The Returned/ Les Revenants Episode 5 Channel 4 in the UK Sundays @ 9pm Warning-spoilers-posted today 10th July 2013

The Returned/ Les Revenants  Episode 5

7 ans Plus tot/ 7 years earlier

Rough transcript:

Serge & Toni (oops i have been calling him Claude-the Lake Pub owner Toni & Serge are brothers, Serge is a Revenant)

The prologue:
“Why did you let him out?!”

More sexually charged violence:
(fireworks explode) just as Serge subdues Julie. This murdering,iIt is deliberately sexual as a scene.

(digging continues)   A haggard mother cries.

Camille to Frederic:
Camille tells the truth except about vampires.
“I come from another world..a world of dead souls”
(piano music)

The Helping Hand
So the pink building with the vaulted poles is the Lost sheep hostel.  it is called the Helping Hand.
At the Helping Hand:
“Pierre, Victor has gone, and so has the homeless lady”
Pierre looks evil-eyed whilst he phones.

Mrs. Costa & Victor talk:

Mrs. Costa/ homeless lady:
“Do you know Pierre?  to Victor.
she continues:
“is there anyone you want to hurt?”
& smiles.

Is she Mr. Costa’s young wife?  I think so.

Adele is a teacher!
“Are there people living under water?”

Adele goes all zoned out when she sees Simon outside.  her class appears to be in a large glass box, inside an office.

Here, I bring you an undead possible murderer to stay:
So evil Pierre comes and introduces simon, a known man accused of murder as Pierre know, well he brings him round to stay with Camille.  In fact they leave him in her bedroom.  To get to know each other better.

Kind of like, well you’re a zombie, you must know/ like each other.

Julie & Mrs Costa & whether Julie is dead:
“How can you tell if you’re dead?”  Becuase sometimes i wonder if i….”

at the hospital and mysterious guy by Lucy’s bed:
“Elle est belle, eh?”
he continues:
“her internal organs are self-healing..”
So is that why Lena is getting better?

Victor challenges Pierre at the Helping Hand:
“Where were you?”
It’s you who killed my parent, killed me”!

Serge & Toni:
“Was Lucy a deer too?”
“it was you who killed me?!”
“Shoot e then!”
Toni continues:
“Say you forgive ,me.then she will too!”
“Say it!”
(he shouts down the valley after Serge)

In which Adele finally sees the light:
dele is lighting up two candles & Simon trns up.
“You’re dragging us to the grave”!
Littele girl (Simon’s daughter):
“Go away, you’re dead”!
Simon goes.

Thomas returns to his gated house:
Policeman/ Detective comes back:
“Stay there!” (to Simon who is just standing there) Gunshot.  Increasing dubstep/ organ music. Is almost annoying me now.

Uh oh..Frederic has turned up for a shag.
Of course, Camille tells the truth again:
“Who are you?”
“You know who I am”
she continues:
“I love you & you love me, that’s all that matters”
“Camille?, Camille?!”

i realise why the priest seems un-Priest-like:
So i just realised: the priest is the other burglar!  I always thought he was off.

Pierre is like the Priest:
Or more like a priest than the Priest.  They were both the original burglars i reckon.


* Why have not the parents reported Lena missing from Hospital? Simpy having terse and anguished phone conversation about it.

*  Why is Claire ( Lena & Camilles’ Mother) opening her house to stray zombies/ Les Revenants and being so damn nice to them & leaving a complete stranger/ Revenant in her dead daughter’s bedroom?

I love Julie as a character.  She is my favourite.  As soon as she opened the glass window, at quite a dangerous height for an apartment block, I knew what she was going to do.
(No, Julie, I silently imprecated & implored her)

Julie & the Policewoman @ the window:
Policewoman whose name is Laure:
“Julie, give me our hand!”…
she continues:
“I love you”!
then: (Laure)
“You complete fool,you!”
“I was just checking, I didn’t want to die…”
“You wouldn’t have survived that”..

the picture in Julie’s flat:
Beautiful picture in Julie’s flat:think it’s a relief from a Michelangelo or a Leonardo da Vinci (?)  just a smiling angel or cherub face.  Maybe the Madonna.

end of watching episode


* So what did Victor do exactly that so scared Pierre?  Taking Pierre back to the actual scene of a flashback maybe.
(in flashing blue black white light)

Which seemed to consist of the 2 burglars fighting together, to my eyes. I thought maybe the Pierre burglar karate chopped the boy Victor first.   It was all a bit unclear.

Oh have checked and it seems the consensus (well one other review in the Guardian) that Victor is capable of producing a hallucination in his subject.

Me, i just accepted immediately that Victor had the ability to transport his subject back in time.  Hark at me.  Well it is that kind of programme, isn’t it.

Twin peaks lite.  Perhaps..
(are you scared yet?)

I like how the Revenants have formed their own Revenant club.  i was relieved that simon, a definitely dead spirit/ man brought round knowingly by Pierre, didn’t seduce or kill Camile.  Well he could have.

Simon, funnily enough, has seriously started to creep me out.  i don’t quite know when it happened.    I felt sorry for him at first.  let’s face it, he doesn’t seem a very nice Revenant, does he?

i was somewhat surprised that Adele had stashed Simon up in the attic quite so quickly.  & was serially shagging him up there.  Even introduced him to his own daughter.  Whose bedroom was right below the attic.Not sure i’d be so quick to introduce dear dead darling Daddy quite so quickly to my little girl.

So Simon had seriously started to worry me when he was around Adele & his daughter.  His intentions really weren’t clear and he seemed to have violent episodes and ate like a ravenous beast.

Just as I was ruling Victor out as a bad demon and claiming Pierre was one instead:  i start to think it may be the other way around.  Victor really is a demon child or entity.  Or just a Revenant with a power.  Maybe they all have one, oh wait, that’s a bit Heroes.

If, (as suggested by the Guardian reviewer) Victor can cause hallucinations then could he have caused Mrs. nosy neighbour to kill herself?

In the exact same situation that Julie found herself in when she woke up with Victor sitting on top of her.  Julie had scissors in he own hands pointing downwards.  Did Victor do that then?

Possibly, we don’t know for sure.  Victor may be a conduit for another bad spirity guy. we shall see.  Now Victor is back with Julie and he really might be a Damien from The Omen…
(are you scared yet?)

Oh and the mysterious pink-poled curved and vaulted building that i ruminated on t’other week is in fact the Helping Hand hostel. The plot thickens.

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