The Returned/ Les Revenants -Episode 6-Channel 4 in the UK on Sundays @ 9pm-warning-spoilers-posted today 19th July 2013


1 ans plus tot/ 1 year earlier

Lucy: (whilst shagging Jerome-Dad of Camille & Lena)

“Camille est la!”
“She says what happened is not your fault”


Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You were cured by a miracle”!

Julie & Victor:
I was meant to find a fairy to protect me until Mum & Dad came back”
(hugs her)

“But I’m not a fairy, they have pretty dresses & magic wands”


So Camille, who I’ve never been that fond of is now  evolved into an ickily smiling charlatan.  Fake, psychic.  Prophet as it describes in in the TV info.  Camille quickly became annoying.  Now she is even more so.

Claire is irksome too.  Why has she let her home and her life for that matter be taken over by Pierre?

I’m with seemingly dopey, but probably not at all, Jerome.  With his monk like hair style & nice big solid head:

“He is a charlatan!” Jerome warns Claire about Pierre & i agree.  Every now and then Pierre’s eyes burn with evil.  I’m telling you.

So  lots of shagging & inter-cutting scenes tonight it almost made me dizzy.

I feel like I should have a proper talk about the sexually charged violence. & i mean deliberately so.  Yet it’s much easier just to call it that, huh.  Than have that embarrassing talk.

i am aware that I am being manipulated.  The only reviewer ever brave enough to tackle this taboo subject described it as dramatic blood lust, blood spatter, summat like that.

There is a deliberate, repeated link of sexually charged scenes, sexual noises, puffing & panting from predominantly the young female characters.  All part of the plot?

Possibly. How handy.

OK apart from the ostensibly older women in the show all the young nubile ones can barely string a sentence together with out panting, groaning, moaning or just plain pouncing voraciously on their man.

It’s like True Blood-lite.

Shagging here, shagging there, shagging there be everywhere.  As long as you’re photogenic & or under 25.  Or even under 16, hey?

Oh no, what’s happening to young Victor-no!  I have completely forgotten my worries of last week.  He’s only a little boy with an admittedly odd shaped face & head.  But so cute.  Only a little boy.  Ah. ( Look at him eat his white spaghetti so happily)

Or do Revenants get to add up the years they are dead, like ultra cool vampires do?  The only time people actually boast about her old they are is in vampire films.

So Julie has braved the leaving of her dark & cosy flat with it’s beautiful painting on the wall of a medieval woman, smiling.  I still think it might be the Madonna & it is important in some way we don’t know yet.

Looks like a good thing that Julie has moved out into a nice big house with a sweet blue flowered coverlet on the bed.  Under a steepled roof.  The room that Heidi would have had.

Meanwhile the anti-Heidi hut where Lena is being kept has a meticulously laid out array of different instruments. Mainly hunting knives of all shapes and sizes.  Big ornate daggers too.

Serge is shown picking up his favourite in his palm & fondling it like an old friend, whilst he chatted to Lena, her fully cured with nettle paste.  Hallelulujah.  I knew it would work.

Good, kind,cool applier of herbal remedies, Serge.  Wolfishly handsome in a Victorian kind of way.  Part-time murderer/attacker of women and devoted muncher of their internal organs.

Oh & we /i found out who the mysterious man waiting by Lucy’s bedside is: Alcide.  Yep.  That’s his name.  That’s all we know except:
“I was there when they took you”

Really, a punter or a mad murderer? hmm.
Yet Alcide has access to the  e-fit man etch-a sketch computer.

So wtf was that coach station about then?  i mean that coach station was giant terminus wasn’t it?  Wasn’t that a bit oversized for such a tiny town?

I thought that the huge number of coaches in the mountains in the middle of nowhere was decidedly odd.

I mean, where did the coaches start out from then?  They must have ended there too.  ‘Case Lucy got off in the metropolis like terminal & walked straight into the ever open lake pub.  Oh yes and all the coaches were parked.  D’oh.

So, still, why so big and since when does a village pub get sited at a giant coach station?  i know, all things are possible.  The geography of Les Revenants/ the town or is it a village?  is all messed up to me.

Perhaps i am having an idyllic village clash with regular old town.  I so want Heidi’s village.  It’s been that all along.

Yet the only really safer room with the edelweiss flowered bed spread is for Victor & Julie.  Good.

‘Cause, possible telekinetic or time-travelling powers aside and a slight rotting arm: Victor needs Julie in some way just as she needs him.  In fact Victor may well have helped Julie.

 Maybe Julie was OK all along anyway, yet she seemed like she really didn’t go out much, or maybe not even like going out.

 Now of course Julie has somebody to fight for and protect & she has escaped to protect Victor from Pierre.

Too right Julie, I’m with you on that one.  For no reason i can see, Julie doesn’t trust Pierre one bit.  Just like me.

I have high hopes for Julie & Laure.  Laure who I know, I’m mean, but that hair of hers is only looking slightly less wig-like this week.

This may be the only time i have felt like doing something with someone’s hair-anything. I’m thinking an elfin bob would look supreme.  ‘Cause right now Laure looks like she stumbled out from some old French movie or even Swedish Wallander.  Yes, a Swedish Policewoman from Wallander, that’s it.

Anyway, i hope that Julie & Laure will be happy and even rediscover their love.  t the very least Julie could do with a good mate.

Since whenever there is a young & troubled ghostlike child, supernatural things & shenanigans are going to follow.

Me i think the picture on Julie’s wall is of the Madonna and it is Julie who is the Madonna & Victor is the child.  & Julie really is a fairy.  Because she is good & true and now she is free.

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