My review of The Killing III Episodes 5 & 6:warning spoilers.This review also posted on online Guardian weekly Blog on The Killing III 3rd December 2012

So:am i the only one to find the surreal scene with Sarah’s giant dead pot plant pruning outside to be faintly funny?
Eva breaks it to Sarah about her plant..
 i was waiting for her to throw it over the hedge!

Also the scenes with Sarah being officially ‘moved’ were just, well, cringe worthy..
and did not move me at all

The whole thing was reminiscent of a guest way overstaying their welcome from a party the night before.
& still hanging around whilst the host rather embarrassedly made hints about their relatives coming or watching Channel Dave and Top Gear on TV…

All the Detectives moping about like a hangover from the night before..

Ludicrous rushing escapades all over Jutland and visits to teachers in the middle of the night.  Yet another break into a school that had only just been broken into?

  Matthias:”I”ve been home”..he smokes…”it looked so nice”..
Ok i liked Matthias for kicking the table over and managing to look rakish whilst smoking and throwing his jacket over the shoulder with one finger.

Yet now he is looking suddenly deeply guilty like he was the perp.  Since why on earth would the perp break into the school twice?

An instantaneous incident room appears in the school or is it the hotel with the hideous red-rosed wallpaper to signify its in the sticks where Oh dear-shag alert:piano music, saw that one coming..

Poor Sophie Grabol: she thought she was channelling Clint Eastwood in a poncho with the jumper instead.  Was Clint ever required to show his bum or jump with sudden inexplicable profuse emotion into bed with his sidekick in crime fighting? That just would not have been cool.

But of course the preceding shouty arguments neon lit our signposted way to this scene.  Yawn.  Guess there is just no escape from being utilised as a female apparatchik is there these days.

Meanwhile back at the mansion Robert is lying on the floor and appears to have thrown liquid or milk over his paintings.  He then attacks the painting crying that Emilie never liked it.  I so agree, specially if it was already like that..

By the way:they had a young guy who obsessively wrote down license plate numbers rather handily in Swedish Wallander.

Yey-Zeuthen comes to see Maya.(still hoping they will re-unite)

Classic Lund:
Eva & Sarah:
Eva:”Did you talk to him?”

Why does Sarah always go off on her own into dark places at night?
Matthias:”Sara?” rushes off to find her.  At last someone is looking out for our Sarah.

Nb. Ruth is back:with a great deal of red lipstick on.

Somewhere along the way Karen has morphed into the original Lund:
Karen:”Look, look at this!” (the incriminating CCTV footage on the laptop)

My thoughts on these episodes were summarised as:
So far one cock up after the other.  Then:No:Not the Bridge!  Followed by plenteous:More mood music at the Bridge..Oh God!  More mood music.  Sarah gets upset:more music  Matthias comes..Sarah walks alone onto the Bridge..they have Cellos playing from somewhere.  Piano music now..The shag could be seen coming for a mile off.  Now:clue music alert and so on..
(like Ariston)

Enough with the interminable abominable mood music already. I have already experienced an aversion to the overuse of the plinky-plonk clue music quite early on however this is just overkill.  There was way too much damn mood music!  Pleez: turn it off. What were they thinking?  It has turned The Killing III into a bad movie with its own mini-orchestra let loose on it.  For atmosphere.

If pressed for an opinion on the quite ludicrous plot i would agree with those posters who pointed out the unlikeness of Zeuthen having survived his enormous jump off the Bridge. I fully expected him to be dead and the pay-off for the mad murderer was his life for Emilie’s.  Who would thence be returned.
What on earth is meant to happen now as this drags on interminably and stupidly, deflated like the flattest tyre, i have no idea.

I did note that along with the slightly scary investigator who looked like a repressed pinky finger pointer when drinking his tea, the foster father was a bit off and i considered he could be  the mad murderer.

I think when i’m admiring Karen’s ponytail, musing whether she blow-dried it to get it to curve inwards like that and mentally comparing it with Sarah’s the next time i see Sarah then i’m really a bit bored?  Oh yes, and when Karen did her up-do she added a pair of little drop earrings.  it softens the severity of the look was my take on it..

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