New Series-Top Of The Lake BBC2 Saturdays @9:10pm episode 1-warning spoilers-posted today 15th July 2013

Top of The Lake New Series-in the Uk BBC2 episode 1

New Series-by Director Jane Campion,with Holly Hunter, Elizabeth Moss

on first watching:
Has Holly Hunter in it.  It has beautiful scenerey & colours.

Elizbeth aka Detective:
Love how the Detective  aserts herself:
“I want this”
“I would have to ask”
“I need a clear yes from everyone on that?”
“If it’s allright with you”…

(i guess who did it or did i?)
It is him!  (i said secretly)

So i loved the first episode of Top of The Lake.  Seems like lakes are all the rage, eh?  For horror that is.  Myself if pressed, i would suggest that a mysterious lake i heard about that is so deep, that nobody knows the bottom. is a bit horrific.

They probably know the bottom by now.  Still.  The deepest lake/lagoon in the world it is.  Imagine.

The deepest clearest blue.  How blue can it be?  Bluer than the bluest blue?  maybe.  I wonder if people who go swimming in it just the same.  i guess you would.
(it’s not like it’s a plughole or anything)

It would be nice though,just for a change if the age on the already preternaturally prepubescent young girl victims wasn’t actually going backwards.  no really.  This poor, impossibly beautiful young girl this time is only 13.  Great.

It’s like they chose little girls deliberately to look like tiny adults.  Enough already really.  What next, 9? 11?

Apart from that there are some wonderful cinematic moments.  Mostly down to the stunning scenery and the assortment of generic small town stereotyped eccentrics.  A bit like Northern Exposure but set in New Zealand.

The land is so magical looking you half expect a spirited Lord or Lady so & so, head of the ancient tribe of the curly haired to come galloping into view.  in intricate gold embroidered garments.  Sacks of coffee, all the way from Mocha, port, slung across their jet black and white horses.

Such is the scenery in which we find ourselves, a magical realistic land.

We have already, most satisfyingly, been offered some suitable love interest for Elizabeth.  The sightly gormless or is he a bit tricksy?  half-brother of Tui. (i think)

Anyway he doesn’t seem to like wearing shirts much.  A bit like cats who don’t really like collars at all.
He seems kind of gruff and also has an inexplicable anathema to shoes. However than he relates an ancient Maori story or legend about the lake.  He is a good storyteller.

But why does he wait, run round a tree and only then run straight to Detective Elizabeth when she first calls him in the forest? Or is he meant to be a bit dopey?

 My first thought was he is the murderer or bad guy but ten remembered the horrific day out fishing scene.  Or was it?  I really thought Baz Platt was gonna be food for the fishes.  (or the dogs?)  all chopped up and ready.

However evil head of the family keeps going off into silent spaced out trances, we are left to wonder, Alzheimers.

I did particularly like Holly Hunter as a Shaman dispensing mad bolts of insanely insightful wisdom to her adoring, camp/commune of women.

But then Holly Hunter is kinda brilliant in everything.

I was wondering about the cookers set up in the camp and whether the women had electricity.  Hopefully, they must have.

The little girl writes No-one & her father says:
“No-one loves her like I do!”
is it him then?
Possibly that is too pat, way too pat & easy for episode 1.

Loving the generic writer/hero/heroine goes up to live in x’s cabin in the woods.  It’s so Stephen King.  My highest accolade.

Elizabeth’s Mum is unfortunately full of negative blaming & guilt trips.  Sad.  Probably means she is dying.

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