The Returned/ Les Revenants Episode 4-Warning-spoilers-Channel 4 Sunday @ 9pm in the UK posted today 3rd July 2013

The Returned/Les Revenants Episode 4

Prologue to the episode-Victor’s dream:

Note to my Readers

I am just popping a Prequel into Les Revenant/The Returned, Episode 4 as i realise i missed the prologue.
So in this very first part of  episode 4 we find out how Victor died and first hear of the song…

35 years earlier /35 ans main

So Victor is a more fresh faced young boy, otherwise must the same. He is having fun in a tent with his presumed older brother or mate staying over.  They are way too happy of course.

“It’s oK, Victor, nothing wlil happen, I promise”
“YOu won’t have a nightmare” says beautiful Mommy as she put Victor to bed.  Shortly after of course: kerblam, bamb.  Two shots.  Mommie’s definitely dead then.

Victor hides, tremblingly in the bedroom cupboard.  A black balalclava’ed burglar holding a gun comes into the room.  Poor Victor has left a glistening stream shining in the expertly held torchlight.  The burglar spots Victor and starts whispering to him:
“Don’t worry, be quiet, sing a song in your head, like you sing at school”..

-end of prologue-
Victor wakes up, it was all a bad dream..

main episode

In which i learn that Thomas is the name of the Detective.
& The Priest says:
“Faith is the thing…”

Jerome (the Dad of Camille & Lena) is questioned by the Police.

& There is an evil ghost man in the closet with Victor:
“Don’t let them see you, why don’t you sing a song in your head, one from school”…
& an arm in a black leather jacket clamps onto Victor’s shoulder!

Then, much later,  Pierre says the exact same thing to Victor at the Lost Sheep homeless Hostel and Pierre’s eyes go all brown to black…

So why was Pierre loading up with cans of petrol & why does he seem to have such power with the Police?  Like Pierre can just ask them stuff, like “what is the point of your road-block” and they tell him?  Pierre asks the young Policeman about Jerome as well.

Then what are all the Ortel trucks for?  Emptying or filling?   There were tanks on the lorries.  Round tanks & a lot of lorries.

Uh oh.  Thomas is still watching when Simon & Adele get it on.  Then wait:the man on the bed turns into Thomas!  The camera focuses on the back of Adele’s head and sunlight glares around it,  For a moment i wondered if the head of Adele from the back was meant to have morphed into Simon’s head?  they both look quite alike to each other, Simon & Adele,

That would mean Thomas was in bed with not Adele but Simon.  Oops.  Putting aside the impossible logistics to such an enterprise (or what do i know) that scenario could be a feasible nightmare for Thomas.  Or maybe people are inhabiting bodies or summat?  No,surely not.  It’s way too early for such shenanigans i suggest.

Still. It was all extremely edgy & Twin Peaks.

So things get mysteriouser & mysteriouser.  Camille is curiously unsympathetic & annoying now.  Camille appears obsessed with Frederic who seems to be the original boy Lena was in bed with as seen in the supposed telepathic twin vision experienced by Camille on the day of the crash.  Camille’s upset & agitation over this vision appears. from the flashback, to have caused the school coach crash.

Now Camille confesses her knowledge of all this to Frederic.  Along with fishing for details of her sister’s sex life.  it’s all quite odd & icky.  I’ve heard of jealous sisters but Camille’s obsession with & closeness to her sister is unusual.  i suppose its supposed to be a, sigh, weird twin thing.  I do think twins suffer from unfair stereotyping for evil or weirdness in dramas.

Especially twin girls i reckon.

So Claire, the Mother of Lena & Camille, finds out that dear ex-husband Jerome got into some argument with Lena that resulted in her hurting her back,  Fine details are sparse.  Jerome says Lena fell back on a chair.  Lena weeps & asks her mother to go away when asked just what was happening when Lena was hurt.

 My immediate thought was that Lena was attacked, maybe raped. i dunno, shades of Jodie Foster in the Accused floated through my head.  (Lena said that it happened in the Pub)

The whole accident thing: hurting Lena’s back causing it to burst open in a scar yet grow longer was completely dubious anyway.  Something really awful is about to happen to Lena. As we see yet another drama treasured close-up of Lena’s oozing dripping gouged back i found it increasingly hard to continue eating my dinner.


Some dialogue


Thomas (the Detective/Jeff Goldblum & older Larbis brother from Spiral look-alike)
& The village Priest:

Thomas is questioning the Priest about Simon & Adele:

“You’re here, Simon is a ghost”..

“I’m an Officer, not an intellectual”!
Thomas continues:
“But Jesus came back, right?  the resurrection?  do you believe it?”

That’s not the right question”..

“But, but do you believe it?”

“Faith is the thing, believing is more important than seeing, the rest is a mystery”.

“You’re giving the wrong answers, Priest”
(don’t they always)

“Your’re asking the wrong questions”..


So the last scene has Lena lying frightened and injured like a bird with a broken wing, fluttering on the floor.  Unable to get up, Lena has one eye open which looks with fear and trepidation as handsome & innocent of face Claude appears, down the dark subway.

Claude does that quick eye shift so beloved of serial killers down the corridor in front of him to check if anybody else is around.  However that look & Claude’s subsequent quick dip to the ground, to Lena and out of our view is visually deliberately ambivalent.  Claude could equally be checking around for an attacker who he presumes to have hurt Lena.  Claude might be bending down to save her….

So was Pierre meant to be a ghost type apparition in that rather terrifying bathroom scene?
I am definitely now thinking of Pierre as a ‘Bob’ type figure (a’ la Twin peaks).  Particularly as i swear his eyes fully dilated from brown to black as in i am a demon type of guy.

This week i prevented any shivers, metaphorical or otherwise by pre-empting them with a heater plugged in for Les Revenants.  It was boiling though.  Don’t try this at home folks.

 & My new fridge makes sounds at night much like a zombie in The Walking Dead munching morosely on a fresh dead body & bones..
(are you scared yet?)

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