Made in Chelsea latest series which ended just before Christmas 2012 Finale scenes and end of year Made in Chelsea reunion show with Rick Edwards

So:along with all the other great TV that ended just before Christmas, made In Chelsea ended. Boo hoo.  Just for this series we presume.

I did watch a bit of the reunion/end of year show which was all a bit cringeworthy in that they all seemed to take it very seriously. So i guess Louise really was crying poor thing.  Spencer looked a little like a human puffa fish, very smartly sat upright in a suit.  A big puffa faced man going a rare and delicate shade of red.  In the form of two rosy spots on Spencer’s blown out puffa fish man cheeks.  Spencer was officially angry or upset.  Or was he?…

Like their conversational exchanges of so very few words the Chelsea cast are them selves somewhat restrained.  I felt they were a bit vulnerable somehow. Look:they all went to boarding school so don’t keep taking the mick out of them and smirking so (on your show) oh expensively suited and booted Rick Edwards.   With his interesting beardie face moustache arrangement going on.

Hopefully most of them, the Made in Chelsea Cast can take it but i was aware that they are all really rather nice.  Oh except dastardly Spencer if he has dallied on weeping Louise.  Not that we know since Spencer would never tell he would just get his grirk on:that is  a grin and a smirk together.

Oh and Francis and Sophia together is like something out of a a wonderful old Russian love tale.  probably because of Sophia’s whole Anna Karenina /Russian Countess beauty going on.  Her hair the shade of jet. her huge liquid brown eyes.  her pointy, pale face, all resplendent with jewel like red rubies lipstick on in her Russian fur-hat.  So beautiful.  Call it Dr. Zhivago chic.

Sigh.  As Francis and Sophia wondered off happily, finally together , gambolling and frolicking on an apparently empty London bridge they looked to me all the world like Francis the Russian count, home from the war, in swishing white shirt and Hessian shining boots. Accompanying his look alike Anna Karenina.

Who could have remained unmoved at the sight of Francis Boule, skateboarders extraordinaire and holder of red roses in his teeth as he sped along to meet past dates, more lately sitting casually at the 3 boys’ birthday party in full pyjamas, nightcap and his own Teddy, Albert.  (It was a Peter Pan theme)

Call me a romantic and reality show or not, i like to think that the stripey pyjamas, carried off with such aplomb by Francis, was the moment that Sophia fell in love with Francis.  Ah.  Dontacha just love happy endings?.
(Nb. Francis was already in love with Sophia since the scene in which he just stood, slightly askew to her, just drinking in her very vision with his eyes)

Oh yes and Herbie came back!  For a visit to his beloved Mistress.  Courtesy of Rosie her friend. its official Herbie really does love his Mistress because he set too immediately, making it his business to stand near her Millie’s neck and lick with gusto.  With his wee barrrely chest and stumpy legs, he was in heaven, transcended with joy.  I was exclaiming to the screen:”It’s Herbie, it’s Herbie!”

How wonderful yet how sad.  Herbie would have to leave again.  Not really understanding and missing his Mistress! Ah.  Poor Herbie.  Maybe one day Millie will move and can come for Herbie.  Until that day Herbie will just have to keep hanging on..

my posted comments on The Guardian Online Blog on BOrgen:Series Two episodes 5 & 6:in reply to a poster 22 nd January 2013

@HelleB – blimey, it’s a critique and as far as i am aware, there is no law which says a critic must genuflect at the altar of worship whilst writing?  i never understand why people confuse a critique with dislike:of course we like it, we wouldn’t watch it otherwise, would we?

& i for one agree with @William 1981, the storyline with Kaspar was out of sync with the rest of the plodding pedestrian storyline:they can’t have it both ways:superior sudsy soap opera mostly focussing on the problems of a woman being the P.M and/or dark, Wallander type Scandi drama, make your mind up please Borgen..

since the intersection of Kaspar’s story, on top of Laura’s story on top of Amir’s story just had the unfortunate effect of making me wonder who we would find hanging from the ceiling, or in Kaspar’s case, jettisoned off a bridge, any time soon.

