Made in Chelsea latest series which ended just before Christmas 2012 Finale scenes and end of year Made in Chelsea reunion show with Rick Edwards

So:along with all the other great TV that ended just before Christmas, made In Chelsea ended. Boo hoo.  Just for this series we presume.

I did watch a bit of the reunion/end of year show which was all a bit cringeworthy in that they all seemed to take it very seriously. So i guess Louise really was crying poor thing.  Spencer looked a little like a human puffa fish, very smartly sat upright in a suit.  A big puffa faced man going a rare and delicate shade of red.  In the form of two rosy spots on Spencer’s blown out puffa fish man cheeks.  Spencer was officially angry or upset.  Or was he?…

Like their conversational exchanges of so very few words the Chelsea cast are them selves somewhat restrained.  I felt they were a bit vulnerable somehow. Look:they all went to boarding school so don’t keep taking the mick out of them and smirking so (on your show) oh expensively suited and booted Rick Edwards.   With his interesting beardie face moustache arrangement going on.

Hopefully most of them, the Made in Chelsea Cast can take it but i was aware that they are all really rather nice.  Oh except dastardly Spencer if he has dallied on weeping Louise.  Not that we know since Spencer would never tell he would just get his grirk on:that is  a grin and a smirk together.

Oh and Francis and Sophia together is like something out of a a wonderful old Russian love tale.  probably because of Sophia’s whole Anna Karenina /Russian Countess beauty going on.  Her hair the shade of jet. her huge liquid brown eyes.  her pointy, pale face, all resplendent with jewel like red rubies lipstick on in her Russian fur-hat.  So beautiful.  Call it Dr. Zhivago chic.

Sigh.  As Francis and Sophia wondered off happily, finally together , gambolling and frolicking on an apparently empty London bridge they looked to me all the world like Francis the Russian count, home from the war, in swishing white shirt and Hessian shining boots. Accompanying his look alike Anna Karenina.

Who could have remained unmoved at the sight of Francis Boule, skateboarders extraordinaire and holder of red roses in his teeth as he sped along to meet past dates, more lately sitting casually at the 3 boys’ birthday party in full pyjamas, nightcap and his own Teddy, Albert.  (It was a Peter Pan theme)

Call me a romantic and reality show or not, i like to think that the stripey pyjamas, carried off with such aplomb by Francis, was the moment that Sophia fell in love with Francis.  Ah.  Dontacha just love happy endings?.
(Nb. Francis was already in love with Sophia since the scene in which he just stood, slightly askew to her, just drinking in her very vision with his eyes)

Oh yes and Herbie came back!  For a visit to his beloved Mistress.  Courtesy of Rosie her friend. its official Herbie really does love his Mistress because he set too immediately, making it his business to stand near her Millie’s neck and lick with gusto.  With his wee barrrely chest and stumpy legs, he was in heaven, transcended with joy.  I was exclaiming to the screen:”It’s Herbie, it’s Herbie!”

How wonderful yet how sad.  Herbie would have to leave again.  Not really understanding and missing his Mistress! Ah.  Poor Herbie.  Maybe one day Millie will move and can come for Herbie.  Until that day Herbie will just have to keep hanging on..

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