New! Spiral 4:State of Terror posted today 11th February 2012:Warning-Spoilers only read if you have seen these two episodes

Spiral 4:State of Terror

“With serious damage to the face, no right or left hand”…

Yes, it’s good to see the gang back.  Gilou and his slightly matronly ways.  Looking like he was on his best behaviour just for not snoofing up lines of coke and having beautiful women sit on his knee.

 Suffice it to say i missed the first few minutes in which i presume young hitherto handsome student got blown to bits.I do wonder that Spiral has some kind of running gag or competition for the grisliest murders and murder scenes.
(i’m remembering a certain poker-related death in series 3)

Even having missed that first bit i could remember back to the final scene of the last series when Berthauld (Laure) shoots the Bucher of Villette.  Laure definitely does it on purpose,  before the men get there.  & i think he, the butcher, was bending down.  Still:he was a mad murderer.  He could have been about to kill the girl or shoot Berthauld.  Good for Berthauld i say.
(possibly Laure was thinking that Josephnine would get the ever so handsome Butcher of Vilette out of prison again)

 Wasn’t sure about her heartfelt visit to JP concluding with Laure actually pressing her right hand flat on JP’s chest where his heart was.  Thus did Laure seal her deal with JP i think deliberately.  Since Laure is a minor cult leader and the men who work for her are all her followers.  They all love her in their different ways.

That said, i found this Spiral to be a bit flat.  Spiral is like that.  Yet it was lacking that brilliant blue light.  The palette of blue and white it had previously been soaked in like wildest Devon dreams of aquamarine.

Possibly it is the collusion of Channel 4 that has flattened it somehow or i may must have forgotten how like that spiral is.  it exists in the day to day dreariness of the 13th arondissemente.

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