The Americans-Episode 7-warning-spoilers-On in the UK on Channel 3, ITV & on Virgin TV Channel 103 on Saturdays @ 9pm-posted today 24th July 2013

The Americans Episode 7

Blowing up a bomb. a “beumbe”.

Claudia Zykhov & Elizabeth in the car:

“If we start killing U.S. scientists on U.S. soil the war, it could escalate..”

Claudi digs deeper to reel Elizabeth back in:
“Even with this, Claudia motions to her face, I still trust you…”
she continues:
“I know there’s bad blood between us but believe it, I feel a camaraderie with you..”


Claudia tells Elizabeth about Philip and Irina.  Claudia:
“Better to live in reality Elizabeth”
“I know you would throw yourself on a fire for the Motherland, him, I’m not so sure..”
(your marriage) “is an arrangement,the men see it that way..”

CIA Office:
Chris-baldy man:
“Can’t we just nuke the Russians and get it over with?”!

The safe house:
Stan gets the keys to an apartment:
“for a safe house for your source”

Clark & Martha:

Martha twigs finally:
“All you ever talk about is work!”
then forgets about it after a shag.

Clark & Martha have a nice comical air to them.

Stan & Nina
Stan finally says something sensible:
“I don’t think I should have gotten you into this..”

The East German hit-man with really over done accent
“Hello” in corny accent
girl @ bar:
“So what’s you thing? anal, ecclesiastical, kinky?”
“Oh I’m way more kinky than that..”

Phillip & Elizabeth
“I asked you not to lie to me, you told me to my face!”
“I’m so sorry, I ddin’t want to lose you, I love you”
“Hmmm, love..”
“Could we please just try and start over?!
“No, we will do our jobs, the reason we were sent to America, but we will never do this

Girl from the bar & young guy in the shower:
Here comes corny accented East German hit-man..

delightful tense & forboding music ensues.

Nb.The CIA Boss John Boy from the Daltons who is evil yet has a silky voice.

Official sexism time:
baldy man whose name is Chris & Martha (she photocopying for Clark)
“You made me jump!
“Oh, sorry, baby”
“I’m not your baby!”

The new Rezidentura & Nina (wasn’t he the second in command?)
“people think Amreica is a plum choice..”
He does that thing where he makes her wait whist he shuffles his papers and pretends to read them.

Martha & Clarke
Ha ha!
Clark is all white-polo-necked up-but crumpled polo-neck!  Only Philip can carry this off!  & he kept his suede jacket on!

“You’re such a kind person Martha..” (how does he do it?  he is insanely good)

Phillip & Elizabeth
James & Jane Bond do their thing: ultra cool & super stylish & deadly.  I can’t decide who is best-they both are.

East German hit-man:
“Zo, who zent you?”

Phillip & Elizabeth:
“Our orders have been revoked”
“We don’t want to kill someone our own people hired..”

East German hit-man (surprisingly large)
“Zo, see that?  directed charge,  I like to zink ahead!”
TV making that screeching noise they used to make when it turned off!

Phillip & Elizabeth
So they’re driving back after another murder & then have an another marital discord row.

Stan Beeman & Nina get it on in the safe house.
“Sometimes I wonder if you understand spies, you you are a Policeman, you think like one.”
“What are you going to do with these people when you catch them?  lock them up?”
she continues
“Spies want to stay, bleed everyone dry for as long as they can, forever…”

CIA Boss puts down the phone after the explosion.  (an old phone line, attached with that dangling lovely curled up cord)
“Jed Billings was killed!”
“But, can’t we just send in the tanks and guns & just nuke ’em?”!

“He got one of the scientists & 3 FBI agents!”
“This is our worst failure in 15 years!”
she continues
“Zukhov was right, we can’t do this if emotions are involved, we had an arrangement”.
“I tried, the first time we met I could see you were disappointed, it was in your were hoping for someone else..”
(he’s good-it’s guilt trip city)
he continues
“It’s different now, it’s a very modern country, if you didn’t want to be married, I don’t think the Centre would even

(Yeowch-he’s good.  Arch manipulator extraordinaire is our Philip methinks)


“Like angels, the world disappeared”
“Broken inside me, falls apart”
“Won’t the ceiling move in time?”
“Is it always like this?”
“Dancing in my pocket”
“Worms on my skin”
“Grows and grows with arms outstretched”
“Feet and legs around me”
“Take the blade in my hand and go upstairs..” (oo err)
“Laughing in the fire is it always like this?”
“Is it always like this?”


I don’t know what more to say about The Americans.  It’s a stand alone i think.
It’s like writing about it more would mess it up somehow.

The Americans is very intense.  For me anyway.  I have fallen for The Americans, i know.  This is why i find it heartbreaking.  I care about all the characters, both sides. OK not the baddies.

I secretly wish that Elizabeth would disappear into her gun-toting sunset with Robert.  They would hang out together on the porch, American verandah style, on a swing chair, smoking and laughing.  (perhaps Robert would play his jazz)

Elizabeth would never abandon her children though.  Mother tigress that she is.

& What of the ongoing, tragic multiple love stories being played out before us?
Philip & Elizabeth, Stan and his wife, Stan & Nina, Philip/ Clarke & Martha.  (well, for Martha)  & Robert loves Elizabeth.

Elizabeth seems to have stopped her dangerous sex games-since she fell in love?

Then there was Elizabeth & Philip’s precious and heart-wrenching love pact last week when finally Elizabeth dared to shed her cold hard steel & allow herself to  realise that she missed Philip.  Like hell.  & To tell him so.  Elizabeth showed herself as vulnerable to Philip, collapsing on his shoulders.

That love pact, or pax, is no more.  It lies, metaphorically shattered, on the floor.  & Philip never even told Elizabeth about his son.

You just know its going to end in tears.  Or another series..

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