 Being Interspersed with boring political details (i mean how exciting can you make a coalition government, they have already thrown in Somalian kidnappings and the Afghanistan war-what else is there? Oh i know-trees!) this type of dark drama just doesn’t work in my opinion

 Borgen is neither fish nor fowl and doesn’t know which one it wants to be.  Dabbling in one unsuccessfully (and rather clunkily as pointed out on these pages in the case of Kaspar’ story) just takes away from the other in my opinion..

p.s whilst of course i am sympathetic to your description of the news stories i would question why this means they necessarily have to be interjected into the storyline?  that is just my point about ‘right-on’ message moments in Borgen really, i mean, is it a Drama or a public information service?

My posted comment on the Guardian online Blog on Borgen Series Two Episode 5&6 22nd January 2013


re your quote above: i am always bemused when people ascribe personal judgements to an objective critique as you have done to mine. Soap opera does not mean those things to me at all:in fact i like soap opera.  One could describe most great works of literature or plays to be forms of soap opera.  Except that they are usually short and not repeated. My point was simply that I am not ascribing to the view that Borgen is high art.

Rather than seeing it as “lithe”, for me the scene with the mock debate with Birgittte and Kaspar was clunky, signalled a mile off for some kind of eruption (i was half expecting them to snog) and deeply embarrassing as a scene..

 I found that scene shocking for the fact that Kaspar showed so little respect for Birgitte.  I cannot imagine a spin-Doctor shouting his face off up close and personal to a male Prime Minister, can you?

This scene, like many others in Borgen might as well by signalled by large bored corpulent men in yellow jackets with semaphores, waving the big plane of the viewer in.,

I stopped taking Borgen seriously a few episodes back when they played sotto piano music to show that Birgitte was upset.  It is irksome and annoying to me that the storylines have become necessarily more sudsy just because Birgitte is a woman.

Can you imagine the same focus or even the same storyline with a male P.M?  Would everyone be surrounding a male P.M with large, reproaching eyes and intoning, blame fully, that Laura’s depression is actually :
  all his fault? 
Because he is successful?!

Still you gotta love those Psychiatrists:its always the Mother’s fault..

Note to my readers:updates on Maison Close, Hard, Arrow, Southland, Moon, Things i watched but couldn’t get those hours back, The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, The House I live In and new Series of Revenge

Note to my Readers.

Update on Maison Close and Hard Sky Arts 1 Virgin 281

Canna get bothered enough about anything at the moment to write about it .  That must be because none of it is that good.  Maison Close (see my review) is wavering between historical bonk-buster and the really good series i was thinking it might be.

Hard Sky Arts 1 Virgin Channel 281
 Hard is shaping up nicely.  No pun intended.  It continues to write itself.
Blindingly obvious that our  glimmeringly beautiful heroine Sophie, with her preraphaelite looks will soon be standing in for the porn actresses who have become so used to doing their thing in the porn films that they can’t act normally in her new film idea for” something tasteful”.  Plus Roy the rod is in it dressed as some green feathery Krpytonite cursed sex-obsessed monster.  Except that Rod doesn’t look monsterish at all.  Just rather sweet and we already know that he is funny.

Cue the slow melting of our heroine i predict at about the same time as she discards the throat bound Hermes scarves she wears French style but has the unwanted effect of wondering if she has really been assaulted and is hiding it.  Luckily this isn’t the case.

 Fairly obvious the new tasteful porn film that Sophie intends to make with the oh so serious script-writer set in the forest who wants the actresses to emote the smell and sight of the fallen leaves in autumn is going to become a break-out art house success.  I do predict..

& Hopefully our fair heroine Sophie will start smiling properly and have a real laugh with Roy the Rod and all will be well.  Even set up her own film company.  Oh wait, she already has one.  Well become the producer and director then.

