My posted comment on the Guardian online Blog on The Killing III/ Forbrydelsen iii in reply to a poster posted 18th December page 10

i agree with you @ NorthRemembers and your points make a lot of sense. “cardboard cut-outs  indeed.

 I think that maybe why you and i and some others didn’t engage with the drama because the characters were not fully fleshed out enough so we didn’t feel like we got to know them at all. Or even their story. As you say, with Louise for ex.

It was all very paint by numbers: brush strokes so light and dainty they were barely there and were naughtily and wrongly perhaps relying on our knowledge and familiarity with these same tropes to fill in the details?

Agreed about the politicos, although i decided to settle on Kristian and Karen and like them:) Since the rest of the political stuff was incomprehensible mostly and completely un-engaging and for me slightly tiresome as it all was brushed under the amorphous and apparently right-on we’re so modern banner of ‘the financial crisis’ .

eg. Look:here is an example of the human suffering resulting from the financial crisis. Yep. We geddit. So? it still didn’t really make sense of the political storyline. I tried, really. Yet when i saw that there were 8 parties lined up for the TV debate i kinda gave up..

Also agree about the kidnapping, it was strangely non-tension building after a certain point. it should have been resolved half-way through as you say. For me it killed the dramatic tension completely. The absolute opposite of what it was meant to do!

Agree again about the ridiculous wild-goose chases which became gradually more and more ludicrous and implausible. That they were still buying into this obvious waste of time was incredible to me. Norway, Fjords, whole boats, helicopters, planes for goodness sake? wtf?! and why on earth would absolutely everyone have gone along for the ride??

we were left with more cringe-worthy moments in the back of the car with Lund sharing hallmark moment family moments with x or y possible murderer and at least one evil murdering kidnapper listening in! i mean wot?!
it was all a touch too incestuously embarrassing by far..

and p.s, they had to go all the way to Norway for a container, which modern technology i am sure, from the silly depictions on computer screens tracking each container represented their GPS device we saw earlier
(which amusingly reminded of the old days in films when they showed moving arrows representing the journey of our heroes as they flew or travelled abroad!)

Well then why on earth couldn’t someone have contacted that lorry and asked them to come to Denmark instead?!
& so on & so on, as you quite rightly said..

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