Note of a new posting:today 15th December 2012:Thoughts on The Killing III and endings of various tings plus new one:Jack Irish (all very brief)

Dear Readers just posted a Re-cap of the last Made in Chelsea Series and a review of the first few episodes of the new Series which started about October 2012 here in the UK.

Today, Saturday, is the finale of The Killing III.  Just can’t get worked up or even aerated over who did it this time in The Killing.  Just not feeling this one.

Its OK.  Its mildly exciting whilst its on.  Mostly i just want Robert and Maya to get back together and of course get their Emilie back.  Haven’t really sympathised with anyone beyond them or even engaged much at all.  it was just like that.  Strangely, i found Sarah Lund to be irritatingly overdone as a character for once.

Boo hoo: The Walking Dead has finished for now as has True Blood. je suis desole..

Only really Southland left now that is any good and even that has a severe case of creeping soppiness going on..Still its  maintaining its cool for now and anything set in permanently dappled down town Southern Los Angeles sunlight will do for me..Actually, scrap that, have just remembered it actually rained in the last episode.  Tut tut.  We can’t have that.  I mainly watch Southland for the sunlight and the amazing portrayal of its every variation and kind.

Watched something called Jack Irish tonight, on FX, replacing the inimitable Walking Dead.  Not bad.  Had Guy Pearce in it who can do no wrong really.  Set in Australia which makes a change.  Reminded me a little of the superlative Underbelly. Think the various old men in Jack Irish with odd accents in the ‘bar’ which was meant to be a Pub were meant to be Irish.  Gold star for silliness for Guy Pearce being the only reformed/well not really ex-high flying Lawyer with personal tragedy now living the low-life to have become an apprentice in a furniture workshop run by an Austrian accented wise teacher Master Craftsman.  No:really..

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