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Just posted a review of the series Catfish. Yes, times are hard on TV, there is slim pickings at the moment.  Have plundered late night Film 4 in the UK and watched Tyrannosaurus but missed the one on Film 4  by Elmore Leonard. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang looked promising also. Robert Downey Junior can really do no wrong.

Avoided Utopia in spite of the glowing reviews as a few quick dips revealed the fact that it was way too scary/sinister for me.  Torturing scenes, deaths of children and so on. In the same vein decided to ditch Dreams of A Life for being just too plain sad and upsetting.  Much as i like Documentaries.

Have discovered a slightly more jolly Documentary source in the form of the National geographic Channel.
Of note are American Colony & other lone yet interesting Documentaries on remote Russian Prisons, Drugs of every kind Documentary series called Drugs Incorporated and Air Crash Investigations, a strangely addictive programme.  Mainly for the fascinating and random facts that are unearthed through such painstaking research by cool and measured white moustachioed ex-pilots and investigators.

 Random facts and happenings that have contributed to the accident. The things that nobody ever bothered to notice or are accepted as de facto procedure.  Like the fact that an air-controller’s view of the airfield was blocked by something.  Oh and that planes didn’t usually put their lights on until they were cleared for take-off. These two small facts led to one air plane crashing into another on the run-way.

Or that the dial in a plane’s cockpit was interchangeable for two completely different functions:leading to one of them being mistakenly programmed believing it was for the other.  & so on.  Oh yes, and if your air plane crashes and knocks out it’s emergency beacon then nobody knows where you are.  One rather amusing reconstruction of this situation had a survivor recounting how he was walking in mountainous terrain looking for help and met a News Camera crew who wouldn’t believe that he was a survivor from a plane crash.

I found out all the things that can go wrong if your helicopter crashes in the North Sea.  Well apart from it crashing.  Mostly involving jagged wreckage cutting holes in the inflatable life-raft and how unfortunate it is if said wreckage cuts through your long line and you have to cut the short line by which you are still attached to the helicopter.  Oops.  Not sure i would make it as an oil-rig worker since everybody had to do a safety training involving escaping from a submerged helicopter..Since that would really not be my cup of tea.

  Did i mention there wasn’t much on TV?

n.b Tonight, Friday, 8th Februasry 203, there is a new series on National Geographic called Vegas, Doing Hard Time about a prison in Vegas based on a year spent making a documentary both inside and outside the prison.  Also a series called taboo is on tonight, very interesting but not so shocking really compared to the same named series on ex-Channel Current TV or past Channel 4 Documentary series on weird and wonderful subjects.

 I did like Chris Tina Bruce, featured on this series of taboo in  an episode on gender.  Chris Bruce Tina was both man & woman as in all physical aspects and he/she felt like a woman but had decided to keep all appendages so to speak.  She/he was big, strong, muscle y and worked as a personal trainer.  She/he had a big deep voice, a smile a mile wide and arms the size of small errant tree trunks escaped from the forest.  Mind bending indeed.  Might just add Chris Tina Bruce to my list of female heroes and she could count as a male one too.

Southland, the coolest Cop show since Homicide Life on The Streets sadly ended though it never really got off the ground this series for me.  My favourite woman Detective Lydia went all soppy now she is officially pregnant and declared that the outside world and all the dreadful things she sees could get inside (her tummy) and she had to go home and stay there for the rest of her pregnancy.  What?  Not even in the office at the dreaded desk job?   They really laid on the dread and horror in that episode by having a dying third degree burnt child ghost-like in white bandages all except for eyes.

Big chunky beat Cop Cooper was strangely quiet and Lucy Lieu aka Officer Tang finally admitted she had hidden the infamous red plastic tip that was on the end of the toy gun belonging to a teenager she shot.  But Cooper forgave her=sigh…Boring.  Officer Tang went off and became a sergeant and the young Rookie Cop went all Charles Bronson in Deathwish on us and shot to death a nasty pimp guy with whom he had become completely obsessed.  Then they all sat around the pool again at the end of the day.  Except of course Cooper who clunks off alone like he had spurs..

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