Note to my readers & a New Series:Low Winter Sun-on FOX Channel (previously FX) number 157 on Virgin TV-Friday, 16th August @10pm in the UK

Note to my readers
Now that we seem to be approaching another televisual desert with the end of The Returned/ Les Revanants, soon i should think, The Americans.

With only Top of The Lake trundling along Oh and the infinitely depressing grief- fest of Southcliffe in the UK and then Maison Close ending this weekend: there is only really my  vain and long-held hope for the return of the inimitable Southland. Or even Hatifum.

meanwhile here is something that looks interesting:

Low Winter Sun
Starts on the 16th August, Friday, at 10pm on Fox channel on Virgin TV
(Fox used to be called FX)

I was quite excited seeing the preview for this assuming that Low Winter Sun meant that it was a Nordic mystery.  However  no, it is set in Detroit and is based on the two-part series in the UK set in Edinburgh. Which would have been on the same latitude as Scandinavia i believe.

Anyway it sounds interesting: it stars Lennie James & Mark Strong as two Detectives,partners, one of whom kills another Cop since he believes him to be crooked.  This isn’t a spoiler since this is in the preview and the actual advertisement:
“Good man.  Cop killer.”

I quote from the I.M.D.B website:
“Murder, deception, revenge & corruption of a Cop  by fellow Detective Frank Agnew”…

So that is how Low Winter Sun starts.  Mark Strong was in Kick Ass & Zero Dark Thirty according to the preview and Lennie James is a well known British actor who is usually incandescently good.

 Lennie James was in Oz, Line of Duty in the UK and in The Walking Dead in America as Morgan, the Dad with a young son, Duane as one of the first families that Rick meets when he stumbles out of the hospital and into the streets.

From the photos i see some mighty fine suits & ties & Lennie James in a lovely red paisley silk shirt.  Mark Strong is styling out a black shirt to work.

 (As usual i am unclear as to the decade due to the styling recently in American dramas and seeming predilection for anywhere from 70’s -90’s style in lighting, dialogue and clothing.)

10 episodes

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