My posted comments on last two episodes of Borgen (second series) on Guardian Blog on Borgen 4th February 2013

Borgen my posted comment on last two episodes 9 & 10 Guardian Blog 4th February 2013

All a bit underwhelming really, i mean the moving finger having writ now moves on & Borgen pretty much wrote itself..

I’m a bit bemused at the outpourings of feeling being expressed during it’s viewing:sure i was touched being a romantic at heart that Kaspar & Katrine were baby-bound now
 (yes, we geddit about the pills-we gottit the first time)

However as for the rest i remained resolutely unmoved. No resolution about it:just unmoved. Not having succumbed to the particular Borgen worship that views it as some kind of televisual second coming. Yes it was good but it wasn’t that good!

As i said before Borgen for me was a superior sudsy soap opera and nothing wrong in that. I like soap operas. I watch them for the human interest. This was human interest writ large or small depending on how you perceived or felt it.

It would be interesting to know how it is viewed in Denmark
(to test for it’s Scandi allure here) and whether it would have had so much interest without it’s twist (or gimmick) of having a female Prime Minister?

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