Arrow moves channels:from Sky 1 to Sky 1 HD

In other news they have put the new series of Arrow on Sky 1 HD=no!  no, no, no, not Arrow, my favourite super-hero (see my reviews) with his green raccoon style eye shadow and hoodie for a disguise. His cries for help at night which apparently consist of eating jalapeños and chilli fries.  Clean cut American heroes just don’t get drunk you see.  Eating chili fries is as down and out as they get apparently.

Don’t ask me, it was in an episode.Arrow’s faithful aide, Dig comes down especially, having got a call from his sister in-law who runs the cafe’ that this eating  jalapeños and chilli fries that apparently signal a cry for help was going on..then of course Dig has to dispense his wise wisdom ’cause you see Arrow’s heart hasn’t quite melted yet..ah.

 Although Arrow did fall in love a bit with the Huntress and rather silly of him taught her some of his arrow shooting tricks but she turned out to be rather a ruthless murderess who wanted to kill her own Mafioso Dad for killing her fiance or summat like that.  So it was back to square one for Arrow. Huntress was only in there for a bit of faux egalitarianism consisting of kick ass-kung fu moves in leather cat women jumpsuit..

 Oh i must correct my previous claim that Arrow’s baldy step-Dad had an improbably British accent-my apologies.  he really is British.
Though he naturally is hamming the accent up a bit i reckon.  As Brits do for American shows.
Still, now that Arrow is getting officially in touch with his feelings there are even more tiresome meaningful moments so perhaps its a good thing i won’t be able to see it any more=boo hoo.

The new series of Southland, once so very good, is still wavering:fast at risk from becoming not just message serving but soppy too.  Cooper, my favourite character as readers of my original Southland reviews here will know, has a new partner in Lucy Liu, Officer Tang.

Fortunately just as I thought this was all getting too deep and meangiful and Cooper and Officer Tang
(who does seem a bit diddy to be a Policewoman but when you carry guns nearly as big as you are guess it don’t matter) were gettin way too chummy it transpires that Officer Tang may well have an evil streak.  Interesting..

Plus I am not going to give the game away with what is happening with best Women Detective ever Lydia but I do wish she would make her mind up soon.  I mean we have already had the stereotypical running scenes where we are waiting and watching for Lydi to fall to the floor and clutch her stomach and call for the “R.A bus”.  Thats already happened.  Clue:normally Lydia runs like the wind.

Oh and guess who Cooper’s ex-pain-killer addict Narcotics Anonymous sponsor is?  D’Angelo Barksdale from The Wire.  Both of them, Cooper and D’Angelo, (haven’t caught his Southland name yet) on screen together are pure gold.

Southland is slow moving and it takes a while to get enough together to write on it.  Suffice it to say that the episode starts with a shot that is then freeze-framed of some standing tableau of awfulness or anarchy that resulted from something that happened earlier in that day.  Then we go back in time to the beginning of that day when  all was sunny and bright.

 Well actually its mostly is sunny and bright, which is one of the main things i like about Southland, the Southern Los Angleles sunshine.  The shots of it in all its many varied forms are quite spectacular i feel. One episode , truly shocking it was, it rained.  No, it can’t rain in L.A…

The House I Live In More 4 Channel in The UK

Full length Documentary film on America’s war on drugs by Eugene Jarecki.  Really good i thought although missed a fair bit of the beginning.  Very interesting and shocking too.  Seems to have been researched, very thoroughly, by an long white-bearded man who speaks from time to time.  Also commentary from David Simon the writer of The Wire, a prison Guard and lots of Narcotic Cops.  No picnic.  There is a Judge too, who doesn’t want to keep giving out maximum for minimum sentences however can do nothing about it.

Shame that More 4 hardly does Documentaries any more.  Since Current TV disappeared from UK screens, which had documentaries 24/7, there has been a bit of a dearth of good Documentaries.

