National Geographic Channel -the Taboo Series Part Two posted today 23 rd June 2013

TV-National Geographic Channel- channel number 230 on Virgin TV

(see previous mention of National Geographic Channel here and the Taboo series)

So there is this guy with a double life as a character in 2nd life (on-line) where he was a porn king.  In that life he had sex with his daughters, In his real life he had a wife and daughter.

 It was kind of like he was a bigamist because when he was done having the perfect lunch in perfect sunshine on a perfect patio with his two children & wife.

Then he went back to his second life where he was a porn king who swanned about with improbably low waisted trousers and a toned abdomen.  Oh and tousled long locks of jet black hair.

Now his wife, a very patient looking blonde haired beautiful lady was nodding understandingly when she explained that:
“Well he isn’t doing a porn movie, then I’d be really cross…”

Err, yes & No.  It kind of is like he’s doing a porn movie.  In all but flesh.  The repeated shots of him: 2nd life bound, which seemed really rather a lot, saw him sweaty browed and stary eyed.  An air of faint aggression seemed to hang around him.

 Imaginary on my part perhaps?  Not entirely.  His pupils become fixed and dilated.  He seemed excited when playing and unnaturally calm when talking about his real life and how he loved being a family man..

Since he had no job but 2nd life since he had designed it, runs it and apparently 2nd life is perpetual.  Plus Mr. steely jawed and shiny headed in real life guy had made money from his invention by designing porn products on line that people could buy.  In a form of currency called Lutanian or something.  However to buy Lutanian currency costs real money.

Yes, people actually buy this stuff and hence this guy had got rich.  Or rich-ish.:

“2nd life allowed me to re-model the back part of the house”

He explained looking like a baldy Steven Seagal ready to jump through a window pane whilst just sitting in the special 2nd life chair staring at the screen with electrodes attached to his head.

Me, i had serious doubts as to what was this guy’s real life? second life or his day to day real life?  I had a severely sinking feeling that it was his second life that was the real one for him  Where he was truly man, in charge and married to another woman far younger and more pneumatically configured via animation.

This avatar of his wife was run by a real life woman in Texas we were told.  Odd.  Most odd.  In fact really rather extremely even:odd.


More Taboo


(so) Of all the Taboo subjects i saw tonight:
 (well thankfully i missed the giant Baby man sat in a high chair)  there was Japanese guys dressing up as female anime’ characters and as maids whilst working in a a cafe.

They (the baby men) didn’t bother me.  I’d seen something before about a man, an adult man that is who liked to be treated like a baby.  Dress for the role and everything.  Hmm.  Somewhat strange.  However each to his own.  No, none of them bothered me
that much i found.

 I particularly liked the Japanese martial Arts fighter who dressed as a female anime’ heroine.
He was free to wander a shop and put together outfits and try them on to buy.  He was a giant woman anime’ made life.  I thought he was beautiful and believable and brave.  He was straight he explained.


Back to the successful as in financial, porn guy living a Second Life on-line:

The camera lingered on his right hand holding that of his young daughter.  Who could have been a young teenager.  Her age was indeterminate.  However the Documentary maker was not going to let us forget the small & salient point that wots-his-name had two on screen daughters in his second life with whom he had sex.  We were told.  Like we were likely to forget that.

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