New! Note to my Readers:news of postings & mini-reviews of Jo & The L.A. Complex a mention of Les Revenants-The Returned posted today10th June 2013

Note to My Readers

Dear Readers i have posted now my long promised Wallander The Witness, the second half of it and the Finale Review of Wallander. That was when Wallander ended in 2012.

Also have posted on 8th June my first review of The Americans, episodes 1 & 2.

Guess what?  i got really excited thinking there was a new series of Maison Close, since series one ended i have been on the look out and saw an Ad for it Maison Close going to be on sky 1 Arts HD.  However it has since disappeared and i can find no more information on it.  So have come to the conclusion that it is Series 1 being advertised on Sky 1 Arts HD.

Actually update to this:the new Series of Maison Close, series 2 is on this oming Friday, 16th June 2013.  It is listed as on sky Arts Hd and as Sky Arts1 in my paper.  The latter of which channels i have.  yey!
Maison Close is really good folks.   Well i like it.  It really grew on me like rose.

There is going to be another Hatifum, the Prisoners of War Series at the end of the year apparently.  On sky 1 Arts. i believe.

The good news is that there will be a new series of Luther in July on BBC1 in the UK=yey!

 Except for that in the trailer Luther now has a beard which i’m not too sure about.  i swear its like beard city these days.  Although   Still, since it’s Luther, he will still be eternally handsome and hunky & can simply do no wrong:sigh..

That includes however irredeemably daft Luther the series is and quite how seriously it takes itself. We love Luther and that it is set inn London for once and there is ages you get usually before the obligatory sort of the shard is shown.  Either that or the gherkin.

I am quite pleased that i have actually come across in real life the shuttered warehouse in the depths of the City that Luther’s once arch enemy or rather his dead ex-wife’s boyfriend Paul McGann once lived in.
People can be observed stopping and staring at those rain & wind-swept faded orange shutters, taking a photo of them and running to catch up with their group.

 Whether or not they are taking a picture of those orange dappled shutters because they recognise them from Luther or just because they are unusual, i don’t know.

 There does seem to be a guided speaking tour of the area. I haven’t yet managed to surreptitiously hang around for long enough to catch what they are saying.  It would be a bit obvious as well as  not really de rigeur.  Myself i always assumed the tour was to do with Jack the Ripper..
Either that or it was some kind of guided tour for University students before they started.  Or both..

New Series:Jo on FX Channel 157 Virgin should have been really good, set in Paris. grainy grey streets
& skies.  Vncent Casell, veteran mumbling French cult movie hero.  But sadly Jo is dull though glossy.

It is amusing though, to hear everyone speaking in corny American accents (perhaps the actors were French?) including Vincent Cassell, he is barely intelligible even in English sounding like a well spoken broken glass whispery Steven Seagal.  Tant pis.  it should have been so good.  so very good. Dommage.

Nb. Paris seems less cool when not spoken about in French as does the whole thing.  Sorry Vincent.  You were so good in Nikita.

The Returned Les Revenants French with English subtitles

Then Returned, Les Revenants Canal + is coming to UK Channel 4 this Sunday.  Can i take any more zombies?  Well maybe if they’re all arty and French in endeavour and accent then i will forgive them & try again.

Nb. Canal + was the channel that had Hard & Maison Close on it which i saw on Sky 1 Arts (virgin channel 281) & reviewed here.


L.A.Complex  MTV Channel 134 virgin

I am quite into the L.A. complex.  It may be Canadian .  I like Canadian series they are always a little off-beat and unusual. In a good way.

The Border, Intelligence, Traffic, L.A.Complex, all Canadian.  Oh & Flashpoint.  Which was ok for a while then got a bit corny.

The premise of L.A.Complex is similar to that in Armistead Maupin’s famous Tales From The City books.  Where we read about the lives and loves of a group of people in an apartment block.

Except in L.A. Complex there is no Mrs. Madrigal, fussing and worrying over and about her inhabitants of the apartment block as their landlady.

& Tales From The city was in San Francisco L.A. Complex is set in Hollywood.  Perhaps the motel is itself in Hollywood, where all the young aspiring actors and actresses live.  With small bedrooms, bathrooms & a shared pool and balconies.  They share barbecues and play songs & sing at night.  It’s all very Coca Cola yet inherently dark.

For example the star studio actor who made it big into soap opera is going quietly mad in his mansion and showing us the unwelcome reason why when he unpacked his stuff he hid a bright red kettle on the top of the wardrobe.  Because he burns himself.  Sheeete.  He is terribly handsome but just misses all his mates from the complex and goes stark staring bonkers basically.

 Last scene i saw he went back for more in a bar fight and got glassed.  Which seemed to be his aim.  Or some such.  He was too lonely.  That was my reckoning.  Poor guy was actually weeping at one point.

Then there is Alisha, beautiful like a sun Queen from ancient Scandinavia who revolves around dancing jobs for music videos.  This mostly involve her flapping her hair about and her head a lot.

 L.A. Complex does seem oddly dated however it may well be in the present.   It is unclear.  Like i said, it’s Canadian so there may be differences.  Perhaps it is meant to be set in the 90’s or its all that sunlight making things look different.

Then Alisha gets a new job offer which allows to to buy a brand new Red Mini Cooper..

There are other interesting characters in the group on L.A. Complex, one of my favourites being the actress who has been sidelined from the agencies because of her age. She has managed to sell a a film script to an investor..

There is also a surprise in which two characters suddenly get together in a sweaty and slithery embrace, one of them with huge, limpid eyes that well up with light like waterfalls in spring..

L.A.Complex is a bit corny , goofy, yet good.  It is a little histrionic and soap opera itself in nature.  Possibly purposefully, we do not know.  If not, then it is a little bit crap yet i still like it.

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