Best Things i have seen lately:

The Film Moon is written by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones.
(Guess he changed his name from Zowie Bowie)  Warning if you prefer happy endings:it’s both happy and sad.  Plus it may keep you up half the night figuring out various conundrums in the plot.

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy-The Scandinavian one.

OK it’s not brilliant i will admit that its a bit like watching several episodes of Swedish Wallander, the best ones with Henrik in, not Rolf.  However Lisbeth Salander has to go down in my hall of fame of best heroines ever.  Probably kicking Sarah Lund off the top spot, and now equal to Michonne from The Walking Dead.

The Tove Jansen Story BBC4 Over Christmas

Again, no picnic and possibly quite upsetting for Moomintroll fans the world over.  Still worth seeing though for all the background and detail to the books and the rather sad but eventually happy, life of Tove Jansen herself.

Things i wished i hadn’t watched but then i couldn’t get those hours back:
I am Love
 with Tilda Swinton in it.

Do not bother. You will stay stuck to your seat, convinced, like me that it must be good because the review said so and it has this fabulous house, with fabulous scenery and fabulous but curiously blank-faced Tilda Swinton it it who apparently can talk fluent Italian, since its all in Italian.  However you sit through it all for nothing and to cap it all it has a horrible tragic ending.

The Good news is:

Revenge is back=yey! great non-fluffy fun with yet another unsmiling yet deadly heroine.  For all those who might have missed this tour-de-force that was even voted as best guilty pleasure of the year in The Independent (who knew anyone else was watching it?!) there is an update episode voiced by Nolan, previously skinny blond billionaire buddy of Emily Thorne who has, since his horrible kidnap in the dungeon with Emily, taken to boxing and the show has made him wander about a boxing ring with his shirt off.

 Yes, Nolan now has a quadruple six-pack which would be a 24 pack.   I never did get the whole six pack thing or its more numerically advanced cousins. It just looks like something went dreadfully wrong with some rubber bands.

Poor Nolan, just because he was a bit skinny apparently the show has to decide that he must go buff and henceforth parade around in flowery shorts when before Nolan has an ultra-cool man From Uncle meets the Modfather style going on.  All polo-necks and pastel slacks.  The sort of outfits that Howard from the big Bang Theory thinks he’s wearing..

Look out for Madeline Stowe channelling just about every evil plotting Dynasty like heroine ever (the reviewer mentioned Bette Davis=wow!) who is not dead after all:just as i predicted!  She must have parachuted out of that 747 just before it blew up over the ocean.  Guess it was just too bad for the lover of Madeline’s  husband who Madeline Stowe had persuaded to run away for her own safety on the plane with her..

My comments on Episodes 5&6 Series two of Borgen posted on Guardian onling Blog on Borgen 20th January 2013

My comments on Borgen Episodes 5 & 6 posted on Guardian online Blog on Borgen 20th Janauray 2013

Oh Pleez. i thought the title of these two should have been:
‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’
Apart from expecting several of the characters to be found hanging any time soon have we all forgotten that Kasparrevealed the story of his father to Katrine back in series one?
(didn’t they sit together at the crematorium?)
i fully expect a sonorous voice to come echoing over the rolling end credits at the end a’ la Eastenders style:
If you or anyone in your family have been affected by issues raised in this programme please call…..

Its a soap opera, a superior, soapy sudsy soap opera, shouty, derivative and stereotypical to the bone with so many’right-on’ message moments flashing throughout not to mention the official torn-between her job and being (in case we forget) ex-wife and Mother and woman that its in danger of developing strobe lighting…

My Review of Le Maison Close on Sky Arts 1 & Virgin Channel 281 Fridays @10pm first episode on 4th January 2013 (follows Hard @9pm) Both in French with English subtitles-see previous review of Hard

My Review of Le Maison Close

So i’m not sure of the exact meaning attached to closed house but this series is about three women
(so the TV information said) trapped in debt and servitude (and a lack of rights) in Paris in Victorian times.  I need to check when the Siege of Paris was because it was mentioned. It might be set even earlier.

