New! Update on The Returned/ Les Revenants: on seeing the second Episode-Channel 4 in the UK on Sundays @ 9pm-Warning-some spoilers only read if you have seen Episode 2-posted today 21st June 2013

Update on The Returned/ Les Revenants


on seeing the second episode:

Well it’s all very pleasant looking, the countryside that is.  I  luxuriate in the abundance of greenery, giant bulbous green bushes and green fields.

The multiple variable coloured hedges double line the drive way of the beautiful house in the mountains where Camille & Company live en famille.

The house is fabulous.  We presume but we only see the kitchen with regulation 3 Scandi style hurricane lamps shining from the ceiling.

Everyone seems quite well off that lives in the mountain perhaps.  The Doctor Julie (i read on the Guardian forums that she is a Doctor not a Nurse) lives in flats.  With the spooky every present nosy neighbour who seems rather creepily, to want the little boy, Victor.

The neighbour indeed acts like Victor is some giant loose rolling sweet that Louise had found rolling around like Pick an Mix from Woolworths went weird.

Yes, Les Revenants is beautiful to look at and probably will always be a dream to write about.  Luscious and verdant are the hilltops and the Scandi lodges are impossibly well appointed.  As per usual.

The thing is though, and here i go i know this would be heresy to suggest over at The Guardian Blog, but it’s all a little dull and desultory so far.  For me anyway.

Yes, really i must be a bit bored for detail to be discussing the theory that the mountainside people may be better off.  The valley seems to be more grubby and dangerous as a place.  Certainly the town & the bar which is dark, well along with everything else, does seem sinister.

It is all decidedly sinister in atmosphere & feel.  yet nothing really very much happens.  I mean, really, nowt.

I think i started to get bored of how many times Camille silently pouted and went down & up the stairs again.  Likewise Lena.  She did the stairs thing a whole lot too.  Camille does a lot of walking down the mountain road. (well we imagine)  Lena wonders about the village a bit but mainly drinks beer.

Then Victor, who has moments of genuine fearsomeness for me (it’s a Damien thing) decides, i felt, to show Julie that he is invincible by falling backwards off a balcony and being all right.

However Julie isn’t bothered one bit!  This is very puzzling as she must realise its not normal or perhaps as i postulated n the 1st episode she succumbed to Victor’s power at some point.  or maybe she just realised he is some kind of ghost and just accepted it?

Are we meant to think Julie is a bit mad then and that’s why?  especially as we have now seen the horrific sight of the criss-crossing scarring covering her stomach.  Plus Louise was shaking and comfort hugging herself, freaking out,  She knew.

So far I’m not fully convinced of Revenants.  We shall see.  There are a lot of questions to be asked but a large bit of information & answers are to be found on the Guardian Blog.  All sorts of fine details which i have missed completely.  Probably too concerned with the horror movie classic: rising dirty water in the sink.

At the same time as even questioning the blithely cheerful but asynchronous platitude spouting Priest.  Of course only we as the viewer knew that the Priest was talking BS.  For a world with zombies returned from the dead that weren’t Ghosts an all.

Ghosts made live or “revivified” as interestingly described elsewhere yet nobody phones their mate/Mum/brother or anybody else they know in the village to announce this really rather odd happening? Nope.  Note that there are no mobile phones .  Why?  is it a timeless period?  is it Purgatory perhaps?  Hmm..

Oh yes and the Police Detective looks like a permanently startled or thinking doppleganger of Jeff Goldblum.  Except this actor looks so lively, i keep half expecting him to turn into a giant human fly….
(Mwa ha ha…)
are you scared yet?


footnotes posted 21st June 2013

Watching Les Revenants gives me happy associations from memories of living on a mountainside once myself.  I can imagine almost, that fresh pine tinged air.

As mentioned in previous review, i find the whole Heidi thing hard to shake off.  However this is Heidi gone wrong.  Things never went so wrong for Heidi, we know.  Heidi always got to go home to Grandpa an Grandma and drink fresh hot milk from her beloved cow.

So i have seen a trailer for the next episode of Les Revenants. & it looks like things are about to go all Twin-Peaks meets True Blood meets The Walking Dead & The Shining on us….

Nb. The actor who plays the rather dishy Police Detective in Les Revenants mentioned at the end of my review is in fact, for Spiral fans, one of the Larbis brothers who were nasty gangster guys who run a club in Paris and get Gilou into trouble.

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3 thoughts on “New! Update on The Returned/ Les Revenants: on seeing the second Episode-Channel 4 in the UK on Sundays @ 9pm-Warning-some spoilers only read if you have seen Episode 2-posted today 21st June 2013”

  1. Hello –
    Louise may well be a doctor and I'm sure she'll be a most interesting character when she appears but I think you'll find that Victor's "gardienne" is Julie and she is indeed a nurse – infirmière – not a doctor. In France, infirmiers make house calls at the request of their patients and they wear everyday clothes, not uniforms.

    Bon continuation.

  2. Hi Carlyi,

    Yes, you are right, thanks very much, I did clock that i had the wrong names at some point afterwards but then forgot to go back and fix it! The correction is incorporated into the new write up of the next episode however.

    &Cheers for the interesting explanation-now i know for sure that Louise is a Nurse and should probably stop taking everything as rote on the Guardian Blog that i skimmed!

    p.s Don't ask me about Diane, she just crept in there!:)
    pps. will be putting up the latest episode soon
    thank you for your interest and contribution, lovely to get a comment, all the best, clarissima:)

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