New Prequel to Les Revenants/ The Returned Episode 4 posted today 6th July 2013

Note to my Readers

I am just popping a Prequel into Les Revenant/The Returned, Episode 4 posted on 3rd July 2013 as i realise i missed the prologue.
I am putting it here as well as a prequel to the original posting.

So in this very first part of the episode we find out how Victor died and first hear of the song…

35 years earlier /35 ans main

So Victor is a more fresh faced young boy, otherwise must the same. He is having fun in a tent with his presumed older brother or mate staying over.  They are way too happy of course.

“It’s OK, Victor, nothing will happen, I promise”
“You won’t have a nightmare” says beautiful Mommy as she put Victor to bed.  Shortly after of course: Kerblam, bamb!.  Two shots.  Mommie’s definitely dead then.

Victor hides, tremblingly in the bedroom cupboard.  A black balalclava’ed burglar holding a gun comes into the room.  Poor Victor has left a glistening stream shining in the expertly held torchlight.  The burglar spots Victor and starts whispering to him:
“Don’t worry, be quiet, sing a song in your head, like you sing at school”..

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