The Drama
So there is a brothel in Paris where the women can’t leave but one day a week. This is where all the women in the Drama live.  Everything is pretty dark for once deservedly so since it was gaslights then i think.

Paris is pretty rough from what little we can see.  The brothel appears set in a cobbled road under a bridge, upon which Lord-like men and ladies dress in finery and stroll with parasols in the sunshine.  Whereas below, almost underground in the setting of the scene, we see a cobbled street where double horses pulling carriages speed along and pull up outside the brothel.  The horses, I have noticed so far, are always white.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  The first person we meet is Vera who is very beautiful with long dark hair and dressed in a bodice and bloomers.  Kind of pantaloons: baggy half trousers tied at the knee   She is bouncing up and down on a certain General.  We learn that from the name she calls him and his rather fetching hat with a strap.  Which looks like its made of red and gold and silver jewels but is probably not.

Vera works in a brothel as a lady of the night. she lives there with an unspecified number of other women.  One, Angele, is quite young with a shock of carrot hair in a curly Afro bob.

Vera is in a good mood and is quite cheerful with the General and even kisses him goodbye at the end.  That is because she believes that she is leaving. Her debt, we hear, has been paid by the Baron and she is free to leave and she is leaving with the Baron to live with him in a palace.

The brothel is run by Hortense, a steely faced brown haired lady a little older than the girls and our heroine.  The brothel owner is dressed severely in black usual Victorian floor length gown with her hair in a bun and hair centre-parted.   The brothel owner, we discover is really into our heroine in that she fancies her and may love her.  We don’t know.

There are some serious shenanigans, not naughty ones, but dark and deadly doings that result from Hortense the brothel owner’s reluctance to let her best earner (our heroine) leave.  The brothel owner also makes passes at her regularly.  Thankfully, nothing transpired or i really might have thought this is a historical bonkbuster.  But no.  It doesn’t seem particularly fixated on such things.

Without giving too much away of the labyrinthine dealings that go on things go rapidly from bad to worse for several of the characters.  I can say that i believe our heroine, the young red-haired girl and a mysterious young visitor to the brothel are going to be the three main characters described in the  information.

There is also a scarily stern faced tall and sturdy lady called Marguerite with a ruffled white collar and long black voluminous dress.  She runs the girls.

The lesson, well one of them from this episode seeming to be:don’t refuse your fiance’s offer of accompaniment in 19th Century Paris and then be persuaded by a handsome young painter gentleman to come into a brothel and accept a free meal.

There are some pretty horrific historical happenings in Le Maison Close.  One scene was certainly a shocker for me.  As i said, the siege of Paris was mentioned along with another historical reference which i will have to look up.

I am rather interested in watching an historical period so long ago be recreated.  Normally i find historical dramas wrong and unbelievable.  Quite often the actors and their attitudes seem wrong.  Sometimes its the words, the language.  Not that i really know.  It just seems like they transplant modern more’s and translate it backwards in time.  However everything and everyone in Le Maison Close spoke and seemed like they were of that time.

It is perhaps sad and shocking material that may i realise seem dreary in reflection looking back on an episode.  Do i want to watch more murder and degradation of women? in whatever historically accurate and therefore possibly absolved form?

Yes, there was a murder, a new one on me and somewhat icky.  Well, we’ll see.  I will give it a chance mainly ’cause its unusual and fairly fresh and the sets are insanely good.  The brothel has some gorgeous marble and wrought iron stairs.  Though i’m sure this would pall after a while for the girls.

The palace that our heroine is due to be living in is rather sumptuous too.  But for the rest of it, much like the girls, our view as a viewer is that like the girls, we don’t get out much.  And everywhere is pretty damn dark.  But they have great parties..

i did wonder at the gentleman’s name of Edgar who was described as a painter:Degas?  Vogel was mentioned.
Small spoiler/clue: the mysterious young girl who unwisely enters the brothel is looking for her long lost mother…
I have since discovered from the second episode (which rather let me down after my claim of everyone & everything being of that time by playing suspiciously modern R ‘n B music in a suitable scene) that Maison Close is set in 1871.  This is the date on a letter that Hortense receives about a Court Hearing she is summonsed to.  Oh and the Policeman is called Inspector Angelus.

