Luther-new series 3-episode 2-footnotes to my review-posted today 12th July 2013-warning-spoilers

these are footnotes to my review of this episode posted on 11th July 2013
I am putting them here and at the end of the original posting.

OK last week i found Luther annoying.  Dunno why really.  Except for the repetitive shouting in an over Cockney accent.

This week Luther shouts less thank goodness and does what he so excels at which is acting the hind legs of a donkey and just smouldering.  making you go metaphorically all weak at he knees to behold this apparition.

Luther just stands and carries the whole show on his shoulders, mostly, they are all excellent ensemble actors.  However Luther can just stand and squint a little out of one eye and hook a small smile from cheeky to evil in the blink of an eye.

Luther could be barking out:
“Oy, where’s my take-out i ordered?, I wanted #74! No cashew nuts!”
for all i know when watching Luther.  It makes that much sense really, all of it.

I found this episode harder to laugh ff as all really rather silly since the 2 murderers creeped the bejesus out out of me.  It was like, i would look, then i wouldn’t want to look, like that.

Yeah, i would prefer laughing however silently & internally, to the ludicrous nature of Luther especially in how seriously it takes itself.

That sounds more fun, well fun-ish. More fun than being seriously creeped out at the continual and balanced air time given over to the sayings of mad murderers.  Call it their Method of the Day.

Hannibal ( a slight digression)
This is why i decided to pass on Hannibal, the new series.  It was two dashing, overly handsome very clever men.  One an actual murderer the other a super duper empathic FBI Agent. The agent has to imagine being the murderer.  Like method acting & Robert de Niro.

So 2 characters thinking, writing, expounding on & with one of them doing: murder.  Like it’s a normal or normalish thing-great.

So Luther will continue to amaze and surprise with his twists and turns and ludicrous internal sets.  Luther continues to look so large he often appears to dwell in the land of the Lilliput.

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