New! Update on Maison Close & announcement of new Series:Series 2 starting June 21st Sky Arts 1 & Sky Arts 1 Hd Channels 281 &282 on Virgin TV UK Friday @10-11pm-posted today 19th June 2013

Update on Maison Close & announcement of Series 2 starting Friday 21st June Sky Arts 1 Virgin channel 281 & on sky Arts 1 Hd virgin channel 282

this was written during the last series, Series 1

 Am getting more into Maison close recently as the unnecessary bonking scenes had led me to think it was just an historical bonkbuster after all.  However no, even though Maison close takes a place a lote of the time in the frustrating dark it has upped its game in the last four episodes.

There have been times when i haven’t been able to see a damn thing on screen, i swear.  Still, it bowls along at a steady pace.

I must admit that i am distracted a lot with the furnishings, as in the furniture, the clothes, even the pattern on the carpet in Hortense’s lair of an office at the brothel.Everything in Maison Close has been researched down to the last detail i feel.

The action and words of the woman are strangely muted.  Perhaps this is meant to reflect their actual behaviour at the time.  They were second class citizens as women in the late 1800’s, 1871 to be precise.  It is possible that women’s property and money belonged to their husband then, including earnings.  The Property ACt came in 1900’s i think.

Yet the women in Maison Close are powerful in their own way,, even the girls.  They do earn money, even seemed to be classified as having a profession by for example, the weirdly smiling Ppolice Inspctor. However they hold some kind of documents denoting their lesser status and restrictions going anywhere near a school or a church.  It is all very odd.  i will have to do some historical research and check this stuff out.

in conclusion:
(this added later March 30th sometime after end)

Maison Close could have been an historical bonkbuster-yes.  it was certainly stuffed full well partly full, of sexy bits. yawn.  yes, we did figure some of that might be going on, thanks.  Considering it was set in a brothel.
I remember watching a documentary about a brothel in Nevada, where prostitution was legal.  The Three Bunnies or something it was called.

So yeah, by the end of Series 1 Maison Close (see my review on this Blog) and it’s more than explosively shocking ending i was well and truly hooked.  Line & sinker.  I would have thought about putting Maison Close with Hatifum (Prisoners Of War) in terms of my favourite TV series on the same level.  As good as Hatifum but obviously different D’oh.  I rate it as highly as Hatifum i mean, which i loved.

Friday 21st June 2013 10-11pm Virgin Tv Info
Programme information: Maison Close

“Series 2 of the French Costume drama set in a  Parisien brothel.  A flamboyant gangster arrives at le Paradis as the girls find themselves under the scrutiny of the Vice Squad”…..

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