My Review of Hard-is in French, with English subtitles, Sky Arts 1 and Virgin Channel 281 on Fridays, first Episode 5th January-half an hour only-look out for Le Maison Close which follows this on Sky Arts 1 @10pm (review to come)

My Review of Hard Sky Arts 1 Virgin 281 started 5th Janaury 2013

OK so Hard was flagged up in my paper in the Christmas schedule going into the New Year and again today, the 5th January 2013, unusual fora half hour programme on Sky Arts 1.

Yet it must have been the Independent who flagged up Hatifum, Prisoners Of War and before that In Treatment since I didn’t even know about Sky Arts and that i had it on Virgin!(You don’t have to be a Sky customer)

Hard is a French comedy and is about a jolly happy 2.2 French family living in the suburbs.  Then the Dad dies unexpectedly in a freak accident.  I missed that bit (probably a habit long borne out of preferring to miss the usual grisly death in the first few minutes of Dramas these days).  His wife, Sophie, is very beautiful, somewhat downtrodden in demeanour and she is wearing a cardigan.  This all means, of course, that she is shortly going to become officially empowered.  The cardigan being the classic pre-empowerment garb for women in films.

Supremely beautiful women in films dressed deliberately all in dowdy and looking oddly downwards towards the floor are meant to convince us of their mousiness and total lack of confidence when it is obvious that such women (mostly) breeze through life with supreme confidence.

Like the idea that both Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslett in the film The Holiday were actually meek and submissive and lacked any confidence when it was blindingly obvious they had it in spades.  That was how they were successful in their businesses.  D’oh.

Anyway, i digress:
After the funeral there is a shock horror moment when our heroine Sophie’s straight talking Mother in-law breaks it to her that straight laced looking hubby had a successful secret porn website business.

Cue the obligatory wacky parade of people at the porn studio that our heroine eventually visits.  Plus some rather heavy duty goings on in various cubicles and rooms all over the warehouse.  All quite heated and intense   Yes, they have to have a dwarf and a donkey and a chicken being lovingly held by a transvestite called Andrea.

Everybody on the Porn sets is really nice .  They appear all to have been very fond of Alexander, the now dead husband:
“He told me he loved me for all the people I was, all the things I had and not to cut one of them off” says Andrea, fussing solicitously from a restrained distance whilst following the heroine around in mute grief.
(Nb Andrea calls Alexandre Robert which is why i first thought this was his name.  Possibly it’s his middle name)

There is a beautiful white haired lady who smiles radiantly at our heroine as she goes back onto her set. The old lady, like all the other actors not busily engaged has come up to greet the heroine and quietly commiserate her on her husband’s death.

Then the heroine meets a rather handsome Roman soldier with slightly greying temples.  We discover that he is in fact. a Gaul soldier from ancient France, ready for his part in a film.  He is completely overcome by meeting our beautiful heroine.  Well she is very beautiful, she could have stumbled out of a pre-Raphaelite painting.  So the Gaul soldier who we are informed is the holder of the porn name Roy the Rod stutters and stumbles over his words.  He tells her she is very beautiful in the same sentence as giving his condolences.

Yes. We know.  Before our heroine Sophie does of course. Roy the Rod is the official Love Interest.  Then off he goes, up the stone steps of the warehouse, he may have been having a fag outside.  Showing on his departure that this soldier of Gaul has fetching bright red PVC shorts on under his big red cloak..


Shame its only half an hour, i enjoyed it.  So far our sad and dowdy heroine has refused to have anything to do with running the business,even though she has been told that her husband re-mortgaged the house and she now needs to make a go of it to pay her mortgage.  Times are tough, in spite of all their efforts, the clever young girl in the office shows a succession of pie charts and graphs to explain that business is down.  The man in charge pushes past the girl with the graphs and interrupts her presentation to our heroine.

