Prologue to the final episode of Wallander-The Witness- Warning-spoilers posted today 3rd June 2013

Prologue to the final Episode of Wallander-The Witness
please see my:
Final Review of Wallander-The Witness
 posted 1st June 2013for full transcript of this episode.

This is an introduction which i mentioned in the final review of The Witness posted 1st June 2013
 (part one & part two) as the three pages i first wrote about The Witness.

In which things get explosive, we fall into a fully fledged film, time stands still, get our heart strings twanged and receive an unsatisfactory answer to the quesion of love story or not, of Katrina & Wallander.

Dear readers,  this will be full spoilers.  It is the final episode.  So very sad.  Downcast i was to find there was no more Wallander.  bereft and metaphorically bereaved.

It seemed that i had only just discovered the wonders of Wallander and after 13 episodes he was gone.  However in my vain and sadly doomed research into further future series i discovered there maybe some i have not seem.  The time that Wallander was in Malmo, i have only seen one with Stefan in it.  The bad news is that box sets are rather rare.  I’m not surprised.

The Witness concerns a little girl who is left alone after the horrible accidental death of her brother on a building site.  Under pressure form some big tall businessman, the site director lady urges her site manager to finish the job more quickly.  All the site workers are Eastern Europeans and have been ferried in especially for the job.  Welcomed with goodies to eat.  A nice speech then put in a warehouse living quarters on site and worked around the clock.

The site manager, in keeping with Baddie outfits, wears a baggy, crumpled black leather jacket.
(Meyer being the exception since his is a motorbike jacket)  He calls the warehoused men back form their quarters where they were finally getting some rest and cooking food before bed.

The site manager instructs the men to get back to work and insists that bigger giant bags of concrete is is normally allowed for safety reasons are filled up ready for hoisting above to the half finished building.  If the building is finished to this deadline the company will get a government grant for recycling the big business man tells the lady director.  She knows nothing of the unsafe methods being used.

One of the building worker shouts a warning that the bag of concrete is too heavy, but the site manager insists they carry on.  The rope breaks half way up and a massive bag of concrete powder falls down on two men below.

One of the men, a very young man dies almost instantly, blood spurting then seeping from the corner of his mouth.  It is unusual in Wallander to see a victim die.   The other injured man lies beside him.
“Please, promise that you will look after my sister!”
The young man manages to say.
“Yes, I promise” his companion answers.  Just before the young man dies.

Earlier, the young man’s friend now lying injured had found the room where the young man was hiding , in secret, his 8 year old sister.  Bringing her ham from the communal meal to eat.   She is sleeping in a small room with a bunk-bed in it.

The young girl is staying here quietly.
“I’ll bring you more food later, her brother says.
“Its not for much longer”

The young man’s friend had seen him go in and questioned him as to what was going on.  The young man begs him not to tell and that the little girl is his sister.  They have both come from an orphanage in Lithuania, he couldn’t leave her behind.  The man agrees to keep the young man’s secret.

However the man now lying injured, now entrusted with the young man’s sister is shortly afterwards murdered.  By the site manager using a pillow to suffocate him.  Whilst telling the rest of the workers he had called for a Doctor, once he had removed the man to another room.  Then the site manager fires and replaces the whole crew of building workers.  Replacing them with a whole new ferry full of Eastern European guys the very next day.

The little girl gets out of her room and sees in the dark, the site man with a wrapped up body on the edge of a scoop mechanism of a truck, tipping the body down into a horrible grinding machine in the ground.

She screams out into the night, the site man hears her, looks in her direction and she runs..

So begins the tale of the frightened but brave and ever resourceful at surviving little girl and Wallander.

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