The Returned/ Les Revenants Episode 3 Channel 4 in the UK Sunday @ 9pm-is on 4 On Demand Catch Up TV-warning spoilers-posted today 29th June 2013

The Returned/Les Revenants Episode 3


Notes during watching:
So her name is Julie, not Louise, sorry.

& Wtf was that about?!


Yes, that was the scene where Julie (it’s not Louise) seems to get attacked by the evil murderer and we are her and crying with her in absolute fear & terror as she weakens her hold against the knife wielding madman above her.

Again we are treated to a close-up of the psychotic murderer’s face in his black balaclava whilst he speaks to his terrified victim.  His eyes are brown & angry, that’s all we know.

The murderer drags out the death, we observe as onlookers and at the same time feel like we too are going to die. Well i did.  That was an horrifically realistic scene.  Again i felt used.

But wait,  it’s OK.  It’s not so jolly Victor sitting on top of Julie pulling with all his might the scissors out of her own hands which are pointing towards her own stomach.  So it was all a dream?  A mad hallucination?  Really?  I don’t trust that Victor one bit.

Everybody knew as soon as Victor walked into Mrs. Nosy neighbour’s flat that it was curtains for her.  Julie would have no more trouble from Mrs nosy neighbour.

It appears that the same death has befallen the nosy neighbour.  eg. a big fat red hole in her stomach.  As with Lucy in the subway, a dog ambles along and licks affectionately the dead woman’s side.  We cannot see what the dog is doing.

Could it not be dogs eating them?  OK maybe dogs wouldn’t do that.  Sorry to dogs.  But wondering how the Police know the murderer did that.  Must have been teeth marks.  The Police don’t seem hugely technical.

I like how Goldblum look alike spends most of his waking time staring at the only piece of technological equipment the Police station apparently possess: a 24/7 Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance footage of the subway & the shop.

The Detective appears to spot Simone going down through the subway.  Is Simon the murderer we wonder?  Little Victor could be, sure, i thought so, but wouldn’t the women have noticed that he was a kid?  Course they would, so it can’t be him.

So Victor is Julie’s ghost/zombie/supernatural being/Damien type protector then.  Ah.  Good.  Julie needs one.

Meanwhile dishy Detective spots Simon & Adele snogging on 24/7 TV.  Oops.

& Lena has a growing scar down the spine of her back.  Uh oh..
Those of you who remember Invasion?  there were shades of Invasion for me tonight.

Oh yes and any excuse to get women dressed like Michelle Pfieffer& Catwoman & snogging.  Yep.  It’s arty, uhuh sure, its arty.

So Julie and miserable sightly weird Policewoman
(who kind of looks like she is wearing a wig to me)
were once lovers.  Then the Policewoman didn’t visit Julie for 7 years after Julie was attacked.

 Note the mad murderer lets his victims survive whilst he lets them think they are going to die.

& Julie spots living breathing Simon loping along the road, from the window of her bus & dissolves into terrified choked crying in absolute fear, so that must be her attacker we immediately think.

Oh yes & just as i was thinking their preternaturally adolescent heroine Camille was deliberately red-lipsticked up.  I started noticing that all the characters (the younger ones & the Revenants?) had full red lipstick on.   Well Simon does, luckily he can carry it off with his horribly handsome good looks and romantic white shirt.

Pierre was acting very dodgily  i thought & seemed to be doing all the things a Priest would be doing, not a Doctor-why?

But then as pointed out be a perspicacious Camille, Pierre has no Doctor’s bag.  He’s not a proper Doctor. He’s on of those (other) doctors..

|I must admit Les Revenants has some truly horror movie moments for me in which i genuinely developed the metaphorical shivers..  No really, i had to plug in a heater & put on a woolly hat!  Me, sensitive? mais non, it just got really cold in the room..

Nb. It’s all very confusing really since i read elsewhere in several places that it this Claude, one of the Revenants i have barely noticed who is the mad murderer.  Claude is the brother of the bar owner, it is he who gets in a fight with his brother in the old chalet in the mountain.  With the rabid snarling dog.  All qute odd.  The whole sequence was strange.

Nb.  Look, like i said  its all wrong when viewed in terms of Heidi in the Swiss mountainside.  Which is after all, only across the border.

See Heidi’s house or rather her Guardian’s house would never be empty & boarded up.  Black shutters swinging in the sunlight.  No.  & it, certainly wouldn’t have a rabid snarling big black dog in it.

Well apparently according to other reviews the Bar owner & his brother Claude were murdering brothers or something & Claude is the one going around near chopping young women to death.

Now me, i never got that.  At all.  maybe have missed a bit completely or that might just be their theory.  Who knows.

I was sure it was Simon, or the sight of him that so terrified Julie. The Police Detective perhaps patiently staring on his little chair in the middle of the room at the 24/7 TV could tell us..

Oh and special mention of the beautiful 50’s style American architecture on Les Revenants.  It is shown in the preview where the little girl in a dress swings around one of the poles with a hand, bored.
It’s pink and vaulted with a white curved roof and held up by 5 perfect slim columns.  It is the front of a building which everybody goes to.

Yet i couldn’t figure out the function of that building.  The Town Hall?  The Police Station?  The front of the Shopping Mall?

It really isn’t clear.  & i really don’t think it matters.  Since it is there as a building mainly for it’s beauty.

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