 Oh yes, forgot to mention that the big bald-headed man who seems to be in charge is a bit slimy: the only one who is so far, as he has to sidle up to some “Eastern European girls” coming into work and demand kisses off them..

 I predict that our heroine Sophie, who was running away from the business when she happened upon smiling and funny grey templed Roy the Rod, will soon return and start putting some things straight..

Borgen Series two-episodes 1&2:My posted comments on the Guardian online Blog on Borgen hosted by Vicky Frost 7th January 2013

in reply to a poster:
Yes, i agree mostly, that side of things was all very unsatisfactory really from the last series. In that it never really gelled by way of making sense to most of us watching:well certainly not me. Considering their earning levels and the standard and availability of childcare in Scandinavia i didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about.

They could easily, or rather Phillipe could easily, have compromised. His teaching job presumably was fixed hours. I guess the head-hunted CEO job may not have been-i dunno.

I admit i did lose all personal sympathy for Phillipe in his supreme reluctance and general pouty huffiness at performing the day to day tasks of looking after children and the household that most women have to:whether they are working or not and sometimes on their own!

Whilst Phillipe had as much right to complain as any woman in his situation i do think more emphasis was put on his ‘plight’ by err both the storyline & himself! Its quite hard to imagine a similar storyline in real life or Drama with a woman complaining likewise! i mean who would listen?!

Oh boo hoo i’m fed up of my cool job lecturing and looking after the kids after school and now i want be be a high-flying CEO ’cause thats even cooler (even though I’m an Economics lecturer seems I’m not one of those leftie ones:)& my husband is the Prime Minister and he just doesn’t support me in this because there is a government link with the company or something. Its hell i tell you! i had to go and sleep with a head-hunter just to feel a bit better about myself-like i said, its hell..

Nb. It was never clear if they had help in the house, it didn’t look like it which was really rather daft.
Nb. “vaporised by the aspirational ray gun”! nice one:)

i tend to agree with you but on the other hand i do think the kids are being a wee bit bratty about it, they were particularly sulky when Birgitte first became Prime Minister and i think a lot of that was down to the way Phillipe handled it when he had their care. Plus, perhaps, his wilful pulling back and out of their lives?

Apart from the very early days of her job:instead of being proud of Birgitte’s job and encouraging the children in this attitude Phillipe did the complete opposite and sulked profusely whenever she couldn’t make something and even when she did!
T’was all very odd really and sadly meant to show us i guess the extent of personally constructed default sexist attitudes that still run deep, even in Scandinavia,..sigh

Nb. Not sure that Phillipe sacrificed his career as i think (others here will know) he was a Lecturer all along and then the other job offer came about because he was head-hunted, in more ways than one..

Trying to be sympathetic towards Phillipe i guess it would be tough being married to a P.M: whatever your gender-you really wouldn’t get much free time together, would you? However isn’t marriage a kind of i signed up for this and we’re in it together kind of thing?

First Two Episodes of Second Series of Borgen-this (a slightly shorter version) on Guardian online Blog on Borgen by Vicky Frost 6th January 2013

Borgen First Two episodes of new series:

Sigh, have to say i agree with @Dominia, making me the second naysayer of the night so far.

First episode soon transpired into one long, over-long, Teachable Moment about Afghanistan.  C’mon, as soon as we saw the slightly over-familiar eagerness of young soldier wanting a picture with Birgite:
“We never get any babes here”! (oops) we knew he was doomed.

Just like I was waiting for Birgitte’s increasingly annoying and way out of line ex-mentor and ex-Minister Bent to clasp his chest and fall to the floor any time soon.

Bengt who I could have sworn Birgitte fired so what he was doing repeatedly engaging her in unprofessional, aggressive& shouty arguments? i just couldn’t understand why she, or any of her staff, put up with it?

