Spiral 4-State of Terror Episodes 5 & 6 Warning:Spoilers only read if you have seen these episodes

 “The murky depths are full of surprises”!
(Pathologist to Berthauld)

So:a little less frenetic than last week.  A little messy in plot lines.  Tangled & messy.
(Nb. i had a couple of heretical moments when i pondered whether to carry on having missed a couple of bits: such is the possible importance of just a few minutes in Spiral)

My favourite bits:
Laure’s double take when she realises that the Pathologist is serious that he wants her to stay for the anus reveal.  The way they freeze frame it.(Laure’s expression)

Laure telling Gilou (after clearing the room) that:
“your attitude is shit,you’re letting us down”  Before turning on her heel, marching out and exiting stage right.

Yes Gilou, like D’oh, you are the Homer Simpson of Spiral.  We have seen it all before from you .  Quite why Gilou thought going semi-gangsterish by hanging out with extremely steeley eyed guys was a good idea we don’t know.  The bad guys can’t hep but look a tiny bit hot in their artfully accessorised all black shirts and black jeans ensembles.

Gilou does all that gangsterish stuff for the sake of a tip from an informant? Or does Gilou like posing out?  Gilou fronts it out by going to clubs with some pretty heavy duty gangsters in.  Gilou goes it alone.  He never tells the rest of the team  I wonder if he gets away with it unscathed on account of two things:his size and him being a Police Officer.

By the way, Gilou looked like he had been Doctor Spocked when he was tasered!

Then we have Bertahuld, sniffing out trouble and taking Gilou to task.  Why doesn’t Gilou tell her, or the team?  It’s unclear other than to save his arse.  Gilou could have ‘fesssed up as soon as he found out about the 30,000 francs.  But he didn’t.

However Gilou is a law unto himself.   He always manages to escape serious hurt or injury from various single minded thugs he had pissed off.  Who knows why?
Gilou’s charm, size and usually the last minute pre-emptive and face saving cavalry charge by Laure, late in the day.
 (who has known all along pretty much, she was just biding her time)

The question remains does Gilou imagine his dalliances with the underworld are part of a glamourous flic lifestyle or is Gilou just doing his job?  Mois, i’m not sure.

By the way, Josephine & Pierre going, nay getting all lovey dovey equals bleuch and boring.  Not to mention unlikely.  Has Josephine gone all left-wing and moodily sympathetic to causes whilst wearing really nice jumpers?

i too question hat Josephine is doing not just representing Thomas but actively working to mislead Special Branch whilst becoming Josephine Bond (my name is Bond) in her own office taking photos of Laure, Tintin and Gilou?  Wtf.  Josephine betrays other professional colleagues to a politically extreme group that she is defending.

Is not this all rather unethical?  Yes, i know that it is Josephine who is prepared to break all rules to win for her client.  (But still?)

Josephine’s whole double agent spiel was more than dubious in believabiltiy stakes for me.

& Pierre indeed has gone to the dark side.  All pale and possibly slightly sweaty in the car, doing a deal with a very dangerous Orkall behind him.  A guy who could easily have knifed Pierre as casually as saying:
 “a tishoo”.  Has Pierre sold his soul to free enterprise?  Did not Pierre always have morals?

I always imagined Pierre had his own private income but i could be wrong.  Perhaps not and Pierre’s need to succeed financially is secretly as strong as Josephine’s.  We shall see.

 Horrible thought, being that Thomas is a bit of a Svengali especially around women:could Jospehine. shock horror. be falling under Thomas’s spell?

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