Spiral 4-State of Terror-Episodes 3 & 4-UK BBC4 Saturdays @ 9pm-two episodes per showing:Warning-Spoilers only read if you have seen these episodes

Spiral 4-State of Terror-episodes 3 & 4

Well you gotta love Spiral.  Awash with windswept washed out blues and grey s and grunge.  Still no blue light so that is missing.  I half expected Roban to have blue light following him wherever he goes.  But no.  However Roban walks in silver sunshine,  The coolest dude in town as he skips down the multitudinous stairs (everywhere he goes) semi-silently chuckling.

Roban is the man.  Inprevious spiral Blogs i called him the Lee Van Cleef of Spiral.  Roban steals the show.  He steals the scenes.  Roban lolls about rakishly like a naughty elder schoolboy.  Roban, we silently think, well i do, is hugely intelligent, probably the cleverest of them all, or that’s the impression anyway.

Roban is matched in cleverness by Berthauld, i believe.  They often work together as a secret behind the scenes team.  Berthauld does her deal.  She doesn’t even ask.  She just states her needs and looks:that’s it.  The other person at the end of her deal is undone.

Nb. wtf? was going on with Josephne & Pierre in the garden party/wedding from hell?  Josephine, lookinbg like a long lost fabulous Countess from the 1870’s complete with black ball gown and black diamond necklace.  Completely outshining her sister who was getting married.

Josephine, with a family, a semi-barbecue even?  No (like @Vicky Frost) i preferred the mystique.  Although Josephine’s back story turns out to be a tragic as we hear of violence and possible sexual abuse. The latter is left unspoken.

However things are not well.  Since Josephine turns into a snarly Tony Tiger look alike with human tears rollin down soft twin cheeks.  Josephine was crying.  Damn.  Don’t cry Josephine.  Now that’s a sight I’m seriously sad at seeing. Not our tough, mile high, flame haired ancient Amazonian princess with lips painted a stained geranium pink and ice blue eyes?

Odd moments in Spiral tonight:
Oh yes,  Jospehine’s strange semi-breakdown or something a bit more sexy in the garden at the wedding.  Like OMG!  Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, what were you doing exactly?  I didn’t get it really.  Possibly she was, shall we say, sharing with Pierre.  I really wasn’t sure.

 However Josephine became extremely happy? as she appeared to feel the earth move under her feet at the same time as crying double rivulets of tears down her cheeks.  Why?  Sigh,  Yes, we geddit.  We gottit already about her Dad.  Slapping his face wasn’t a good sign for Josephine.  Be a nice change though wouldn’t it, for a woman character to Not have been abused as a child?  Just for once.  Or is it meant to be statistical within the number of the cast?  who knows.

other odd moments:
Josephine going all Teresa Mother of Calcutta on us down at the squat.

The Svengali-like leader of the limp somewhat lame left-wing terrorists.  Well untill they torched a record room. me, i was just glad nobody was blown up by a bomb.  I really did feel the plot was making you feel that.
Certainly several times i thought Amina was for it and then couldn’t shake off the feeling of impending doom that surrounded her.  Thank goodness for Gilou pre-empting an attack by the escaping Riffaut.

another odd moment:
When Riffatu meets and stands and stares at Josephine win the complete nude.  Him that is.  Yep, he makes no effort to cover himself , trying to draw Josephine in to his own private cult of adoring women.

Further thoughts:
One of my favourite things in Spiral is watching the team do their thing:their operations.  Berthauld, Gilou et al.  They get their groove on.  Berthauld’s gang acts organically, quietly, cleverly, it’s a planned operation.  Mostly.  On good days they are like some secret Black Ops team,  Ace undercover agents.  On bad days they get unlucky, in this case due to Josephine (yet again as through Spiral) they lose Riffaut along with the inhabitants of the squat.  All lefties included.

 (Nb. a nice mirroring of the disappearing act Riffaut did just before they looked out of the window at the squat with later the team doing exactly the same thing)

I did like the, one would have thought, the stand out home made white listening cabin in the street (that was really a big white cupboard).  But no, it passed as some kind of building site shed type place.  That was the genius of it. There was an air of surreal comedy surrounding the anti-terrorist unit stuck in their bird watching style hideout.

Gilou & Berthuald clashed horns in their working relationship.  Berthuald necessarily having to knock Gilou back a bit.  Asserting her authority somehow appearing to stand taller than Gilou.  Of course Gilou, who could probably balance her on one shoulder, adores Berthauld as do the rest of the team.  He will follow her to the ends of the earth.

Plus Gilou genuinely cares for Berthauld.   Whether he fancies her or not is another matter.  At work, Berthuald & Gilou are subconsciously a team.  The mother and father figures, the alpha male and alpha female.  Although i would say Berthauld was the alpha male..

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