New! National Geographic channel:on first watching-a review:Taboo, American Colony:The Hutterites

Hip hip hooray:just as i was be moaning the lack of good documentaries o n TV since Current TV disappeared from UK screens:now i have discovered a place where they have interesting Documentaries.  It’s the National Geographic Channel.  I wouldn’t even have known i had it but for an Advertisement for it on TV.

Cool.  So far i have seen an episode of a series called American Colony that is on Wednesdays @8pm about a group of people called the Hutterites and another Documentary which is part of an ongoing series on drugs:Drugs Incorporated or Drugs Inc.  The one i watched was about Ketamine.

 Oh yes, and there is a somewhat addictive series that appears every night during the week like the drugs series called To Catch A Smuggler at JFk which consists of a bad tempered Customs guy berating and eventually yelling at near trembling blurred brown faced men in the corner of the room.

Now i realise why i was taken aside once into a little room because i had a small suitcase as hand luggage and only a great big book in it and a few clothes.  This is considered to be highly suspicious.  So is having an unusual, which means dubious to the customs man, travelling itinerary.

Ever noticed how on programmes about drugs they feel constrained to show you over and over again the process of taking, cooking, snorting, the drug?  Great piles of it, lines of it, repeatedly snorted and snoofed up the person’s nose.   I mean why is that?

After a while it all starts to look a bit appealing which is why they quickly follow this with something gross as Americans would say like addicts injecting and drops of blood slowly dripping down or then upgrade the horror factor by going into detail  as in the case of Ketamine of just how it rots away human’s bladders and urethral tracts.

 One of the guys featured in the episode i saw lost most of his bladder and would have to self-catheterise for the rest of his life.  Oh and he lost one kidney and now the other one was going and he needed a transplant.  & he was only in his twenties.  Summarised as don’t try this at home folks.  Nor anywhere else..

I remember seeing another documentary on ketamine on Current TV in which the current addict who thought he had a handle on it all was shown an enclosed experiment of a real live horse being given the same amount of Ketamine that he was taking every night.  The horse just swooped and fell, clunk on the floor.  The guy could not believe it.  The same amount that he was taking was enough to knock out a horse.  Well, ketamine is a horse anaesthetic. D’oh.

Not sure if the Documentaries are as varied or as good as those on Current TV yet but we shall see.  So far I have seen an episode of a series called Taboo (which has been done before by Current TV) which featured nudists getting married, brides (in this one case) arranging their own kidnapping in Indonesia and a mass wedding in North-West India arranged by an national government Officer (NGO) deliberately to break with tradition in that town which consisted of the women being pimped out by all the men.

I think Current TV might have won the Taboo series hands-down since their taboo subjects make these ones look like a walk  in the park.Don’t think i will ever forget the one with the otherwise normal German girl in it who was in love with buildings and in particular the Berlin wall.  When i say in love i mean really in love as she slept with a rather uncomfortable looking scale model of a bridge..

Anyway, i digress.
A series on National Geographic:
American Colony: The Hutterites

This is about an agricultural community in rural Montana in the U.S. These guys live in a self-sufficient lifestyle on big farms they probably sell some stuff I should think like the Amish, they would need cash for petrol and cars.  The Hutterites have cars and phones.  Not clear if they were home phones or mobiles.  However one was lying on a table looked like a mobile.

The group, or rather really in their self-definition: tribe or clan, did not marry from outside.  “No English” as they called everybody else.  By the sound of it their group, or more near tribal name, is the Hutterites.  Like the Amish, they seemed to consider themselves German i reckon.  The Amish certainly trace their ancestry to a Germanic tribe and call outsiders “English”.

It was a shame, i felt, that a beaming Hutterite called Wesley who we were told repeatedly had no bride felt constrained by tradition and refused the outright offer or a possible relationship with a lovely, long dark haired waitress he met on a road trip to a Canadian wedding.  The girl and her mate were prepared to meet the 2 Hutterite guys, Wesley and his younger relative for breakfast.

Wesley’s  relative bottled out and Wesley, still drunk from the night before sat and chatted with the waitress:
  “Yes, the guys I’ve known before didn’t treat me that well, they weren’t so good”.  She explained, :
 “why not try somebody different?”  “Can you marry an outsider?”
 “Only if I left the Colony” said Wesley.  This option seemed comparable to death somewhat to him.

What a shame.  The Hutterite colony being so small we were told everybody was related.  So really an outsider would have been a good thing, freshen up the gene pool.

 The Hutterites seemed a nice, jolly lot. Much taken with farming & getting baptised, which happened as a young adult and was required for marriage.  I couldn’t decide if their unusual guttural soft and stilted accent were the result of their restricted number of people to talk to for many generations or an actual decrease or slight deficit in their speech (ability) from having a smaller number of people to talk to.

At times  their accent sounded like Southern Irish. It was all most interesting.

It was hard to tell the women’s ages,to my mind the wife of the main family feature had preternaturally aged.  She seemed bored out of her mind i felt, by sitting doing embroidery in the afternoon or evening when all her work was done presumably. She moaned a lot about her husband working.

Her husband seemed a lot younger and fresher than she, certainly he seemed to have the best side of the bargain since he got to zoom around a little dune buggy over a huge great field herding cows and then tapping in giant fence posts in holes drilled by a tractor driven giant screw boring thing.  It all looked like fun, better than sitting in the house doing embroidery anyway.

Update on American Colony:The Hutterites
very good.
 Out of Order-The Amish

Although I missed the infamous dress burning scene in the American Colony:the Hutterites.

footnote:I never watched it after that.

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