New Series of Luther Series 3-Episode 1-BBC1 Tuesdays @ 9pm in the UK-warning-spoilers-posted today 4th July 2013

Luther-New Series 3-Episode 1

Intro song:

“Love is like a sin my love, for the ones that feel it the most”
“Look at her with eyes like a flame”
“She will love you like a fly will never love you, again..”
(Massive Attack-Paradise Circus)

(at scene of truly horrific murder #1)

“No, no, our boy brought this stuff with him”
he continues:
“A bit of Souxsie and the Banshees”..
Justin (Luther’s Police partner)
“80’s, post”..
“Post punk”

“So why us?”
(seems to be putting on a Cockney accent because Idris Elba has a South London accent which is much softer)

Weird ex-Coppe lady & young sergeant Justin.  Her:
“get in!”
(this is the first appearance of the the secret Police unit that is after Luther)

Nb. Luther is still swinging through his car door.

The flat that Luther goes to for the Jared Cass murder
(truly horrific murder #2)

“Everything has been tagged”! (Gee, D’Ya think?!)

Luther also seems to have a sore throat.

Meanwhile at the Police station Luther channels Sherlock as is his wont.
“It’s all about Emily!”
he continues:
“He’s trying to make her look like back in 1982!”
(what-like some mad white cloth faced doll with red lippy on?)

So Who is the mysterious blond-haired & stubble-face guy in the station watching Luther & the baldy Internal Affairs guy? whilst Luther does his rather tiresome Sherlock expositionary lecture.

One of the things i like about Luther is there are evil women in it.  Evil women baddies, everything.

So i feel like Judas saying this: i found Luther a bit annoying.  Remind me, just what is Luther meant to be so annoyed & angry about?  or do we just mutely accept this stereotyped lexicon of the angry moody Detective.

I mean i get why Detectives might get moody on a long case,.no sleep, worry about baddies et.  But Luther has only just started.  Shouldn’t he be uncareworn as yet?  Luther bundles along in this giant Volvo.  He
still (i think) slides through the car door.  It never used to open.

The anti-Luther super duper secret team meet in green grime filled cubicles available for clandestine meeting inside eponymous concrete bare buildings.  The anti-Luther super duper secret Police only really have a bit of blue-tack.  With which they have stuck up about 7 pictures of people around Luther that have tragically died.

Mad. blond, scrawny best mate Ian is there, Mrs. Luther with her plummy tones and beautiful white swan neck.  & so on.
  “Oh, No”, says Spaniel eyes Justin,”It cannot be”

Justin has a fair few meetings with evil Yvonne, ex-Policewoman hell bent on revenge against Luther.  Luther, Who probably has been involved in a few murders.  There are so many now.  & These are outside his actual cases.  Yvonne is  a great baddie.

No wonder super duper secret team are on to Luther.  However I don’t think Luther actually murdered anybody, although i might be wrong.  That evil Tony guy…Ah, wait I remember who killed him!  I’m not going to spoiler for once.  It wasn’t Luther.

Myself, i find most of the action, screenplay and scenes in Luther along with all the actors & actresses themselves to be taking it all hugely seriously.  I just can’t.  Much as i love Luther (sigh).  Perhaps it’s the beard.  Yes, it’s the beard i can’t forgive..

footnotes to Luther


I realise i forgot to mention Luther’s eponymous love interest.  OK i didn’t really.  I just couldn’t be bothered.  Now, i am guilt tripping that i may be failing in my (self-appointed) job as a reviewer.  OK pretend job.

So  I am dragging myself along figuratively feeling like i should discuss the sign-posted appearance of a dainty damsel in distress who is shoe-horned into the drama courtesy of a bumped or bashed in bumper of Luther and beautiful dainty lady’s cars.

Indeed the damsel appears so dainty that she could be a magical made real representation near as, of the fairy on the top of the Christmas tree.  Except in cool clothes.  & a thousand yard stare.

Cue severely predictable gurning in joy as the two instant love-birds for drama instantly lock in witty and direct repartee on the mobile.  Of course Luther is so busy with truly horrific murders & not even numbering them, he barely has time to talk.

When Luther does indulge in teenage love-bird mobile chat:he does it impossibly stylishly.  Lounging casually at yet another tiny balcony in his ever present elephantine tower block council estate.

I gather Luther is no longer in his run down but unspokenly cool council flat on the umpteenth/ xth floor.  Shame.

It is a refreshing change to see parts of London that are normally never seen in TV dramas. Hardly any landmarks at all.  Luther usually escapes the Gherkin.  There’s no escaping the Shard.

When i said grimy cubicles i meant with green slime.  That is where the supposedly scary super duper secret Police team do their thing,  With their leader appearing slightly mad like a British Bond villain.  Yikes.

I have read a review in the Telegraph of Luther in which the lady reviewer says she stopped watching at one point as she found it too frightening.  Then in the forum people are saying that she hasn’t written a proper review, when she has.  Good for her i say i agree.  Me i just don’t look at those bits . That’s quite a bit of looking away come to think of it..

Like everybody else probably, i instantly & lightening quick reviewed in my head whether i had an under the bed..
Boy did that sucker zoom out though eh?  Did he have a mechanics wheel thing or what? What not so jolly fun & games.
(maybe he pushed himself out with his feet?)

Yeah, Luther is like a long, as in no breaks, Criminal Minds.  Just more dead ladies really. Me, i just look away.

Is it going to get worse?  probably.  Yet I will still keep watching, half-way through my hands.

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