New! The whole of the final episode of Wallander: The Witness: Part one & Part two: part one was published May 2012 posting this today 30th May 2013 Nb.See also Final Review of Wallander (series 2) posted 1st June 2012

The Whole of the final episode of Wallander:

 The witness Part One & Part Two

***Part one***

In which things literally get explosive, we find ourselves in a fully fledged film, we feel our heart strings twanged when time stops still and are offered an unsatisfactory answer to our question of:love affair or not? between Wallander and Katrina.

This episode is really a story about Wallander and a little girl, how they meet on the insistence of Elba the receptionist at the Police station and the full circle that this meeting invisibly draws in the sand for Wallander after the loss of his daughter. Wallander, as i have written here, has been shown reaching out and connecting with Isabelle and coming to love her unconditionally as a young rookie.

Here we go backwards in imaginary time to heal not Isabelle nor Pontus, as Wallander has done, but Wallander himself. i believe that the little girl represents the beginning of everything for Wallander back in happier times when his daughter was young and before his pain. This is the final episode after all..

nb. this is the only Wallander i have seen in which we see the death of a victim happen before our eyes. Given what i have learned about the author, Henrik Mankell, of the Wallander books from watching Nordic Noir on BBC4 (which i will discuss in the separate Finale) i now understand his purpose in showing this awful death. To highlight the plight of Eastern European workers who are working in conditions that should surely be seen as tantamount to slavery.

i did write an introduction in regular form explaining the background of the little Lithuanian girl and her brother and how they came to work in this awful place and what happened to the brother of the little girl. However it ran to 3 and a half pages and i realised that it was quicker to tell it like this. A kind of screenplay with set descriptions. Which is, i guess, what Mankell decided too..

The scene opens on Katrina and Kurt attending a Council/Legal meeting about illegal cleaners. Katrina is looking incredibly beautiful.
As it ends Kurt says:
“Hey, i need some fresh air, give me your keys, I’ll drive”..
“Bam!” he gets blown up by Katrina’s car!

Katrina waits by Kurt’s bedside in Hospital..
“You’re ok!” as he wakes up..
“Martinson, give me my phone”…
“It was me they were after..this trial will not be affected by this event!”..

They walk down the Hospital corridor together..
Nurse to Kurt in the corridor:
“You can’t leave!”
“Have I been incarcerated?”
Katrina to Kurt:
“You’re out of your mind” (smirks)

Kurt has his extra cool sunglasses on!
“how are you?”
“When we get him he’ll end up in prison for the rest of his life”..
“I asked how you were?”
“Alright when I think about it..”

We see a head of a council cleaning Company man meet with a blond woman
“You promised us..can you give me a date?”
it is something to do with getting a big grant for her recycling company from the Government if the job is finished in time.

Back at the Police Station:
“It was a rudimentary device, just made for a big bang”
“A warning shot?”

Kurt comes to see Katrina at her home.
Katrina’s son:
“Why does someone want to kill us?”
“What shall we do with the kids?”
“They can’t go to school”

Kurt comes to question Filip Pasilic who is being questioned as part of the investigation into illegal cleaners at the start of the episode:
Yesterday, a bomb placed under Katrina’s car..”
Lawyer for Filip Pasilic:
“I understand that you’re upset, you’re colleagues, friends, that was obvious at the meeting..”

Kurt to Filip Pasilic/bad guy:
“How do you sleep at night? Your family? Your son, doesn’t he ask you why you’re here? Sleep well!”

Blond woman at recycling company tells Building site man that they have to finish early. Building site man talks in English to the Site worker men:
“New orders, we have to finish early, back to work in fifteen minutes”.
(all the guys are living on site in a warehouse, getting ready to sleep and cooking meals all in one large room)

Young guy goes to see little girl in another room.(his sister?) He gives her ham to eat..Another man sees him:
“What’s going on? Who is she?”
Young guy:
“She’s my little sister, I had no choice, what could i do, leave her behind in the orphanage?, please don’t tell anyone? She’s no trouble..”
The other man agrees to keep quiet about the young guy’s little sister.

