New series of Luther-Series 3 BBC1 Episodes 3 & 4 penultimate & final episodes-warning spoilers-posted today 27th July 2013

 Penultimate episode- Episode 3 of Series 3 on BBC1

OK i have a confession which is that i only watched a bit of this episode .  & then only up to the dreadful stupid death.

I felt a dragging reluctance i feel sometimes when i just don’t fancy dreadful depraved deaths and horrific happenings with dinner.

I dunno. I mean Luther, we love you an all, true dat.  However these episodes are just like so depressing.

I guess that horror-Gothic just ain’t my cuppa tea.  My imagination is fine and dandy and very active on it’s own thanks.  I don’t need it painted for me in paint by number paints.

I mostly amuse myself with glorying in the unusual buildings and their strangely empty cavernous interiors.  Luckily, everywhere Luther & his motley crew of friends & enemies go are all deserted. In London.

Therefore they go to some pretty far-flung places.  I was particularly taken with the final building with it’s cavernous insides still somehow shining where the few odd letters of Food Hall, lay dangling from the wall.

When i say stupid death.  I mean it was stupid and annoying & ridiculous.  Like a lot of Luther.

 Latest blond haired clone baddie looks a lot like the super duper intelligence Police team’s Boss.
I lost track of, and my interest in the baddies.  I only cared about Ripley.  Him and a great bit F-ing shot-gun, facing it down.

Just because he wouldn’t move.  Justin wouldn’t budge.  & Justin had been left behind by madly loping harassed-ly down alleyways as usual, Luther.

Luther with the long legs that really should have figured a way to stay with his partner by now.  Give him a head start maybe-like in some races.  I dunno.

But everywhere Luther goes off on another (lone ranger like) lone quest and leaves everybody who can’t keep up behind they all get blatted.

Or-horribly kidnapped & terrorised if they are Luther’s girlfriend.

Thank goodness for the return of Ruth!  a welcome injection of sneering pizzazz & a decent car.

Last Episode-Episode 4

I watched the last episode of Luther more out of a kind of duty and a loyalty to Luther.
It was one mad escapade after another really.  I lost count.

Note: I am reliably informed that the set for the sign shop is one i know-cool. Although they made it larger and I am pretty sure  they threw in some officially scary circus stuff.

Hip hooray i say for Ruth, who saved the day with nothing but a nail disengaged from the wall and running just that bit faster than a baddie with a great big shotgun, in her new black boots.

Did i say official love interest for Luther (doomed to some kind of tragedy obviously) looked like the fairy from the top of the tree made magically real with a thousand yard stare?

Well it seems Ruth agrees with me as she named her:
” Tinkerbelle”!  i had to smile.  (yes, i’m mean)

Because we like Ruth for Luther. Only she is mean and all round evil enough to save the day.  That’s a good evil though, right.  Because Ruth is so sexy and clever as clogs Luther seems to have given her a pass on triple murder including a dog.  On those grounds.

Still, as mentioned in penultimate episode, Ruth has a working car and that’s a big plus for Luther.

Luther, Who seems irrevocably short of resources really when you think about it.  I mean barely a chair to twirl backwards on, a telephone which he wrecked in another series, oh his office too.

Still, you would think a high up Detective might have more than one Policeman to call on and maybe a Police car too?
i guess Luther is just so cool he transcends all such things like Columbo.

So all i really wanted to know after the Sophie’s Choice roof-top tableaux was: guess that was Ruth’s nail which did that?

& Did Ruth do some duper-duper firing trick with the nail through one of the sets of swing doors?  I thought she had.  That maybe Ruth had gone all McGyver.

I noticed along the way that Luther had lost his favourite red silk tie.  Then, no, not the tweed coat, no Ruth no…but there it went, fluttering down largely, to land mutely below.

We will revisit Luther some time again, perhaps, for more mad, murderous mayhem.

Poor Ripley, we will never see.

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