The Americans-Episode 5-Channel 3 ITV #103 on Virgin TV in the UK Saturdays @ 9:45pm can watch on itvplayer on today 10th July 2013-warning-spoilers

The Americans Episode 5

Rough transcript:

Clark/Phillip is kidnapped:
“We know who you are you Commie bastard!”

Meanwhile at the Soviet Embassy:
“The Rezidentura has been penetrated!”
(ha ha he is in bed we geddit)

Scary John boy from the Daltons look alike- CIA Boss to our CIA man Beeman:
“How did you get those white supremacists?! (Oops)

CIA Man who i shall henceforth give his proper name Stan Beeman or just plain Beeman:
“Shall i get my Carmen the Angry Magnificent turban? are you going to tell me?”

CIA Boss in cardigan & shirt (somehow he is even more sinister)
“My mother always used to say a coincidence is God’s way of winking at you, but it’s not friendly winking, is it?

Meanwhile back at home:
Elizabeth goes up the corridor at home with a gigantic knife…(she’s good, she’s very good)  Elizabeth stops, in the bedroom and picks up a small glass perfume bottle that has fallen over…..

CIA man Beeman:
Listen to me Nina, I know I’ve been there, I can get you out, you have to stay with me , you must trust me, (trust me, trust me, he says that a lot)

Elizabeth & Philip:(post-kidnapping)
“I told them you liked it here too much”
“Shit!  I was supposed to be able to trust you and i did-I shouldn’t!!  I shouldn’t!”

This episode is all about trust.  Everybody is talking about trust.

The kidnapping of Elizabeth & Philip:
Yes, they were kidnapped by their own side which was exceedingly shocking and horrible.  I was shouting:
“They weren’t doing that then”
 at the water boarding scene.  Apparently the Russians were.

Neither of them have said a word about the kids yet!  They are finally on their way home, all is well then some car crashes into then!

The coffee shop guy & Rezidentura:
The coffee shop guy drops something into Rezidentura’s Bag full of tea..

CIA man-Beeman: (sets up the poor Rezidentura)
“Route me to a phone box off..”
(Beeman phones up the Soviet Embassy)

A young man answers:
“Cultural services..”

“Tell Vasili there’s a tea-shop in Piccadilly he would like…”
“Tell him it’s Theo”!

Meanwhile back at home:
Phillip to Elizabeth:
“I want to go see Martha, taker her some jewellery, do you have anything?” (ouch)

CIA Man Beeman:
“Is Vasili there?  Tell him it’s urgent..”
(Vasili is shagging)

Elizabeth meets Gregory:
“When the lady calls I will oblige..”(Ah)
he continues:
“Where do you want my eyes?”
“I’ll be your eyes”
(he looks at her with love)

CIA Man Beeman (to his wife)
“Sometimes what I do gets scary, not for me, I don’t have to worry about that, but for other people, & today was a good worked out”
(he loves Nina)

The ‘accident’
OMG did Elizabeth & Philip do their own car accident?  They did!


So the Americans, in their ongoing love story so far that I have been admiring: had a right royal bust up tonight.  Yes, we geddit, it’s all about trust.  CIA man Beeman imploring Nina to trust him.  Last week Beeman was practising it in Russian.  Nina was teaching him the phrase’s nuances in intonation.

Tonight everybody was on about trust.  Pretty much.  Both partners of the couple are hurting bad, Philip & Elizabeth had thought that this was the end.  They still wouldn’t break.  Elizabeth & Philip were too well trained for that.

Elizabeth, sadly, has no sympathy for Phillip, battered & bruised or may just not realise the extent of Phillips internal injuries.  I found that horrific to watch, such a casual thing, a telephone book.  All those household items & methods, we see.

Elizabeth is angry.  Angry, angry, angry.  Do not mess with Elizabeth & her family I would say.  In fact Elizabeth is mad as hell and apparently having no respect for the Mary Poppins elderly lady aspect of evil Claudia.  Elizabeth bashes Claudia’s face in & half drown her.  Just like someone had to Philip.
“Tell them your face is a message from me!”
“Tell them!”
She roars with rage.

(Told you Elizabeth had multitudinous abilities and was trained like a combat veteran)

& May i hymn a peon of praise for the cinematography or whoever it s that makes the colours in The Americans.

Ah, the symphony of beige.  I never thought i liked beige but i swear the CIA office is  a symphony in beige.  & our man, Beeman, is hot in beige.  Yes, Beeman is styling out originals sweat wear polo-necked long sleeved tops, cardigans of modish design with pockets & smart matching slacks.

I remember describing Philip as being impeccably dressed last week but examining Beemans’ style reveals him to be a worthy contender.

So we know that Beeman is in love with or falling in love with Nina.  She has awakened Beeman, officially in trued Drama style.  Robert, whose eyes burn with love for Elizabeth, loves Elizabeth.  Philip, in spite of his fury tonight, loves Elizabeth.  So who loves the men?  Elizabeth, she still loves Philip.

I find The Americans to be quite deep &moving.  Intense.  I reckon it had me hooked from the beginning. I like and am interested in the outcome of all the characters.  Both sides.  Could, shock horror, CIA man Stan Beeman be learning Russian in order to defect?  That might be a bit left-field for The Americans and probably from all the old spy films & books like Le Carre as one reviewer pointed out.

This is me trying to embellish maybe.  When really it is day to day childish things and daily tasks that have the threat of horror attached to them most severely.  That’s how The Americans serves up it’s horror to me.

Tonight we had a double up of both 1/2 ‘s of the same family being kidnapped at at risk or hurt.  Both sides successfully escape although it’s doubtful the Russians would have killed Elizabeth & Philip.  I think.  The children escape a kidnapping too by a fresh faced and way too cheery guy.  This guy gave the children a ride when they were hitch-hiking.  Phew.  As was normal in those days, they didn’t tell their parents.

“C’mon, it’s been a really long day, let’s all get to bed”  (D’Ya think?!)
says Philip to the kids, miraculously safe.

One might say that The Americans is still a love story of sorts.  Or stories.

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