Latest two episodes of The Killing III/ Forbrydelsen iii:Episodes 7 & 8:posted here 9th December 2012 and on Guardian weekly on-line Blog on The Killing (Vicky Frost) warning:spoilers only read if you have seen these episodes

Yes, its all very odd, isn’t it?
i agree with those posters sucha as ‘Guibl4kiii that said “luckily its Forbrydelsen land”!
and @avidviewer who pointed out the “Tom & Jerry” nature of the escapades..

i feel that way too, its all a little Keystone Cops in the dark dungeon/garage.  Well at least Lund is trapped with someone else for a change.

Dunno why, however i have felt like this from the beginning but i just can’t care about who did it! is there summat wrong with me? or is it Forbrydelsen?  am i all Forbrydelsened out?  Of course i will be pleased to find out i suppose.  Well i tell myself i will, its like i have to make an effort to even care:why?

  By now all i really care about is that Emilie is returned home from her faintly ludicrously long kidnapping and that lovely stoic faced and large of head Robert and nearly lip trembling and marble-eyed Maya get back together.=Ahh.  They hugged yet again last night.  These are the things that are pre-occupying me.

Question:when does a kidnapping no longer become a kidnapping and just how did they figure out that Emilie was on a container somewhere other than that she was no longer in the CCTV footage?  me no gettit.  That side of it has always seemed, apart from the first initial dramatic tension so cruelly punctured too early destroying all credibility for me, to be just plain ridiculous after a while.

  Possibly Emilie is with somebody that she knows?  Otherwise, after all this time and periods on her own and multiple moving around, a resourceful and clever child such as she would surely have attempted an escape by now?

This might be something and nothing however something else that doesn’t ring right is Junker’s repeated rather odd questioning of Lund regarding Borsh throughout? What is that about then?

The idea of Emilie jettisoned inside a container to be sent off on a ship somewhere which we are repeatedly shown with multitudinous arrows on screen:necessitating both Robert and ever creepy now suspicious butler-like Rheinhardt to jet off to European cities to ‘check’ is just too ludicrous for words.

i can’t believe anybody is taking it seriously, including the Police.

So far the kidnapper has treated Emilie with care and a sort of kindness.  Would she/she really just stuff her in a container to slowly die?  its just plain daft.  Much like most of this Forbrydelsen..

I kept expecting Emilie to appear suddenly, left on, most likely Lund’s doorstep that night.  but no..

Ah..Kristian Kamper thanks Karen for her “help and everything” She smiles and looks absolutely beautiful..

In the start of the episode,  like Robert and Maya are now, Kristian and Karen are shown as working together.  Kristian is even doing what Karen says.  However that is before beardy man Stoeffer and his seeds of doubt are sown..

But then there is the cartoonish capers of the embarrassing disrobe of stolid and ever unsmiling Rose. Yes, miserable brown-haired Rose has to turn up, fairly forcibly snog Kristian and starts getting her kit off!  To net yet again Kamper and his sympathies, on his desk.  Its a Troels & Rie moment.
(Boy Rose was a bit desperate, non?)

But why?  is Rose still trying to keep Kristian on side by getting him supine?  or does she really care?  Its hard to tell from her glum visage..

 Now we hesitatingly suspect the heretofore kind Kamper as his grin seems to waver into that of a crocodile and he carries out a guillotine pincer action on the finance ministers and Co. as she comes crawling back with her strangely proffered:
“Vintage port, Morgans”..
Kristian:”Keep the cork in”!

Then Kristian does the same to Rosa:gives her back her pen! yey!

Uh Oh:mad murderer calls Lund at home:”There’s no need to wait until tomorrow, there’s a copy on your mat”!

Liking the lapses into English:
Lund:”Me card”
Kamper”day to day briefing”

i too was seriously wondering what had happened to Eva and whether it was all a dark, dastardly plot, well better than the one so far..

& why on earth didn’t Sarah make post-haste to the hospital: instead of dawdling about gazing stonily and silently out of windows a while?

agree that the best line so far has been:”The psychopath down the shaft”!
Yep, they’re always down a shaft of sorts..

Nb. By the end of the episode Robert & Maya are back together=ahhh.
 i’m happy enough with that.  However mad murderer seems to be watching them as he does everybody else where ever they go and whatever they do!.  Clearly he is like Arrow, my new favourite TV super-hero..

By the way, the interloper into Zeuthen officers meant to be mad murderer seemed much more slight of frame than the beefy armed multiple number writer on said arm in the car?

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