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i have a fun game:spot the scene into which tiresome mood music or the inappropriately ill-timed insertion of The Killing theme comes, inexplicably, on:
So far i’ve sadly spotted the following ex.’s:

1) When Robert Z unaccountably is allowed to wonder around the first hide out of Emilie after the garage. Great. Like we needed mood music. At. All. Moody enough already thanks.

2) When Kristian K goes to his old family home. Sigh. Really? Killing III i’m so disappointed in you..
I’m really hoping that they weren’t up to it again as KK watched the children playing out on the lawn at the Zeuthen mansion in the middle of the Brothers Grimm forest..

Not surprised Kristian Kamper the PM went there hoping to hang out with Zeuthen. As odd and somehow inappropriate as it was. It was also so right.
I wanted them to be buddies.

@lithop – no, this time i was for real on that. They both seem isolated and for whatever reason, Kristian is seriously upset about the kidnapping and could have offered some moral support to Zeuthen. However Zeuthen had his :’I’m about to go and sacrifice myself for my daughter face on’ already and was unreachable..

@lithop – p.s my reasons for this may well be that there are so few real friendships/relationships explored between men on screen. Well beyond the usual banter that is. Its really quite rare.
It happens in Hatifum for example (the Israeli original of Homeland) then there’s, oh wait,…
Ok i have one:Sherlock Holmes.

Discussion on the official hotness of Matthias:

@lithop – i was being heavily ironic as in him (Matthias) being officially hot was listed under my yet more cliches or you could call them eternal cliches. Nope, he doesn’t do it for me either.

It just gets to be a tiresome cliche that necessarily single woman Detective has to be partnered up with officially hot beefcake as you say and pine over him, sighing silently when there is cruel and pointed reference to his “wife”!eg. when she is heard complaining and worrying over him going to Jutland Brix throws the necessary metaphorical bucket of cold water over her by saying”Let his wife worry about that”!

Personally i find it annoying as a contrivance in the plot as it produces a rather unbelievable signposted ‘human/feeling ‘side to our dear Sarah and interferes with her perspicacity job-wise. Plus its tiresome and a bit depressing that she must or female Detectives must be shown to be sighingly single always when faced with the eternally married handsome men?

(is every man in Denmark married? it seems so)
didn’t spot his woolly hat! he is a bit gormless as they would say up North..

@lithop – exactly! i so agree. Thinking about it however this may be deliberate on the part of The Killing III reflecting the real difference in attitudes experienced by the women Detectives (also remembering the American Killing and the fuss Sarah’s fiance made about her job)
eg. The male Detectives are still married in spite of their job but for the women Detectives the guys won’t put up with it?
Agree that Brix was not being cruel but kind in his comment, just that it would have been cruelly experienced by Sarah!:)
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Random discussion:
@pdboxer – tis is true! bit worrying , in retrospect how far down exactly what path i’m not sure, that we have all come that we accept the instantaneous hanging of the Prosecutor in what:the first/2nd episode? with nary a blink of the eye or a passing flicker of resistance to such a hoary hair raising and horrible happenstance…:)
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