My posted comment on the Guardian Blog on The Killing III /Forbrydelsen iii 9th December 2012

As i mentioned previously, the mad murderer is clearly akin to a TV super hero like Arrow for example. Since by the lurking nature of the shadowy long-distance camera view of each and every character lately, is naturally him, well lurking. All a bit channel 5 enjoyably bad movie..

Now if only mad murderer took to wearing raccoon-like green eye make-up like Arrow does which he fails to completely remove, rather endearingly, whilst sitting around with his family who are actually suspicious that he is in fact Arrow, saviour of the City and pulveriser by heinous arrows of the bad guys therein. Sorry i digressed..

Yes, if only the Forbydelsen mad murderer left smudges of his eye make-up on for all or sundry to see, things would be a lot easier all round..

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