My posted comment on the Guardian online Blog on Borgen Series Two Episode 5&6 22nd January 2013


re your quote above: i am always bemused when people ascribe personal judgements to an objective critique as you have done to mine. Soap opera does not mean those things to me at all:in fact i like soap opera.  One could describe most great works of literature or plays to be forms of soap opera.  Except that they are usually short and not repeated. My point was simply that I am not ascribing to the view that Borgen is high art.

Rather than seeing it as “lithe”, for me the scene with the mock debate with Birgittte and Kaspar was clunky, signalled a mile off for some kind of eruption (i was half expecting them to snog) and deeply embarrassing as a scene..

 I found that scene shocking for the fact that Kaspar showed so little respect for Birgitte.  I cannot imagine a spin-Doctor shouting his face off up close and personal to a male Prime Minister, can you?

This scene, like many others in Borgen might as well by signalled by large bored corpulent men in yellow jackets with semaphores, waving the big plane of the viewer in.,

I stopped taking Borgen seriously a few episodes back when they played sotto piano music to show that Birgitte was upset.  It is irksome and annoying to me that the storylines have become necessarily more sudsy just because Birgitte is a woman.

Can you imagine the same focus or even the same storyline with a male P.M?  Would everyone be surrounding a male P.M with large, reproaching eyes and intoning, blame fully, that Laura’s depression is actually :
  all his fault? 
Because he is successful?!

Still you gotta love those Psychiatrists:its always the Mother’s fault..

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