Top of The Lake Episode 1 footnotes-my 1st Review of Top Of the Lake was posted here 15th July 2013-warning-spoilers-UK Saturdays on BBC2 @ 9pm-posted today 20th July 2013

Top of The Lake

footnotes to episode 1
some dialogue:

“What happend to you?”

Holly Hunter:
“A calamity”!
“It was as if I was was hit by lightening, every cell of my body”

“How come you’re not dead?”

“I don’t think I am, I’m a zombie”!

Peter Mullan: “A Scot playing a Scot”

The Maori legend:
“A Warrior rescued the maiden from a demon than then he cut up the demon & put it in a fire & the fat trickled down the mountainside & became a lake & the hert fellinto the bottom”  (or summat)

In The Guardian Review Video review it says:
 “The fall, Broad church, The Returned, are all similar/ have similarities: eg. the STag’s head/ Stag’s bones”

There are Stags: floating in Les Revenanst & Sags on the wall in Detective guy’s office in Top of The Lake.   (& on the top of Mullans’s dog cages, there were dried Stag bones)

Not quite sure why Top of The Lake appears to be trapped in sexism from the 70’s to circa 90’s.
or is it just the cliché of every portrayed small town in a drama, like they all live in the land that time forgot.

Like they were that far behind.  Nice.

I found myself wrestling with finding the portrayal of the women in the camp as a little bit cruel or caricaturist.
Is is sexist even i pondered, whilst simultaneousness reminding myself it’s a drama for goodness sake.

Do all the women have to be so brain dead and dented?  Am i always going to find it tragi-comic or will i start to not?
I chickened out of such weighty decisions by remembering that its a drama & yes just because it by a woman director doesn’t mean it can’t be sexist.

The way i came to a conclusion about it was that it was to reason that well yes, there are such people. (i have met and know them)  it’s usually coz they took too many drugs or possibly had too many terrible traumas even just one too many.

My reasoning was that to see so many women of roughly the same condition is fairly rare.  & really all of the people agreeing to come & live in the middle of nowhere, albeit in paradise.  In containers.  Well that group of people were going to be a bit potty anyway.

I mean, where’s their food, how are they going to cook, get water etc.?

I must say the face-off between the blond-haired lady & seemingly evil Mulland was an impelling scene.

It was powerful stuff as our fears as viewers were played with like string in a yo-yo, up and down, up and down.  We kept expecting Mullan to kill someone. He kills a dog instead, in cold blood and in the blink of an eyelid after asking Elizabeth if she wanted him/her.

Elizabeth refuses, and right in front of her Mullan does it in a heartbeat.  Kerbalmm.  jeesus.  Wot an horrific scene.

All credit to Detective Elizabeth’s control as she remained, not screaming & running away from the room but standing with blood spattered clothes and near weeping with suppressed sobs.


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