The Returned/ Les Revenants -Episode 7-warning-spoilers-on in UK Channel 4 Sundays @ 9pm Channel 104 on Virgin TV-posted today 24th July 2013

The Returned/ Les Revenants Episode 7


One year earlier/ 1 ans plut tot

Thomas & Chloe come home:
“Coo coo, we’re home!”
“Adele, Adele!”

She has tried to commit suicide.


Victor takes Pierrre to look at the lake:
“C’est bon, eh?”

Now Claire is living/resting? at The Helping Hand.  & Pierre takes her to his very creepy 1960’s nuclear bunker / doomsday preppers place.

Pierre to Claire:
We must take care of Camille and the others..”
“Finally starting to wonder a bit)
“Qu’est qu’ y passe?
Good question?
It’s all happening as written, when i comes it will be wonderful..”
Yeah, but there’s an operating theatre…

Pre-requisite perving: Lena in the shower.  With added wet t-shirt points.  Great.  Now we have the pre-requisite lesbian scene.

Julie & Laure
“I think..I came back, for years I was incapable of living”
What if I’m one of them?”

Lucy & Simon
“You’re dead Simon!”

Mrs Costa & Camille
“You’re making it all up, aren’t you?!”

Adele & Julie
“A man came to my house…Simon..”
“He is dead”
“I know
they just stare at each other.
Question:  Why the hell aren’t people talking to each other?

Simon & The Priest
“Surprised to see me?”
No, I’ve been expecting you,I’ll be back in a minute..”
(off to get a silver bullet or summat?)

So how long have the couple been left hanging in the shed & why hasn’t it been reported?

“We should do something for them, a celebration” (err)

Serge & Toni:  wonder the forest.  I thought they were looking for Lena?

Victor & little girl Chloe:
“My Dad was dead & he came back…”
“I’m dead too..”
he points & there is Adele covered in blood with one wrist all bloodied-suicide?

Oh dear.  The Priest gives up Simon and in the sanctuary of a church!

Serge & Toni in the lake
Let’s swim across, we did it as kids..”
(you just know this isn’t a good idea)
But it’s Serge, not Toni who disappears.

The twins make up.
You’re my sister and we won’t let anyone else say different!”
“Wait, you have something here..”
Camille is rotting too.  Lena puts make up on it:
“Don’t worry, it won’t show”

Jerome & Claire:hug. good.
“First I would like you all to hold hands and say..”

Laure & Julie drive away.

Chloe to Adele:
“Why did you want to die?
“I saw you”.

Itch, itch, itch. Simon picks a scab off his rotting stomach.  Looks at it as it hangs there and then chomps it!

Thomas to Simon:
“I won’t let you near my family again”!

“Death is not the end. our existence on this earth..”
Sandrine collapses, bleeding.

Toni crawls out of the lake alone.  (it’s dark)

Laure & Julie
“Where are we?”  It’s a too dark tunnel.
“Haven’t we crossed the dam already?”

Lucy stares at her zombie crew in the shadowy blue basement.

Shit.  Julie & Laure are in the tunnel of hell.  It’s Hotel California..

unpleasant music starts twanging off notes.  I’m getting the shivers.

Laure & Julie stop.  Pale green light on the road.  back on  top of the dam. The camera pans quickly to high up above as we see their dinky toy-like car-stilled in the night, high high up in the dam.

The car’s head lights are double pooled before it into dark night.  Twin puddles of blood-like light, shining bright at both ends.

Laure & Julie are stuck.  Stuck in the circle of hell.
I knew it as soon as the light-less tunnel.  it was too quiet, too quick.

Victor sits in the back.  His enormous face & big brown eyes & ever Cheshire cat like smile/ grin.
There is no escape.  & the zombies gather.  Lucy is their leader.


So Camille, Victor, Simon & Sandrine at the Helping Hand with the beautiful curved concrete canopy & vaulted poles:are all starting to rot away.

Pierre gets more cool-aid & Reverend Jones by the moment.  With a dash of the lot who thought they were becoming one with the stars.

Claire, finally, is coming to a little.  Claire, we are nearly cousins, get a grip girl, i silently implore her.
(time to get officially empowered you know like they do in the movies)

Thank Goodness Claire is finally listening to good, solid headed Jerome.  Or is he?  Something happpened with Jerome & Camille/ or Lena.  We don’t know.

Serge & Toni
“I don’t understand, we should be through the forest by now, unless my directions are off?”
“We’ve been going in the same direction for hours..”

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