New series Top Of The Lake-Episode 2-warning spoilers-on in UK BBC2 @ 9pm Saturdays-posted today 23rd July 2013

Top of The Lake Episode 2

So the Mitcham family:Matt, Mark, Luke & John are all named after the apostles.

Detective Robin gets interrupted at her Police station meeting:

 Detective Al
(i think he is the one who is well creepy and has curly hair like maybe we really are in the past-or is there 2 blond Detectives & why does he go round in a black cycling vest?)

Detective Al:
Well if Tui was weighted down in the lakes, she’ll never come up!”

“What about in primitive societies?”

Detective Robin:
“What do you mean?”

he continues:
“Well, they’ll have it in the bush!”!
Detective Robin:
“So where did your wife have her baby?”!

Then they all F-off from the meeting!

Jock (rich Dad of a girl dropped off at the women’s camp by helicopter)

Jock to Holly Hunter ( i will find out her character’s name)
“What sort of programmed do you run here?”

“No programme”!
(“no programme” repeated quietly by the women sitting in the container)

“What structure?”

“No structure”
(“no structure” echoed quietly by the women)

“What timetable?”

“No timetable!”

Helicopter flight:wow, mountains of blue.

Dopey love interest guy is Tui’s half-brother.

Robin :
“I want to interview you”
She writes his number on her arm!s it really the 70’s -90’s then?  No mobiles!

Detective Robin meets Holly:
“How are your knees?”
“This case is going to bring you down, hard, bang!”

Guilt trip city: Elizabeth/ Detective Robin goes home to her parent’s house:
She talks with “Steve” (her fiancée for 5 years we heard)

“When are you coming home?  You’re so irresponsible..bla bla.”

The Pub: Robin! stop being so un-cool & looking over @ hunky guy-at least don’t make it obvious!
Uh oh-the old sink to your knees & give a woman a thrill by some magical levitation involving not moving her trousers.  Boring and a bit odd.

Is he her ex then?  & what is this dark episode Robin alluded to?  Don’t tell me another small town rape of a woman who went to the big city.

I read a TV peview of Top of The lake that said it:
“might be too diffuse for The  Killing fans”
Diffuse?  Difuse as in misty of light?  i found myself wondering.  Or diffuse as in kind of slow moving & vague? perhaps.

Top of The Lake is kind of muddy.  Everything kind of happens in a semi-jointed way.  Like dipping your mask underwater looking for shells and instead the water is blurred with a twirling mist of tiny things, afloat yet dancing.

Detective Robin sure goes to some dodgy places.  Not in that they are not fancy or anything, no. It’s that the men all live in them or go to the pub in the middle of nowhere and there is like zero other women.

Until the jolly night in the town pub where we see hunky shirt-hating guy laughing & relaxed with a hitherto unseen before girlfriend. This pub is maybe down from the one in the mountainside, which was full of leering louts and an eponymous gabbling crazy man.
(coz every small town just has to have one of those)

Just keep shaking that stereotype until the apples fall.

Anyway.  Did i mention that the men previously mentioned are all portrayed as semi to full psychotic hill-billies with one Austrian paedophile thrown in for free.

Matt Mullan is seriously scary.  Even though it’s sightly harder to take him seriously when he is snarling & lip curling his seriously Scottish drawl in a really, i mean really ratty, Del Boy’s coat.

Except  Del Boy from Only Fools &Horses wouldn’t have been seen dead in a coat in a state like that. Matt Mullan, he don’t care.  Scary.  He wears that coat like some wolfish fur.

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