Fear Eats The Soul -a film by Fassbinder Sky Arts 1 in the UK Virgin Channel 281

Fear Eats The Soul

A 1974 film by Fassbinder.  The information  describes it as “a sombre drama”.  I saw this on Sky Arts 1 in the UK Virgin 281.

 A bit dated and feeling even older than the 70’s setting.  Sombre is right.  However i really was transfixed watching this film.It seemed almost corny, cheesy even. Yet there was an invisible edge to the film.  There was something about the way it was filmed.  The simplicity of it.  I’m not sure.  It was very powerful in it’s imagery.  The lighting was a little translucent.  Whether this was 70’s production styles i dunno.  Or if Fassbinder was playing with style.

It played with several prejudices.  (racism & ageism)  I really liked the lady character in it.  She grew more beautiful as time went on.  We came to see her beauty as a person too.  Boy this is sounding soppy but it’s not.  I promise you.  She is cool.  She stands up to people, she cries when her husband doesn’t come home.  They really love each other.  They really do.

On reflection there is very little speaking in it apart from the two main characters.  yet you hardly notice.  Nor is there much speech overall.  Mostly we feast our eyes on the mundane day to day scenes in 1970’s Germany.  There are blue flares and bare Bars.  There is a drop dead beautiful pouting Bar owner.  Who has permanent dark circles under her huge doe-like eyes.  She appears to be very tall.  She barely speaks yet steals every scene she is in with her presences, charisma and petulant lips.

Yet our heroine is not her.  I will for once, give no more away suffice it to say i was, as i said, transfixed watching this film.  I only left the sofa once, there were no Ad breaks on sky Arts 1 during this film, which was great.

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