizabeth’s array of buttoned-up school-marm style characters amazing in their array.

I also resisted this scene as my mind had been here before. Last week.  In a warehouse with poor Almador.  I just wasn’t ready for any more.

I have to admit i was mildly disappointed in Elizabeth as her her spy role.  Jane Bond extraordinaire. (or Nikita)

For Elizabeth to break down so quickly and spectacularly was unlike her.  Elizabeth rarely cracks.  However, thinking about it, she does operate on/ with passion.  Philip is the cool & steady one in that respect.  As always, the make an excellent team.

Of course Elizabeth is grieving over Gregory who it looks like she really did love.

& What a dufus Philip was, to not get the signs that Elizabeth had come to make truce.  & call him home.  In homage, or part homage to the real love of her life, General Zhukhov.

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