Note to Readers of a posting today the 30th December 2012:Jack Irish Review Part Two [Plus quick reviews of Christmas TV and New/returning TV in January 2013:Restless, EastEnders, Revenge, Borgen, The last Resort & Arrow

Dear Readers just posted second part of Jack Irish review;today is 30th December 2012.  See the end of the review for the sad and unassailable news that i mistook this for a series when it wasn’t.  Boo hoo.  Oh well.  Shoulda knew that two hour long episodes were too good to be true..

Christmas TV in the UK:
Good news is that i have watched the Scandinavian trilogy of Stig Larson’s Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and really enjoyed them.  Although think the first and third were the best.  Not sure about her blond curly wig get-up..

***Restless BBC1***
That really was about it over Christmas although i sunk down on the sofa a bit late to give ‘Restless’ a try.  Knew i usually find historical Dramas daft and unbelievable on BBC1.  However for Restless the historical parts were the best and the modern day-or i think it was meant to be the 70’s- judging by the outfits and the crockery-were fairly pitiful.  Still, it had Charlotte Rampling in it who could just talk about anything really and still look and sound absolutely stunning as an actress.

Best bit about Restless was drooling over all the 40’s style outfits that the heroine wore and her daring do’s. Plus the rooms and furniture etc.  Did see a Documentary once on people who have decided to not only dress but live as if they were in the 40’s which i thought was taking it a touch too far perhaps..They even had the kitchenette style kitchens and the wives had decided that their socialising consisted of visiting other 40’s styles similarly attired couples and bringing cakes round that they had made in their really difficult 40’s period kitchens..

Still, i digress:alas poor Derek in EastEnders clutched his chest dramatically as actors do when they know their time has come but in Derek’s case nobody came and helped him.  Well a little late .  Then it was curtains for poor evil- but-he’s nice to little kids- Derek.. Luckily we didn’t have to metaphorically go visit him in the morgue as we have with other countless EastEnders deaths.  Mostly when they dared to cross the road at the wrong time or tried to leave the Square. The Square being a little like Shangri La. Or Hotel California.

The good news is that Revenge is back=yey! great fun. 7th January, Monday.
  Classified under fun TV.  Emily Thorne being one of my heroines now for being an evil genius heroine bent on getting revenge for poor dead Daddy from years ago.  Shown in flashbacks of black and white.

  Best line of the last series of Revenge:
“Don’t do anything too reveng-ey”!
from her long suffering and ever steadfast Billionaire mate although he did desert her briefly for an affair with seriously mad socio path who was later badly blatted as in shot on the beach. Both he, Billionaire buddy (whose name will come back to me) and then Emily had been recently kidnapped and trapped in a dungeon by evil white-haired baddie. (that’s what they call him, really, the white-haired man)
  Of course Emily Kung-fu-ed her way out.  She is trained by a Japanese Master Sensei you see.

Madeline Stowe, of course, acting the whole rest of the cast of Revenge effortlessly off the screen.   Now i am wondering if she is really dead? blown up on that private jet:or was she?..

Plus:Borgen is back=yey! i think.  Or it could start to get really boring. It is all about politics after all.  However as is always the case, other people’s/country’s politics always seem more interesting than our own.. The Killing III being the exception. Borgen returns to BBC4 next Saturday, that is the 5th January 2012.

***The Last Resort***Sky1*Virgin Channel 121
I will also look forward to catching up with The Last Resort which is really rather good.  Ok it has its eponymous moments.  Yet overall The Last Resort has been far better than i originally expected.  Mostly due to the Captain Bligh alike towering persona of Andre Breugher, loving every minute of his role as Captain of the submarine and like Madeline Stowe, eclipsing every other actor off the screen in his time on it.  Is Andre Breugher as Captain Marcus Chaplain mad?  we are not quite sure and deliberately so..

***Arrow***Sky 2*Virgin Channel 123
Will also pop in to see Arrow, which in spite of the dreadful meaningful family moments is great fun.