I expected Bengt’s immediate demise specially, especially, once he was finally given that very boring job in Brusssels. ‘Cause you know, in Brussels they can’t hear you scream! Ha de har de har..

Yes, it was all very sad, poor Bengt, but you know what, that’s politics isn’t it? As Bengt turned a pale shade of grey and muttered sotto voice:
“But who will water the flowers?” in a sepulchral ghostly nearly but not quite dead voice it all became a little too pantomime for me.

I just kept thinking:what on earth did Bengt think he was playing at?  This was only because Birgitte was a woman. Otherwise Bengt would feel he had the same right to keep barging into the the Prime Minister’s inner chambers and even turn up at his house:just because they were once friends and he mentored him.  Does that seem likely? I think not..

 Ditto my fairly beloved Kaspar who this time around is seriously annoying me in the same way: eg. what on earth is Kaspar as Birgitte’s spin-Doctor doing running the government with her and fielding/shielding questions as they come?  hasn’t he taken it a bit far and become way too big for his Spin-Doctory boots?  My take on the whole, Yawn, EU Commissioner storyline was that it was Kaspar who was secretly ever so keen?

Likewise the whole touchy-feely sympathy holding hands thing over the shoulder.  Between Birgitte and Kaspar.  Entirely inappropriate:sorry Birgitte.

 Just as Birgitte let severely disrespectful gum chewing Luse touch/grab her arm in faux sympathy.  Kaspar and Birgitte as signified by the gosh how funny synchronous tea-drinking are way too close and now involved in running the Government together.  Birgitte needs to make some distance between her and these over solicitous and ‘helpful’ men.  Who i sincerely doubt would be acting like this if she was a male Prime Minister?

In more interesting news Kaspar appeared to be wearing black eye-liner at one point.

Back to Home and Away in Denmark, i mean Borgen.  Question:do women in dramas always have to be shown clutching objects, usually pillows or cushions to their stomachs and or smelling them in a sign of emotional pain?  For goodness sake: Birgitte’s son was away one nigh and she comes home, smells his pillow, clutches it stomachwards (get the symbolism) and just has to sleep on his bed.  Really?  A bit corny..

Likewise the severely soppy scenes with still-in-a huff and looking like a proper twit (my own epithet was stronger but unprintable) husband Strange over the whole divorce.  Why admit and give in to Strange and go all weep-ified when he is obviously adamant and in an absolutely enormous huff about living in an apartment and still having to do any fatherly duties whatsoever.

How likely was it really for anybody: any husband, no matter how estranged, not to have uttered some word of exclamation or concern to their wife just having arrived home from Afghanistan where 7 Danish men were just killed during their visit as Prime Minister?    From Strange we got nothing.  Nada.  That’s because he Strange sulking and in the most elephantine hump.

&why, Oh why is Birgitte still subject to the emotional blackmail and similar sulks of her eldest daughter who seems to think that running the country is synonymous with proper home-cooked meals and refuses to eat otherwise?
Then we have the officially Kramer Vs. Kramer moments between moppet haired son who announces  in a most unlikely fashion in the middle of the night that he wants to go live with Daddy.  Really?  Pile on some more squelching & syrupy pain filled moment for Birgitte whilst you are at it.

I kept wondering why Birgitte wasn’t just being a bit more hard-boiled about things both at work
(err, hello, you’re the P.M?) and at home? i expected her to be tougher.

Then we have the rather patronising and pitying story of alcoholic Hanne. See:she doesn’t get to have a family either..

Contrast this with a surprising scene in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo where hard working heavily pregnant Lawyer comes home, pops into her kitchen, greets her children in there with the words:
“Hello, how are you? had dinner? Good. See you later” and then breezes out again, back to work at home..

This is how the average husband rolls at home and presumably a male Prime Minister too?

& Kaspar is at it again with his fairy stories about storage in the South of France, getting drunk with worry over Katrine and calling his girlfriend Katrine=oops..