Building site at night:
The two men, the older man and the young guy, go outside to carry on work on the building site. In the dark, with only dim and dirty yellow lights on, the young man and the other man are directly below, as a giant square cloth bag of powdered cement is slowly hoisted above them. By means of a rope cradle and pulley operated from the top of the half finished building.

My thought on this scene was: are you supposed to work on a building at night?

Young guy:
“What are you doing?  It’s too heavy!”
“No, it’s ok”
Bag of cement falls as the rope snaps.  Young guy spits blood from his mouth.
( It has fallen right on top of him.)  Another guy is injured.

Young guy:
“My sister, promise me..”
Other guy:
“Yes, i promise I’ll take care of her”.

Young guy dies.  Building site manager comes.  All the other men say:
Get a Doctor”.

Meanwhile back at Katrina’s house:
She looks at ther kids in silence.  Kurt knocks.  Katrine:
“They’re taking the last plane, Henrik will meet them at Arlunde.
“And you?”
“I’ll stay.  If we don’t have the guts to stand up to them?  Who will?”
She falls into a hug with him.  Ahh.

Building site manager:
Tells the others:
“Doctor is on his way”.  Looks at injured guy.
 injured guy:
“Please help me, where is Jonas?”
Building site manager guy smothers the injured guy.

The young girl gets out.  Runs.  The building site manager puts body on the digger.  She watches.  The site manager turns on a big rolling machine and dumps body inside.  The little girl screams!  He hears.  She runs and hides inside a place with lots of old cookers.  Full moon.

Katrine:(at the airport)
“Bye sweetheart”to kids.  She cries.
“Call when you get home”
(She still wears a ring on her wedding finger)

The building site manager man takes pills.

The young girl walks through a graveyard.  Climbs in a window.  Sleeps.

Polis (Police) car comes in the morning to Katrine’s house.  She gets in .  She hears on the radio:
“This is not only a attack on our system but on Swedish democracy”..

 Kurt listens at the table in Court.:
“Joseph Amir to Court 4?”
“He’s not there”
Katrina:(as Prosecutor)
“We will withdraw the witness and move on”..

Shadows a van to get on th Ferry but gets snatched.  Screams

Receptionist (at the Police Station)
(mad hair)
“Get Martinson, tell Kurt, No, You have to come!” (she insists that Kurt has to come)
Kurt:(to young girl)
“This is Jussi, What’s your name?” he talks English.
“My name is Kurt”.

Site man:
Finds key to girl’s room.  Finds little clothes.  Takes a photo that he find there around the building site.
“Have you seen her?”

Kurt brings the girl to the buildinig site,  Why?
She seees the building site man runs away!
“Natalia? Get cars up here!”

Katrina back in Court:
“A shift would last 15 hours!”
“No, everything was really good”!

Kurt (back at the site looking for the little girl)
“And then she was gone..”
Police come.

Kurt goes to visit a blond woman:
She says:
“I run a serious staff agency..
“Novak Bemanning, this came up in the investigation”..
Building site man (Zorn Poar)
Kurt comes to see him,  Kurt:
“You worked for a man called Filan
Building site man:
“Yes, everything was by the books”
“We’re looking for a guy called Jonas, Lithuanian origin..can I have your crew list?”
he continues:
“So, Jonas was here with his little sister, 8 years old, we  believe something may have happened to her?”
Kurt shakes the building siteman’s hand and says:
“Tak”. (thank you in Danish)

Kurt comes into the Police station
Coat over his shoulder.  Knocks n Katrina’s door.
“Two witnesses didn’t show and one wrongly remembered.  They’re too scared,
“But maybe we can get him to change his mind, you could testify!”
“You’re getting desperate!… when do you want me?”

Final Wallander
The Witness
***Part two***
Katrina looks at her kids’ rooms.  Kurt get an artist’ impression of the girl.  Kurt walks Jusssi home.
Kurt:(to Katrina)
“Something happened there that frightened that little girl”.
Back at the building site:
Site man gets all the I.D’s of his new crew.
“I’ve prepared a little Swedish something for you”.  The Blond girl (from the agency) is there.

Kurt comes to see the new crew and talks English.  He finds blood on the floor and takes swabs.  The site man sees.  Uh oh..