Mainly for when Arrow gets dressed up in his weekend biker style all in one with ribbed knee patches green leather outfit.  Then Arrow puts on his racoon style green eye make-up
 ( they don’t show that perhaps its not considered to be butch enough)  Arrow puts up his hoodie
 (yes that’s his disguise) and goes off on his quest to get the bad Guys Of The City with his super duper arrows that are electronic and somehow exploding of doors and draining of bad guy’s bank accounts.

Nb. Rarely does Arrow, in true super-hero style nastily kill anybody with his arrows.  Not that i have noticed anyway.  In classic old school style he mostly incapacitates baddies with his regular plain ‘Ole arrows and then engages in, of course, super duper martial arts/ Kung-Fu fighting.

 Arrow having been trained you see, by the master fighter/arrow man extraordinaire mysterious bearded Japanese man who saved our hero’s life and looked after him solicitously in a cave on that desert Island back when our hero was shipwrecked..

In an oddly ludicrous yet refreshing twist we have recently found out that it is Arrow’s own Mother (i have forgotten Arrow’s civilian name) who was, shockingly, behind the oh so accidental ship-wreck and had her own son tortured on the Island!

 So far i haven’t mentioned this rather icky side of Arrow which is meant to make it supremely serious i surmise.  Which is that on that deserted Island, after poor Arrow’s Dad shot himslef whilst in the inflatable life-raft out of a Captain Oates kind of sacrificial thing:Arrow was then netted up by a giant net trap (really) and held and tortured for days by yet more mysterious men.

The rest of the time Arrow was safely ensconced in the bearded Japanese man’s cave who taught Arrow to shoot with arrows of course and become a Master Arrowsman and who forced Arrow to kill his first little squirrelly animal otherwise he would have starved.

 Well it turns out that these men were actually ordered by Arrow’s own Mother to find out ‘what he knows’ whatever that is.  Poor Arrow is still covered in multiple scars on his chest and back from this rather over the top torturing sequence that went on for days.  I didn’t look.

This is all to do with some strange and evil cabal that Arrow’s Mother is part of although its looking lately like she might want out since she cried a bit and was threatened by the banal yet evil and smiling baddie whose name i will find out.  He happens to be the father of  Arrow’s best friend.

 Arrow’s best friend is now seeing Arrow’s One.True.Love from their childhood, the (sigh) district Attorney lady (when are they ever not this as a job? or say a Journalist) who only ever takes on impossibly ‘right-on’ cases usually involving officially wronged & victimised women.

Right, this cabal has dark and deadly plans for the future of the city” which don’t include, apparently the safety of Arrow’s family and is being plotted by Arrow’s Mother and evil ever smiling wotsisname.  The Cabal has an insignia, or logo which has been stumbled upon by Arrow’s Mother’s husband who has an improbably British accent but is rather dashing if dim.

 So far this insignia has turned up in a mysterious notebook that was hidden in a most secret place an ancient antique belonging to Arrow’s Mother in the Arrow family mansion.  (a bit Batman like really)  This mysterious insignia is inside tiny notebooks with lists of major players aka Bad Guys in the city.  The thing is this list is only visible under ultra-violet light. Of course..

As luck or not so random chance would have it this is the same list of names and special invisible ink that Arrow found on his dead Dad’s body on the desert Island which luckily became visible in the light of the fire..
These are the names Arrow has been targeting as the bad Guys of The City.

Lately Arrow’s Stepfather has stumbled on this same list and has it translated with the help of an eponymous beautiful Computer Expert  who held it under U.V.Light.

 Arrow is very troubled too since he has realised he has a nemesis who also has this list who is killing off the baddies of the city rather than warning them and draining their bank accounts like Arrow does.

Well that really all i can make of Arrow so far.  I mainly watch it for fun so can’t claim to have my full and detailed attention on it to further explain the apparent seriousness of the actual plot!..

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