New! Made In Chelsea Part Two:some random scenes and the Sad Tale of Herbie’s Goodbye posted December 24th 2012(previous posting is in December and is Re-cap of last series and description of the new one up to time of writing

Made in Chelsea New Series in the UK

This is my second posting on the New Series of Made in Chelsea (see below on left hand list for first posting in December 2012)

This is as promised some random scenes of memorable note.  Gee there have been too many to mention.  Still here are a few of my favourites.  Plus the sad tale of Herbie’s goodbye..

In which Binky’s Mum annilihates Jamie:
Binky’s mum, Ollie’s mum, Cheska’s mum are all gathered for drinks, similarly blond hair sparkling. Fancy that:Jamie just happens to trot along and come into the same room where they are!   Binky’s Mum graciously, we think, offers Jamie to join them:
“Have a glass of champagne…(smiling all the while) Yes, one day when you have a child, you’ll know that if somebody hurts them you want to kill them”!

Victoria to Rosie:
After Rosie sat there mute when Millie called Victoria Cruella de Ville (oops) and implied that she was a dog.

“Well we were very close and if that had happend with me obviously I would hve had your back..but obviously not now”..

The 1920’s party:
The 1920’s is Cheska’s look!  (She was made to wear 20’s outfits and jewelled headbands).

Millie is dressed like Ziggy Stardust! (has done something very odd with her hair)  But I don’t care, I’m loving it:
“Yes, I’m channelling the androgynous look” Milie explains to Rosie.

Victoria approaches:
“I think you’ve got the dress code wrong, it’s not the Fresh Prince of Bel Air”!

Millie & Rosie laugh this off and toast:
“to the true  bitches of Chelsea”.

Sophia looks fantastic in a black suit with red trilby and sings ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’.  Really well.

Jamie Vs. Lucy:
Lucy:”Your opinion sucks. I think you’re an arrogant prick”!
If ever there was a time a guy deserved a slap or a drink in the face (in a scripted reality show) its then and Jamie.

However:watch out for this week’s coming installment where it looks like Spencer is going to receive just that. Or more specifically one of those, from a furious Millie, crushed at the sight of her lately ever weeping friend, Louise..


The Sad and sorrowful Tale of Herbie’s Goodbye (He is not allowed to stay in Millie’s building any more)

Poor Milie: devastated to have to give away Herbie, her mini Bull doggy looking dog all in grey. Whom after a while of looking at him with his wee jumper on over his barrel of chest like a tough talking laddie somewhere you gradually admit to yourself he does have a certain something.

Then, alas and alack Herbie is gone.  Whisked away to a “Foster home” by a suspiciously chaffeur looking man in a nice swish car.  With his own basket and all his favourite toys.

Quite how Herbie was taking his imminent departure from his Mistress, now copiously weeping and near collapsed from grief wasn’t clear.  he looked a bit annoyed, if anything, at her fussing as if he was being poked and prodded.  Which in his mind he probably was.

Would Herbie miss his fair Mistress? who was wisely counselled with great understanding and sympathy by best mate Rosie, there for moral support on this Dreadful Day.

Rosie:”Its ok, you can visit once he’s settled and get regular updates”
Ah. Everyone should have a mate like Rosie.

Although Rosie did dally with the devilishly dandy Hugo, Millie’s One True love.  remember?
Still:you can tell they all went to boarding school.  They know the goodbye (darling) lines by heart..

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