Kurt challenges him:
Something happened with the little girl?”
Kurt & Katrina:
“The kids just rang.  Henry wants to sign them up at their new school.  All i know is I’m terrified.”
“Then they’ve got what they always wanted-a scared Prosecutor!”
“Are you never scared of dying?”
“Of dying alone”
“Are you thinking of her, that little girl?”
“I think of her all the time”.
Site man pops more pills.  Drives…(Big Jeep car)
Oh no, he is folowing Kurt!
Kurt (parks his car) puts on his lovely uniform, talks to Jussi:
“You must wait for me!”
Jussi barks:
“What is it?”
Jussi sniffs under his car-barks-Kurt’s car blows up!
“Jussi, Jussi?”
Is shedead?
Kurt at Vets:
“He has an open fracture internal injuries we can operate, it won’t be cheap-we can’t guarantee”..
The Police station receptionist (at the Vets) is crying:
“I can’t look, I’ve been worried about you, but with Jussi its different”
Back at the Police Station:
“You’ve got to get Police protection”
Kurt ignores him.  Takes off his uniform with an unlit fag in mouth.
“They don’t know”
She talks about the case.
“THants understandable”
“Everyone’s too scared”
“That’s good”
“Idon’t think I can gothrough it again”
The Ferry man phones the site man;
“I’ve spotted the girl”
Bad man (site man) gets the gun out of a kerchief..
Blond girl at site:
“Don’t you raise your voice at me”
Kurt gets a call about the little girl on the ferry.  Shit.  Bad site man is there first! Quick!
Kurt comes.  Bad site man gets his dog out! he has the little girl’s scarf and gives it to the dog to smell.  The little girl climbs up wooden pallets to hide.
Creepy council guy brings the blond girl flowers. (wants a shag)
“Skol”! (the drink a beer together)
Little girl (running in the town at night)  She sees a picture of Kurt on a shop window.  Goes in.  Looks up Kurt in phone book.  Rips out page.
Katrina & Kurt:
“I’ve decided to quit.  The trial has been post phoned. I’m going today. we have a legal system that doesn’t work!  You could have died today!”
“But I’m standing right in front of you”
“I’m going back to Stockholm.  I want to be with my kids”
He leaves.
Kurt walks down the street, wiping his tears away.  Sees the empty dog lead.  Drinks straight from the bottle of wine.  (he loves her)  Looks at the photo of them, Kurt & Katrina together.
(he coughs)
Bad site man comes to Kurt’s house.  So does little girl.  Site man sees her.  Grabs her.  Shit. (she screams) Tyres screech.  Kurt (asleep on the couch-wakes up as he hears the scream) gets his gun & follows.
C’mon Kurt!
“Martinson, can you send back up”
Site man shoots the (blond) woman.
“Drop the gun!”  She’s just a child, an innocent child!”
Wallander puts his gun down.
“Nobody else can help you, I can help you, I give you my word!”
Girl runs to Wallander.  Girl whimpers. Kurt walks away.  At home he opens his french windows and looks at the sea.
(opera music plays)
“I’m not staying long.   I have no other life.  I didn’t mean anything..If you had another life, would you, in another life?”
“So when are you leaving?”
“I’m packed up and ready2
“So who will i drink this bottle with?
“You’ll have to come to Stockholm”
Kurt cries a bit.
Kurt lies down and lies with Katrina.  She strokes him..  Sea rushes in.  Dawn comes.  They’re asleep on the couch together.  Trees black in silhouette.
Kurt walks on the beach.  Looks up at Katrina’s house all newspapered up.
He’s back at work.  Looks at his daughter’s photo.
Martinson & Svartman: (upset, near shouting)
“They’re putting her on a train!”
“They can’t put her on a train!”
“I can accompany her.  I’m going to Stockholm”.
Martinson& Svartmann:
“What are you going to do there?”
“No idea”
Martinson & Svartmann:
“When are you coming back?”
“No idea”
He gets Ebba, the receptionist, they go off to get Jussi.
“His paws are a little sore”..
Kurt & the little girl are on the train together.,  Jussi licks her face, she smiles, he smiles.  & outside the night goes on and on.
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