My comment on Guardian online Blog on The Killing III/ Forbrydelsen iii in reply to a poster plus brief TV news 18th December 2012

reply to @Scaddict:
myself i am thrilled that a new series of Revenge is on on 7th January! having fun watching Arrow, enjoying with slight more seriousness:

The Last Resort (Andre Breugher acting his socks off),
 Southland and the new appearance of passably good Jack Irish..
(Guy Pearce trying improbably to look down at heel and hilariously doing ‘healing time’ in a furniture workshop with a pinny on..)

Oh, and there are lots of iconoclastically looking Irish people due to their beards and proclivity for drinking Whiskey and or dark coloured bottles of beer all.the.time.That is throughout the day.  Jack Irish does too, but miraculously is not yellow all over yet and still looks devilishly handsome:)

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