My posted comments on The Guardian Online Blog on Spiral 4-The Terror posted 12th February 2013

@walterMargin – Agreed about the murky colour palette, ’tis true. That must be why i delight upon that strange blue light when it appears. To my memory the most classic instance of it was when Roban goes to visit his mother? in Hospital and that entire scene is cerulean blue. Including his walk over there..
This effect does extend, temporarily, to the sky. I’ll just keep watching and hoping and gazing skywards..

Yes, agreed about the male characters i much prefer ‘character’ looks anyway and in previous Blogs had great fun extemporising on Gilou’s whole Mrs Doubfire aspect.

Very interesting that avocets may well indeed be the root derivation of advocate, because of the bird-like costume, mais non? Or perhaps because the advocate pecks and pecks away?..

Yes, the whole Police brutality thing, we have discussed it before on these pages, for me Spiral gets a get out clause for seeming to have been set in the 70’s.
However that cannot be since this is a new series right?
Perhaps there is a message in there telling us that this (bar the Scandinavians of course) is how most Police forces actually operate and they haven’t come out of the 70’s yet?..

Agreed about the language, i love it plus there is indeed a lot more swearing than the subtitles say as our host Vicky Frost suggests. It is also to my hearing, more like the real Parisian French than that of the suburbs. With more slang and much faster. French makes everything sound cool, ne c’est pas?

@Mao222 – that seems to be, somewhat depressingly, how it works here.
Nb. it didn’t used to be like this on these Blogs, it used to be an open, lively forum with humour that was accepting of anybody’s opinion and viewpoint no matter how different.

Such differing views were debated, not piled in upon en masse and signalled as unacceptable by the huge weighted recommends of the person attacking the dissenter (or different one) with the dissenter left hanging in the wind with next to zero. As happened to you. & you were only making a joke.

The whole thing is somewhat akin to a gang of children surrounding another in the playground and all chanting in unison. Whatever bullies chant these days.

Now the Blog is patrolled by the mini-self-appointed-Gods of the Blog who have brought a whole new and improved meaning to the word patronising..

In fact the poor word patronising itself is so tired of being called into use it has made a silent plea to be left alone and go on a nice holiday to Clacton by the sea & sit on the beach with a bucket and spade in a nice deckchair and gaze at the sky..

p.s all of this is supremely Un-Guardian-like behaviour..

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