My comments on Episodes 5&6 Series two of Borgen posted on Guardian onling Blog on Borgen 20th January 2013

My comments on Borgen Episodes 5 & 6 posted on Guardian online Blog on Borgen 20th Janauray 2013

Oh Pleez. i thought the title of these two should have been:
‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’
Apart from expecting several of the characters to be found hanging any time soon have we all forgotten that Kasparrevealed the story of his father to Katrine back in series one?
(didn’t they sit together at the crematorium?)
i fully expect a sonorous voice to come echoing over the rolling end credits at the end a’ la Eastenders style:
If you or anyone in your family have been affected by issues raised in this programme please call…..

Its a soap opera, a superior, soapy sudsy soap opera, shouty, derivative and stereotypical to the bone with so many’right-on’ message moments flashing throughout not to mention the official torn-between her job and being (in case we forget) ex-wife and Mother and woman that its in danger of developing strobe lighting…

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