The Americans -Episode 8-warning (serious) spoilers–on in the UK Saturdays Channel 3 ITV &103 on Virgin TV-posted today 31st July 2013

The Americans Episode 8

Ha ha.  Told you sweet silky voiced CIA Boss was evil!  He just lay down a rogue hit on a Russian Diplomat!

Chris @ the party:
Chris & Stan
“Your shoes don’t squeak!”
“Who is the fox?!”
“You putz”

Elizabeth & Stan’s wife:
“I saw Philip leave, if you all need anything, don’t hesitate to ask..”
(Ah-i like those 2 together)

Clarke & Martha:
“Clark, I’m in love with your, I waited my whole life for you, all you have to do is ask?”
“But tell me one thing, is this real?”
Clarke: (looking like he has false teeth)
“Then stay with me, just this once..”!
she continues:
“I think they’re gonna kill a KGB agent,its an eye for an eye Clarke!”

I managed to exit myself from the room in the surgery bit with baldy guy Chris.  So i don’t know if they tortured him or not: i couldn’t bear to look. Maybe they were helping him who knows.
 (it isn’t looking good for Chris)

Now we all start feeling sorry for him.

I think they took the knife out. Ugh.  There appears to be a lot of blood.  It doesn’t bode well that they didn’t/ wouldn’t have tidied up.

(Stan goes all dreamy on us)
Chris: (flashback time)
“yeah, I’m like Picasso, my life is my work”
“I’m as unencumbered as bed bugs in a flop-house!”
“Ha ha”
“Yeah, ha, I’m a lone wolf, that’s good Stan”!..

There Chris lies in the basement blue light.

Paige & Elizabeth
Oh, God, the child spouts psychobabble!
“I don’t want to pretend that my life is a do-over because yours wasn’t”
(what?  that’s too hard)

Elizabeth & Henry.
“I just got a call from Mrs Costa..”

The Social Studies Project.
“Mrs Costa called..”
“Is this it?”
she continues:
“but you only wrote one sentence?”
“I didn’t have anything else left to say”

Nina & Stan:
Stan grabs Nina:
“Find out who took Almado!  Now!”
Cool.  Stan went all Clint Eastwood on us.  I declare my crush back on.  Not that it ever was off.

Oh God, Chris,& Philip in the basement.
Philip sighs.

“What do you want?”
Philip/ Clarke:
“Information:who is the FBI planning to take out?”
“I don’t know”..
(he is lying supine and rigid with fear under the blanket)
“I think you do..”

The CIA acts like the Russian KGB!
“If we kill Arkady, we’re signing Almardo’s death certificate!”..
CIA Boss:
“But he knows your mole’s name in the KGB, if he talks..”

Elizabeth & Chris.
I screwed your brains out, I would tell you baby..”
“I think you know that’s not right”..
“You can torture me, kill me, but you’re gonna lose this war!”

The park.
“Grab him!”
Silky voiced evil CIA Boss:
“Fine, we’ll get into this later”.

Stan is a bit hot in his blue jumper.  A bit Thunderbird Star Trek all in one.

Stan & Arkady
“Do you hurt? to Arkady.
“Hey, Arkady, ever go hunting?..bla bla”
he continues:
“Once the bird is in his mouth, it acts dead, goes limp..”
“Don’t you think that’s odd?”
“Maybe its fear, or maybe its faking, so when the go drops it at it’s master’s feet, it flies away..”
“It works once in a while..when I drop you at my master’s feet you will go hard!..”
or summat!
It was mad, what can i tell you.  More bird metaphors.

Sheet.  Stan.  Poor guy:(Arkady)
“I’m a Diplomat”!

Stan goes all James Bond:
“I have your man Vlad”
“So, let him go?”!
“If anything happens to Almador, he is dead”.
he continues:
“I will personally send you his balls strung around his neck for the May Day parade!”

Philip & Elizabeth.
“I’ll do it”  (like he’s taking out the garbage)
“I wouldn’t let a dog suffer like this, would you?”
Uh oh.  But Chris is already dead.

Now what? (flashbacks, that’s what)
(Stan looks, dreamily)
“Temper fugit, time flies..”
“Pussy is just a metaphor Stan, for everything..”
“The whole enchilada!”
They both laugh, hysterically.

Stan & Arkady.
“So you’re KGB, right?”
“Yes, but i don’t know anything..”
“You know what? (with a big grin)
“I believe you!”
he continues:
“Hey, d’ya wanna beer? think I got a cold one..”

Stan turns:full face to the camera & shoots the kid.  Blamm!  (in the back of the head, shit)
This was a full eye covering with hand like it was a pretend visor for me.

“Stan, what have you done?!” (i exclaimed)

Even during all this horror I couldn’t help but notice that Stan painted a wonderful cartoon-ish like up-lit 40’s film noire appearance.  Almost hilarious.  But not really.

All my secret crush lies in ruins (on the floor).  Stan-you blew it. & i could just see you on the bridge of the Starship enterprise.

Of course Stan didn’t know but still.  Somewhat of an executive decision there Stan?  Oh yes, I geddit, i forgot he just saw the poor wretched body of Chris that we were party to viewing for far too long for me/my poor sensitive soul.

jeeesus,  Way to go Philip & Elizabeth.  Discussing the dispatch of Chris, like there was ever any question (but i was hoping) like the best way to clean the garage.

So very suburban of you both.

“Give him some morphine, go on, let him slide away.”
Like this was kind of her.  Really.  & she had to get off and make the kids’ tea.

You know, like they do in the suburbs.



So The Americans has cranked up the ratchet on the American side of shenanigans.  That’s for sure.

Please, not a political message or an historical point.

& what of Philip & Elizabeth now?    is this one too many rogue F-ups?  How many more have they got away with we are left to ponder.

My sympathies are waning somewhat for all of them really now.  Except Nina and definitely Stan’s wife.

Nina is not 100% since:  Much as i liker her as a character we don’t know what was said to her in total by the Rezidentura.  He could have been on to her and made her a triple agent.

Although we were given to understand it would be curtains if Nina was discovered. How about if she was really the honey trap all along for Stan & a double agent from the beginning?

Theories abound.  Now what will become of Stan we wonder or will silky voiced Boss pass it on through?

Isn’t all hell going to break lose from the KGB?  Or will it all be played away in another game.

Could Philip & Elizabeth’s days as KGB approved be numbered?

The plot would seem to lean that way for me.  In terms of their love story.  Together in adversity you see.

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