New Series of Luther-series 3-Episode 2-warning spoilers-on in the UK BBC1 on Tuesday nights @ 9pm-posted today 11th July 2013

Luther Series 3-Episode 2

The baldy internal affairs man (who somehow became Luther’s Boss) goes all gangster on Luther:
“This is my house!”
“I don’t want Justin  outside pissing on it!”
he continues:
“i want this grubby little fratricide outtt!! ( or summat like that)

(to Erin Gray- the ex-Policewoman who is hell bent on vengeance)

“The thing about love, it brings out the best in you, & the worst.
“All the tears, rage, careful with it, it will blow up in your face”!
“Are you done?”
“No, but I’m having fun, are you?”
“No, & I’m not  done!” (Grrrr)

“Hello Paul!”
The mad murderer goes to visit ?Jodie in hospital.  But it’s a man-wtf?

Luther twirls lying backwards in an office chair:
Luther is twirling around with his favourite red tweed tie on-I find this very funny!

Luther expounds in his favourite Sherlock Homes way to the baldy man.:
“Ronnie Holland and the Shoreditch Creeper..”

The tragically sad and heroic husband:
“See if you and your ghouls can find anything.  Why can’t you leave me alone?”

William Carney & Ronnie Holland:
Oh no, seriously creepy rendezvous for serial killers at the care home.
“Did you get hard?”
says the serial killer
“nice legs!”
he grins in a wheelchair.

Luther gets up on the top of a white van-the guy sees him!  That was a good idea.

William Carney:
“Do you see the arch of the instep?”
“That happens when you die”…

Erin & the super duper secret ex-Policeman Boss:
“I’m not comfortable with this..”
Extremely Scottish accented evil boss:
“You started the ball rolling Erin, you have to go in the direction of where the ball rolls”(!)

super duper secret evil ex-Policeman boss starts to get really creepy:
“I love this guy!”..

Footbinding lecture:
“It gave them very muscular vaginas” (more ugh)

Luther finds the super duper secret police unit or rather finds the green slime filled cubicles:
“Oh, look! it’s the secret squirrel station!”
Luther (takes all the files -told you they didn’t have much)
“But if you take me down, I’ll take you down even faster and harder..”
(very Scarface Luther)

Bad/Boss guy (ex-Policeman) says nothing.
Luther stares @ Ripley, he says nothing.
Erin says nothing.
It’s one of those annoying scenes where nobody says anything.
(just to be really cool)

The recording of Justin Ripley:
DCI Luther is an outstanding Police Officer..broken procedural corners..”
“Justin!” says Luther.

Official love interest appears:
Then it’s  Gold blend coffee / top of the Christmas tree fairy girl meets Luther & they stand gawping stupidly at each other grinning.  Then snog.  But earlier she said :
“Hello Ronnie” to someone.  Uh oh…


OK last week i found Luther annoying.  Dunno why really.  Except for the repetitive shouting in an over Cockney accent.

This week Luther shouts less thank goodness and does what he so excels at which is acting the hind legs of a donkey and just smouldering.  making you go metaphorically all weak at he knees to behold this apparition.

Luther just stands and carries the whole show on his shoulders, mostly, they are all excellent ensemble actors.

However Luther can just stand and squint a little out of one eye and hook a small smile from cheeky to evil in the blink of an eye.

Luther could be barking out:
“Oy, where’s my take-out i ordered?, I wanted #74! No cashew nuts!”
for all i know when watching Luther.  It makes that much sense really, all of it.

I found this episode harder to laugh ff as all really rather silly since the two murderers creeped the bejesus out out of me.  It was like, i would look, then i wouldn’t want to look, like that.

Yeah, i would prefer laughing however silently & internally, to the ludicrous nature of Luther especially in how seriously it takes itself.

That sounds more fun, well fun-ish. More fun than being seriously creeped out at the continual and balanced air time given over to the sayings of mad murderers.  Call it their Method of the Day.

Hannibal ( a slight digression)
This is why i decided to pass on Hannibal, the new series.  It was two dashing, overly handsome very clever men.  One an actual murderer the other a super duper empathic FBI Agent. The agent has to imagine being the murderer.  Like method acting & Robert de Niro.

So 2 characters thinking, writing, expounding on & with one of them doing-murder.  Like it’s a normal or normalish thing-great.

So Luther will continue to amaze and surprise with his twists and turns and ludicruous internal sets.  Luther continues to

look so large he often appears to dwell in the land of the Lilliputs.

Luther’s height is and advantage to him of course and his strength and he uses them well.  He channels his ancient hunting genes to suddenly jump on the top of a white van. Has a Detective ever, i mean ever done that before?  i wonder. & i have seen a lot of Detective dramas.  Hmmm.  it may well be a first in the annals of TV Detective heroes.  Clint Eastwood did some mad things.

I would say Luther is channelling Sherlock Holmes really well when you think about it. Luther could equally be in the 19th Century i reckon as a Detective and would still fit.
Some of the Police Stations in London could well be the same,  Justin Ripley would be an ideal young Doctor Watson.  Most of Luther’s solving is purely cerebral-not much tech.

Nb.Where is Luther’s car-all fixed now?

Of course Luther could not do a certain drug like Sherlock Holmes did.  Nor could he have, nor did Idris Elba want apparently, an eponymous BMW or officially cool car.

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