Low Winter Sun-Episode 2-footnotes to the transcript-warning-spoilers-Added to original post on episode 2-Low Winter Sun dated Wednesday 28th August

So we have been catapulted in,  without warning, to Gedde’s world.  & It is a proper scary world.  Mind you everything is in the damn dark which lends a suitable yet tedious air of foreboding to everything.  Every scene in fact.  Someone taking out the rubbish would look sinister.  In the dark.

The warning signs were there last week, Geddes was way too loud.  Too cocky.  For someone just involved in a murder in their own department and of their own partner.

Just who exactly did kill McGann is unclear as Frank & Geddes seemed to have carried it out jointly.  & In America being an accessory is very serious.

Certainly Frank is left fighting for his life, his job, his Katia by Geddes whos is fast pedalling forward

We see Geddes have a surprising snifter in the loo at his Mother’s house.  Before that she pinches his fag.

It all seems a bit Norman Bates and creepy in the Geddes house.  Are Geddes & his Mum very close or is his mum meant to be a bit mad?  Signified by the fag/ cigarette sharing.

So its a quick line and a change of jacket and Geddes is off out again.  He repels his Mother’s imprecations with an apparent active hatred.  Is Geddes completley mad as well as evil we are left to wonder.

Geddes is in full blown Iago mode.  But he is also out to save his own skin.  Frank Agnew had better watch his back i reckon ..

Time to step up to the plate, Frank.  He has already outfoxed Geddes a few times.  The only way to beat Geddes & save his own skin is for Frank to get truly evil on us.

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