My Random Comment on The Guardian online Blog on The Killing III (this is not about The Killing III but about the series Arrow)

My Random Comment in reply to a poster on The Guardian Blog on The Killing III posted 14th December 2012
(nothing to do with The Killing III, talking about the Series Arrow instead)

i quite understand@pdboxer, Arrow is a lot of fun at the mo..

Marvel at just how many people now Arrow has let into his secret!
He even taught the near holy aspects of his crossbow arrow shooting to obviously ill-hinged Huntress last week:
No! super-heroes do not teach others their warcraft especially when it means we have to suffer them saying:’Yes, it takes

skill and patience and many years of training..”
(back when he was marooned and beardy and in dreadful flowery shorts on that desert Island)

Marvel too at how Arrow when he runs after a baddie’s car runs as fast as the car! No:really..

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